Chapter 9: The Fight of Hundreds of Birds Facing the Phoenix

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“The luck is changing.”

At the Tiansheng Academy on the Huoling Peak.

Elder Liu faintly emerged from the bead string, but only Mei Zhener could see him.
“The other party has the help of a noble person.
He escaped the epiphany and backlash.”

Mei Zhen'er frowned when she heard this.

“But I just figured out that the other party tends to achieve a little and can't help but greedily advance.
He will soon be met with even greater backlash.
The luck will return to you and help your junior brother at that time.”

When Mei Zhen'er heard this, her face relaxed immediately.
She nodded calmly towards the anxious junior brothers and sisters around her, “It's okay.
I'll take a look at the fourth junior brother's condition.
I have a hunch that he will recover soon, and he will be able to make a breakthrough this time.”

The junior brothers and sisters around her didn't look sad anymore.
Their second senior sister is very lucky and has the blessing of heaven.
She was definitely right.

At Zhiqiong Peak.
In Wei Zhao's room.

The two brothers looked up at Su Yu, who was standing upright in the room.
One from the ground and one from the bed.
“How, how did you do it? I have never seen this kind of elixir in the sect exchange office.
Also, I have never heard of an elixir that can improve the understanding of the qin art…” Wei Zhao asked in shock.

Lu Yizhou immediately looked at Su Yu with admiration and anticipation, “I have never heard it either, nor did the seniors tell me before.”

Su Yu coughed with her hands behind her back.
How did she do it? She knows ghosts.2

Who knows if she did it by retaining the essence of the ingredients to the maximum extent and achieving the miraculous effect of the immortal world, or because of the cauldron in her body, or both.
Su Yu's expression was also very strange, but she quickly regained her composure.

“Isn't it because I have seen your frowning face for the past few days? Senior sister just read some ancient books overnight, got the inspiration, and created it this morning.
How could you hear about it before?”

'This can actually be created?'

Lu Yizhou was shocked.

But sure enough, his senior sister developed it for him.

“Then, senior sister, can you make other bird elixirs? I should be able to reach about 60% of the realm of transformation now.
If I take some more…”

Wei Zhao's eyes lit up suddenly, and he looked at her extravagantly.

Can she also refine an elixir to improve his comprehension of the sword?

When she saw them like this, Su Yu's scalp felt a little numb.

She was just cooking, seriously!

Who knows what she can make next time?!

But when she saw their adoring and expectant eyes looking at her, as well as their urges to rush to the sect exchange office to buy new birds, Su Yu immediately turned her face.
“I, your senior sister, worked hard all night to come up with this elixir that will speed up your comprehension of the qin art.
Why don't you work harder?”

“Do you want to lie down and sit with your eyes closed, and rely on me to get 100% of the transformation?”

“If this is the case, your senior sister might as well cultivate a potato.
What is the use of you!”

Lu Yizhou immediately felt like a basin of cold water poured down his head, freezing him to the bone, but it made him awake.

In the blink of an eye, he seemed to see a faint condensed ominous black air disappearing from his sea of ​​​​knowledge.

He was suddenly in a cold sweat.

He was confused!

Taking elixirs, taking shortcuts, and the feeling of rapid improvement made him unable to stop.
He forgot that the root of cultivation lies in tempering oneself.
If his realm has not yet been stabilized, but he relied on the accumulation of elixirs to break through, he will definitely be backlashed.

Fortunately, his senior sister scolded him to wake him up.
She did not let him take this road of destruction!

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“Second Senior Sister, I was wrong.” He blushed, lowered his head, and looked at Su Yu with shame.

Senior sister has sent him to the realm of 60-70%, which made up for his lack of understanding.
How could he still want to rely on these external things?

Now he knows, and his sea of consciousness is clear and bright.
He no longer has the stagnant feeling that covers the sky and the sun.
If he can't realize these remaining 30-40% of the realm by himself, isn't he really a waste? For such waste, why bother to cultivate him? Isn't it just making Second Senior Sister work too hard?

If she takes some elixirs herself, isn't it faster?

“Senior sister, I'm going to practice my qin skills now.”

Su Yu hummed with her hands behind her back.

She quickly turned her stern gaze to Wei Zhao, who had been lying on the bed watching the play.

Wei Zhao subconsciously pulled up his quilt, and his ears felt warm.

It was shameful that he wanted to take elixir to improve his swordsmanship just now.

But he is already a waste.
He was just thinking about it.

“Third Junior Brother, your report on the effect and taste of the jade white powder has not been completed yet?”

“No action, low efficiency.”

“If I rely on you, I will definitely not be able to soar in this life!”

Wei Zhao: “!”

He got up straight away.
Is it too late to hand in his homework now?

At the Huoling Peak.

“It doesn't matter.
Your chance will come in the next few days…” Mei Zhen'er just said this to reassure her fourth junior brother but was hurriedly interrupted by Elder Liu in her bead string.

“Little Zhen'er, the luck over there has changed again.
The other party doesn't seem to be rushing forward.
His luck has increased instead of being damaged.”

