you today.”

“No need.” Yan Yan turned and left.

Lu Yizhou wanted to say more, but Su Yu stopped him.

“Well, I need you.” Su Yu put her hands behind her back, and her eyes were shining brightly.

Yan Yan stopped.

Lu Yizhou was stunned, “Second Senior Sister?”

“Whether you want to help or not, it's up to you.
But I want your sword.” Su Yu spoke loudly, without blushing at all.

Yan Yan turned around with a sneer on his face and looked at Lu Yizhou, “Fourth Senior Brother, this is what you said about she wants to repent? Which sword do you like, or do you want to take them all?”

Lu Yizhou was anxious, “Second Senior Sister wants you.
What would she do with your sword? Sixth Junior Brother, don't worry.
Second Senior Sister, were you joking?”

He looked at Su Yu earnestly.
His slender fingers holding the guqin were almost showing blue veins.

He feared that she was about to return to the former senior sister, and now all kinds of acting were falling apart.


There was a hint of pleading and pain in his voice, “Senior sister's water-breaking sword is a second-grade sword.
Why would you need Sixth Brother's sword?”

“Fourth brother, haven't you seen it clearly!” Yan Yan scolded him with a dark face.

Su Yu raised her eyebrows, “What do you see clearly?”

She took out a small gold square seal from her bag with the words, “Zhiqiong Peak.”

This is the seal of the peak master of Zhiqiong Peak.

Once an order is issued, the disciples in the peak must not disobey.
Otherwise, they will be punished.

Yan Yan raised his head and sneered, “You just want to punish me!”

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But as soon as he finished speaking, he saw Su Yu move her right hand again and take out a ferocious, bloody long bone with thin flesh from her bag.
It was as long as six or seven times her hand.

Yan Yan couldn't help but be stunned.

Su Yu held the seal in her right hand and stretched out the long bones in her left.

“Zhiqiong Peak's temporary acting peak master, Su Yu, is now summoning disciple Yan Yan to cut off this wolf's bones in a stick of incense.
You must not violate this order.”

“She is very different from before.
You still don't believe it.” Lu Yizhou walked towards the bamboo forest and patted Yan Yan's shoulder.

Yan Yan only felt that half of his body was stiff, but he raised his head and snorted.
Immediately, he triggered the sword art Eight Swords Turned Into One, and with the momentum of thunder, they slashed at the ferocious wolf bone that Su Yu placed on top of a rock.

With a clanging sound, the boulder under the bones was cut into pieces.
However, the dust and mist dissipated, but only a shallow sword mark was seen on the ribs, which fell on the layer of flesh attached to the wolf bone.
However, the hard bone was motionless.

Su Yu's expression changed.

Yan Yan's face darkened, “Is this a rib of a first-grade golden-backed wolf? How could I, someone in the middle stage of foundation building, can cut it?” He took back his swords and turned his back.

“Peak Master's punishment it is.”

Lu Yizhou also showed a bitter expression, “It turned out to be a rib bone.
I thought it was a leg bone.”

“Second Senior Sister, the whole body of the golden-backed wolf is comparable to black iron.
Especially the ribs that protect the demon core in its chest.
It is said that it can only be broken by a cultivator in the Nascent Soul period.
Someone at the peak of the golden core period can barely crack it.”

Su Yu's eyes darkened.
Good guy.
How could these ribs be stuffed into her pot? She sighed, looked at the wolf bone on the ground, and shook her head.
“Then it seems that it can only be roasted whole.”

Lu Yizhou was very nervous.
“How about I go to the exchange office to return it and let me come back with a leg bone?”

Yan Yan, who was waiting for punishment, also raised his eyebrows.

His Fourth Senior Brother was also taken all crooked.
He was doing some inexplicable things.

How can an immortal cultivator be so gluttonous? They even cook and eat flesh and blood of a rank one monster?

Sixth Junior Brother, I already know how to make an elixir to help you unite your nine swords.”


