d, washed her hands, and looked into the pot with scrutinizing eyes.

At the bottom of the pot lies a pale white pill the size of a fist in the shape of a spirit cormorant.
The bird raised its head and spread its wings.
A golden thread lingered on its wings, faintly smearing the cormorant's body, adding a sense of vivid beauty.



It didn't waste her busy morning.

This time's work is finally a level higher than that of jade pill powder.

Su Yu felt that this was a dish with a passing grade.

But after finishing this Cultivation World dish, she had thought of the past.
She also had tried the golden wing bone soup halfway through and felt full.
Immediately, she pulled her guinea pig over.

“Fourth Junior Brother, come and give it a try.”

how to try this?'

Lu Yizhou hugged his qin and slowly took a step back, “Second Senior Sister, this is…
an elixir?”

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He thought it must have failed.

But what lay in the pot this time was not powder but a large solid bird far beyond his expectations.

Second Senior Sister can actually make alchemy?

But what is this elixir? So big, and also in a 'bird' shape!

Lu Yizhou had never seen an elixir like this before.

While he was shocked, Su Yu had already stuffed a pair of chopsticks in his hand, “Have it while it's hot.”


Lu Yizhou froze and felt that the whole thing was strange.

“Second senior sister, wait.
I'm going to find my third senior brother and eat it in front of him.”

Su Yu: “?”

Since his meridian and golden core were damaged, Wei Zhao left his room in the main courtyard with the most spiritual energy on the Zhiqiong Peak.
He moved to a different courtyard where the spiritual energy was thin, and no one cared about it.

This is what he asked for himself.

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Since he can't cultivate anymore, he might as well give up his position to other junior brothers and sisters.

When he moved away from the main courtyard with many disciples, Wei Zhao clearly felt the loneliness that he had never had before.

Now he was lying on the bed, staring at the phoenix tree outside the window, and froze when he heard the sound of vigorous footsteps coming towards his room.

Wei Zhao was taken aback.

He is now a disabled person, but his fourth junior brother runs to him so diligently…

The door opened, and Wei Zhao looked at the woman in yellow who walked into his room with his fourth junior brother.

She was standing beside Lu Yizhou with her arms and hands behind her.
She is wearing a pale yellow dress, which makes her fair cheeks very pretty.
Her eyes which used to be mean and dark, became much brighter.

Wei Zhao looked away awkwardly.

“…Second Senior Sister.”

He called her extremely softly, and his face was filled with shame.

In the past, she encountered a bottleneck in her cultivation and targeted him all the way, causing him to hate this second senior sister very much.
He always kept a distance from her and never cared about her.

But now, it was him who stayed behind closed doors and became a waste lying on the bed.
Not only did she not escape, but she also refined jade powder for him, and now she came to visit him.

In contrast, he simply didn't deserve it.
He didn't deserve to be her junior brother, didn't deserve to be a junior brother with a higher cultivation level than her!

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