“One is going up, and the other is going down.
I'm afraid your fourth younger brother won't be able to break through with your blessing of luck in the short term.”1

Mei Zhen'er: “?!”

The smile at the corner of her mouth froze immediately.

“Second Senior Sister, Third Senior Brother, I'm going to continue to study and practice the qin art.”

Lu Yizhou immediately got up respectfully and said goodbye solemnly.

Just as Su Yu was about to nod her head, a majestic shout floated above the peak.

“Lu Yizhou, you hurt my junior brother yesterday!”

“Today, you have to come out and compete with me with the Hundreds of Birds Facing the Phoenix!”

Who knows where this man shouted from, but it felt like a net coming from all directions.
The voice shrouded them, with no way to escape.


Lu Yizhou stopped for a moment.

Wei Zhao's face changed greatly, “This is Qian Qingqiu, the chief disciple of Yuqiong Peak? Junior Brother, what's going on?”

Lu Yizhou suddenly stiffened.
He fumbled to tell them about the incident where he accidentally injured his classmate and fellow disciples yesterday.

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“Third Senior Brother, I'm going to apologize.”

He gritted his teeth.

Since their eldest senior brother left, there has not been a single golden core level cultivator on the Zhiqiong Peak.

The only one at the pinnacle of the foundation building, his third senior brother Wei Zhao, also suffered damage to his meridians because of forcing himself to form a golden core.
He could only stay in bed.

In this situation, Zhiqiong Peak had to keep a low profile just to be safe, but he was still causing trouble for Zhiqiong Peak.

Lu Yizhou felt very happy yesterday, but now he regrets it a lot.
Why didn't he think that his classmates were all people with tyrannical senior brothers! He should have just endured being laughed at by them for a few words.

Wei Zhao's expression was very ugly, “Qian Qingqiu has long been at the peak of Golden Core period.
He has mastered a variety of qin techniques.
His Hundreds of Birds Facing the Phoenix reached more than 60% of transformation at least ten years ago.”

He looked at Lu Yizhou and sighed faintly.

“Fourth Junior Brother, normally, even if you have to be scolded, Third Senior Brother will not ask you to retreat.
But now, the Thirty-Six Peaks Competition is coming.
If you are injured in his hands, you will not be able to recover in the short term.
Suppose the Zhiqiong Peak loses you, the only mid-stage cultivator with a Foundation Establishment period.
In that case, we will lose the qualification as a third-class peak.”

“Once we lose the qualification as a third-class peak, all the junior brothers and sisters will suffer.”

Lu Yizhou nodded heavily, “I know, Third Senior Brother.
Anyway, I will satisfy the other party's request today.”

“No, I'll go.
You stay in the room.”

Wei Zhao said resolutely.

“I don't believe Qian Qingqiu, who has a golden core, will attack me, a crippled person.”

He was about to ask Su Yu to help him out to plead guilty for his junior brother, but Su Yu shook her head and vetoed it.

“Fourth Junior Brother just said that the other party belittled him first.
Why should you apologize?” Su Yu raised her eyebrows.

Wei Zhao was about to speak, but she stopped him.

“I don't know exactly what is that Thirty-Six Peaks Competition you are talking about.
But since the other party has chosen to come today, don't they know that there is no golden core level cultivator in Zhiqiong Peak? If the other party deliberately causes trouble, we can escape for a while, but is it possible to escape for a lifetime?”

Lu Yizhou's face suddenly sank.

All thirty-six peaks are in competitive relationships.

Even though Yuqiong Peak, where Qian Qingqiu is from, is almost reached a second-class peak, it still has to face the challenge as a third-class peak.

Last year, when Yuqiong Peak was still just another third-class peak, Qian Qingqiu was once defeated by the sword of his senior brother.

“If we don't go out to fight today, all the peaks will know that we, in Zhiqiong Peak, have no one to fear.
We will lose the Thirty-Six Peaks competition first before it starts.”


Su Yu put her hands behind her back.

It's the same as when she secretly competed with restaurants on the same street.

If she had already conceded defeat before the opponent made a move, the momentum was completely lost, so why would she even bother to open her restaurant?

Losing is not terrible.

The terrible thing is to admit defeat before fighting.

If you can't win today, you'll fight more tomorrow.

If not this year, then next year.

As long as you don't admit defeat, you will be able to win back the hearts of diners by practicing your skills and making new dishes!

This is how the Su family's century-old shop came to be.

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Su Yu looked at her two younger brothers with heavy expressions and shook her head gently.

'No wonder there are demons in their hearts.'

“Cultivation will take a hundred years or a thousand years.
What is it to be ashamed of if we lose the Thirty-Six Peaks Competition this year?”

Lu Yizhou's heart was shocked.
Wei Zhao, who was also full of shock, looked at Su Yu.

They did not expect that she would be so straightforward.
Her determined expression was more powerful than the elixir she had refined.

The two were heartbroken.

As a result, Su Yu's words changed sharply, “Anyway, if we lost this year, the fault lies in your irresponsible senior brother who escaped.
What does it have to do with you and me?”

'This, this is too much slander for senior brother!'

Lu Yizhou was about to refute, but suddenly, he felt that the heavy pressure he felt in his heart these days had dissipated a lot.

