The whole studio was lit up as it was the staffs working time and Jacob was about to arrive. It was 5:55 pm. Levi entered the studio and greeted everyone who came his way.

”Hey Levi, ” Tony who was in the recording room of the studio waved at him through the glass wall as he saw Levi and pointed with hand gestures to come inside. Tony was part of Jacobs band. He was a guitarist.

The recording room was big and there were so many musical instruments around there. Tony was wearing headphones and checking on some recordings on the laptop. Levi entered the room.

”Hey, man ”. He greeted Levi while removing his headphones.

”Hey. ” Levi greeted back with a smile. He was wearing regular jeans with a gray t-shirt on them. It was always his casual dress to wear jeans and a t-shirt and he was ready to go everywhere whether at university or to come to work.

”Have you heard the news from anyone there? ” Tony asked with raised eyebrows and excitement.

”What kind of news? ” he asked incredulously.

”So, nobody told you. ”

”What are you talking about? Tell me openly. I entered the studio and just came to you. ” Now Levi was curious that what has happened that Tony was playing with him like riddles.

”Oh ok. Actually, we are going for hiking the day after tomorrow. As you know that Jacob loves doing adventures so he has ordered us to plan and manage everything for hiking in the forest thats just near the end of the city. ” Tony looked thrilled. ” We are going to do camping there too at the night. ”

” Such a sudden plan. ” He whispered thoughtfully but it Tony heard that. It looked like he wasn happy with the idea.

”Yeah, you know Jacob. He makes plans suddenly and we all know how much he loves doing adventures. In fact, Jacob instructed me that I should tell you that you have to manage and supervise everything. You know you are good at it. ” He notified Levi with a smile.

”I will not be able to come Tony. ” He shook his head.

”Why? ”

”You know that my mother is sick. I can leave her, ” he explained with concern.

”Ooh I see, I think you should talk about that to Jacob. He is about to arrive. ” He said looking at his wristwatch.

”He is there. ” Tony looked at Jacob through a glass wall. He was wearing black slim-fit jeans with a black polo t-shirt on them. His hair was tied in a ponytail. He was wearing sunglasses and the big tattoo on his upper arm was visible too. His personality was charming and alluring. As he entered everyone greeted him. He was good and generous with his staff and workers but he set a personal boundary and there was something powerful in his aura that never allowed anyone to cross his boundaries.

Jacob dialed the password of his room door lock. The door opened. He went inside and the door got closed. Levi waited for a few minutes to gather words about what he is going to say to Jacob and why he will not be able to come and then headed to his room. He rang the bell button that was at the door side. The door opened suddenly and he went inside. The door closed behind him.

The office room was well furnished and set. Straight to the door, there was a center table with one chair on one side and two chairs on the other side. There was a big glass window in the room from where the sunlight was coming. Beside the window, there were two couches and a small rounded table. Jacob came to do his main work in this room. Whether he wanted to write the lyrics of his song or anything he came there.

Jacob was sitting on the chair behind the table. Levi came forward slowly. The perfume of the lavender scented candle was spread in the whole room which felt refreshing to the nose.

”Hello, sir. ” Levi greeted him with a smile.

”Sit down. ” Jacob pointed to the chair in Infront of him. He was doing some work on his laptop.

Levi sat down. He was a little bit nervous.

”You want to talk about something I think. ” Jacob folded the laptop that was between them on the center table and paid full attention to Levi.

”Yes. Sir. ” Levi was twitching his fingers anxiously. He can say No to that person who has helped him so much and Levi was obliged to him.

”Yes, I am listening. ” Jacob stared at him while scratching his chin. He could feel his nervousness from another side of the table too.

”Actually, I want to talk about the hiking program that I will not be able to come there. ” He gathered the courage and confessed to him. It wasn that Levi was afraid that if he say No to Jacob then he will fire him from the job or insult him but the reason was that he was so much under his favors that Jacob has done for Levi that he don want to say No to that person and besides that Levi was also the kind of person who has always difficulty in saying people No. He was the kind of person who always loved to make people happy with him even at the cost of his loss. Thats why it was hard for him to say No.

”The reason? ” Jacob asked shortly. There was not any sudden reaction on his face after listening to Levi.

”You know that sir. My mother is sick. I can leave her . ” He said trying not to make eye contact with Jacob while Jacob was glancing at him.

There was a moment of silence in the room. The scented candles on the candle stand were burning with all their pleasurable scent and were giving the mind a calming and soothing effect with the air conditioner that was making the temperature of the room cooler.

But all the coolness wasn able to lessen the heat he was feeling inside. The anxiety.

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