'Extracting the essence of spirit rice and a bowl of white porridge can add a small amount of spiritual energy…'

'The essence of chicken soup can let people understand the crowing of a hundred chickens…'


'Seven Relish pill can make the sound of the qin turns into a spirit duck and a spirit pigeon…
And finally, it has the shape and spirit of a Garuda…'

In the past few cookings, the original characteristics of the spirit material have all been supplemented by form, shape, and the nourishing effects of spirits in the immortal world.

Su Yu squinted and looked at the 'black iron' wolf rib meat, which could not be broken.
A recipe for beef ribs flashed in her mind.

An image of a Lotus Leaf-Wrapped Rib of Beef is flying in the front and the flying sword ribs in the back.

She uses food as a sword to make up for a sword's heart!

Su Yu smiled, and this time, she was confident.

She looked at Lu Yizhou and snapped her fingers, “I've requisitioned this piece of land.
Go ahead and pick up the elixir later.”

Lu Yizhou was pleasantly surprised.
“Second Senior Sister, it's hard work for you!”

He hurriedly pulled Yan Yan, who was still trying to refute, to go back quickly.

Su Yu picked up two pieces of broken bamboo from the sword practice grounds and placed them under the ribs.
Then, she picked up some lotus leaves and evenly wrapped the ribs with lotus leaves.
Finally, she wrapped them in forest soil and lit a fire to bake them.

During this period, the Guiyi Swordsmanship that stopped in front of her appeared in her mind.

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The sword guard between the sword's blade and the hilt has a dragon scale pattern.
The hilt is tied with a circle of red rope.

If the tough wolf bone is the body of the sword, in order to achieve visual perfection in the process of cooking, it is essential to complete the shape of the sword's guard and hilt.

Su Yu lowered her head and looked at the fiery cloud-swallowing demon flower in her bag that she got the day before.

The cloud-swallowing demon flower has more than ten pale yellow stamens in the middle, which are as thin as needles.
When it is alive, the stamens could suddenly burst out three feet long, pierce into living objects, and instantly kill the prey.

Su Yu narrowed her eyes.

This demon flower also has the characteristics of a sword.

If this flower is incorporated into her flying sword ribs, it will add some sweet and sour taste, which will relieve greasiness.
It will also add a bright yellow color to the monotonous brown rib.

Su Yu nodded in satisfaction.

She carefully removes the stamens, extracts the juice to get the color, dissolves it with sugar, and shapes it into a sword's guard.

Then she outlined it with a dragon scale pattern.

The five-element cauldron in her dantian was roaring.
The vigorous aura almost made Su Yu unable to stand, and her meridians felt relaxed for a while.

However, in a moment, there was a sharp sword qi in front of her eye.
The sound of the energy breaking through the sky was incessant.

When she opened my eyes again, it was sunset.

Su Yu looked at the lotus leaf with satisfaction, “It's done.”

A Flying Sword Ribs with multiple layers in color and flavor and a sword-shaped appearance.
An innovative dish she was most satisfied with!

Presumably, after so much tossing of her Dantian's Five Elements Pot, the finished product this time should also be a sword-shaped elixir with many flavors, right?

Su Yu waited for the heat to dissipate and couldn't wait to open the lotus leaf.

But just after probing for a while, she was stunned.

Inside the lotus leaf, there were neither sword-shaped ribs nor sword-shaped medicinal pills but a two-feet-long, sharp sword with a cold radiance lying on it!

The sword's edge was wide.
The whole body was white, but the guard and hilt were like a golden dragon's scales gleaming with rainbow colors!

Su Yu was stunned for a moment.
She smelled the strong aroma of meat, stubbornly raised her iron spatula, and tapped the sword lightly.

The ding sound was like a metal impact.
What's more, her iron spatula was split into two!

'My gosh.
can this be eaten?!'

“Second Senior Sister, are you okay?” Lu Yizhou asked with concern, and his footsteps were approaching.

Su Yu: …

Something happened.

And it's a big deal!

How can she handle this accident?

Translator Note:

The “dish” this time is inspired by Lotus Leaf-Wrapped Beef Ribs, which is a famous dish of Hutong restaurant in Hong Kong (pictured above).
But of course, imagine the rib is two-feet-long and turned into a sword!

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