In addition to being relaxed, he actually felt that his understanding of the qin art was slightly improved.

Su Yu immediately looked at Lu Yizhou.

“Let's go.
Take me to see which classmate of yours is so arrogant.”

Lu Yizhou's heart felt warm.

But Su Yu only took a step forward and then stopped.

She turned her head to look at Wei Zhao, “If we don't come back after a stick of incense, you can send a jade slip message to Uncle Master Li, Fourth Junior Brother's qin teacher.
Ask him to save his disciple who potentially will ascend to immortality.”

Wei Zhao:

Lu Yizhou: “!”

He was embarrassed to say this kind of thing himself.

But Su Yu was thick-skinned.
With her hands behind her back, she took the lead and went out at the pace of an old master.

If someone comes to make trouble, you must be prepared to call the police at any time.

Law-abiding and good citizens never take care of dirty things themselves!

When they walked outside the courtyard, Su Yu saw two figures, one in purple and one in white, holding their qins in the sky above Zhiqiong Peak.

When they saw someone coming out, they slowly floated down.

One of them had a mole on the corner of his eye, and there was a fine jade hanging between the belt of his purple robe, which looked very valuable.


“Lu Yizhou, you hurt my junior brother—”

He opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by a pretty voice.

“Do you have any evidence? You have no evidence.”

Qian Qingqiu was stunned and looked up, only to see the slender yellow figure behind Lu Yizhou.

He searched for a long time in his memory.
Then he vaguely connected her to a fallen genius in the past.
The person who had been depressed and had not appeared in front of everyone for many years.

“Su Yu?”

“Don't get involved.” Su Yu waved her hand.

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Qian Qingqiu laughed angrily.
She, who had nothing, dared to say this to him.

“Su Yu, I don't want to talk nonsense with you.
Get out of the way!”

“You are only at the fifth level of the Qi Refining period.
I'm afraid before I play the Hundreds of Birds Facing the Phoenix—”

Before he could finish speaking, Su Yu waved her hand again to interrupt him.

“So, you're here today to test the Hundreds of Birds Facing the Phoenix's comprehension level? Isn't this bullying the weak? Well, I won't do anything if you give me some face as a temporary peak master.”

Su Yu nodded.

“Lu Yizhou, go.
If you lose, don't come back! Just go back with him and ask him how he can comprehend it and why you can't!”

Lu Yizhou was stunned.

Qian Qingqiu was also stunned.

“Su Yu, you are now the temporary peak master of Zhiqiong Peak? Yes, I almost forgot the Nanxun sect rules that the peak is ranked by seniority.
Well, I will give you some face as a temporary peak master.”

“I know you have always hated these junior brothers and sisters.
Today I will teach him a lesson for you, this incompetent foundation-building junior brother!”

“I am a dignified golden core cultivator.
I will not bully the weak, nor will I bully your pathetic peak.
I will only use my Hundreds of Birds Facing the Phoenix at a foundation-building level.
If he loses, as you said, let him go to my Yuqiong Peak to sweep the floor and serve tea for me!”

Lu Yizhou clenched his fist tightly.

Qi and blood surged up all over his body.
The second-grade guqin in his spatial storage bag flew out in an instant.

“Second Senior Sister…
Second Senior Sister…”

If she really hated them, why did she make spirit chicken powder and the Seven Relish elixir for him?!

Lu Yizhou's black hair flew.
He bowed his head and clasped the strings with his ten fingers.

In an instant, the sound of the qin poured out, echoed in the high mountain, accompanied by his angry rebuttal.

“My second senior sister is not the kind of person you said!”

In a blink of an eye, the sound of his qin sounded and transformed into a number of lifelike brown-winged birds flying at low altitudes.

Qian Qingqiu looked at it and couldn't help but be astonished, “This is spirit chickens…
and spirit ducks?”

Lin Zhen, who was beside him, couldn't help but laugh.

“Lu Yizhou, Uncle Master Li asked you to learn about other birds.
But in addition to spirit chicken, you have also added spirit ducks and spirit pigeons…
Hahahaha! You are really a genius! So ridiculous.
These birds have no fighting power.
How did you come up with it? With just these, you want to beat my senior brother?!”

“Senior brother, let him see the real Hundred Birds!”

Before he could finish his words, Qian Qingqiu's qin sound had already turned into hundreds of birds.
Ferocious flying eagles, ferocious hawks, flocks of vicious owls…
swarming towards Lu Yizhou's poultry and about to tear them apart in the blink of an eye.

Lin Zhen was extremely proud, “Lu Yizhou, it's not too late for you to apologize now!”

But as soon as he finished speaking, he saw the flying eagles and hawks suddenly stagnating in the air, unable to approach Lu Yizhou's poultry.

And a particularly clear and terrifying cry resounded in the air, suppressing the low voices of all birds.

Almost in an instant, the silhouettes of spirit chicken, spirit cormorant, and dove in the sky turned into big birds with golden wings and extremely fast speed…

In the blink of an eye, they rushed towards Qian Qingqiu and Lin Zhen!

“First, first rank Garuda!?”

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