Tyrant Billionaire

Chapter 8 A Very Bold Girl

Crazy Bull Wang was stunned for a moment, because he saw a strong murderous intent in Fang Ming eyes. this guy in front of him really wanted to kill him. as if being stared at by a hungry wolf, this look made him feel scared.

this time he really felt scared, but the next moment he became even more angry.

How could he a gangster get frightened by this poor guy, this made him feel ashamed. and the rage in his heart surpassed his fear.

”boy you are courting death, how dare stare at me like that! ”.

In rage and anger, Crazy Bull Wang slashed with his retractable knife toward Fang Ming who was getting closer to him.

Yet before Crazy Bull Wang could make his move Fang Ming was already beside him with a quick grab he twisted his hand and and grabbed his collar lifted him up and smashed him on the ground with another MOROTE technique .

”BANG ”.

Crazy Bull Wang face was grim in pain, and the knife fell on the ground.

And Fang Ming followed that with his left hand clenched into a fist and hit him on the chin.

”puff! ”

Crazy Bull Wang spurted out A mouthful of blood with several broken teeth.

”BANG ”.

”BANG ”.

”BANG ”.

A violent beating made Crazy Bull Wang nose and mouth bleed intensely.

Crazy Bull Wang was still struggling at first, but after a few punches, he went limp and completely collapsed on the ground, like a dead dog, without consciousness.

Li Na who was standing by the side. hurried over to hold Fang Mings hand.

”Fang Ming stop, stop hitting, you will kill him ”.

Fang Ming stopped, he couldn beat people to death in public. he didn forget to take the money Crazy Bull Wang collected that was his main goal.

Although Hong Kong Island is chaotic, it is also a society ruled by law. Fang Ming doesn want to go to jail. Teasing Li Na has already become part of his daily life. that was enough of a reason not to go to jail, not to mention his ambition and plans to rise in Hong Kong and build a business empire.

The fight was over, and all 3 gangster were on the ground unconscious..

Seeing that it was no longer lively, the surrounding people who were there to watch the fun also left one after another, leaving only the mess in the small restaurant, and the face of the boss who saw it turned green.

”You bastard, don you know how to go outside the restaurant and fight! ” The restaurant boss face was red with anger, he disregarded all reasons and started to scold Fang Ming in rage.

”you destroyed my restaurant, how can i run my business with crazy people like you ”.

”you have to compensate me for my losses or i will call the police ”.

Just now, when his clerk was bullied, this guy shrunk his head like a turtle and didn dare to come forward, but now thats it over, he is arrogantly demand compensation.

this mother **er is so arrogant. does he think that he Fang Ming is a nice person. Fang Ming was really pissed, who could endure this.

But the more so, the angrier Fang Ming got, he turned around suddenly, his eyes fixed on the boss.

”yo…you what do you want ”

The restaurant boss voice stopped abruptly, he was shaking and couldn speak. At this moment, he finally understood Crazy Bull Wang feeling.

Being stared at by Fang Ming eyes was even scarier than being stared at by a Wolf, cold sweat poured all over his body.

Fang Ming stared at him indifferently, and when he was about to punch him, a pair of warm palms tightly grasped his arm.

”Fang Ming, please don be impulsive ”.

Li Na said anxiously, holding Fang Ming arm with both her hands, her body was almost glued to Fang Ming body.

Feeling Li Nas chest that pair of softness on his arms, Fang Ming anger disappeared instantly.

Fang Ming nodded with a smile at Li Na. and Without saying much, he left the completely devastated restaurant directly.

He already got the money Crazy Bull Wang collected from protection fees and his goal was achieved he won have to starve tonight. there was about a 2000 HKD.

That was more than he expected. maybe he really have to join some gangs and hire some younger brothers to collect protection fees for him.

”Damned bastard don you dare come back here again ”

Seeing Fang Ming figure walking away, the boss of the small restaurant scolded in a small voice, making sure not to let Fang Ming hear him.


Some time later.

Fang Ming was walking on the bustling street, watching people coming and going around, he suddenly heard Li Nas a voice from behind Him.

”Fang Ming, Wait for me! ” Li Na said as she was panting.

Turning to look, he saw Li Na in a waitress dress was chasing after him.

”why did you follow me ”.

”how did the restaurant boss let you leave at this time. restaurant was just smashed don you need to help cleaning ” Fang Ming asked.

”I resigned! ” Li Na said as a matter of course.

Stared at by Fang Ming strange eyes, the young girl bowed her head slightly, and embarrassingly, said:

”After all, its because of me that you got in trouble with the gangsters ”.

”im sorry! ”.

”its alright ” Fang Ming smiled indifferently he really didn mind he planned to rob those 3 from the start.

Even without them causing trouble for Li Na, he would have to find a way to rob them or a reason to beat them justly and take their money.

Fang Ming has always believed in the saying i do rather betray the world than let the world betray me.

Although 2000 HKD is by no mean much it can be considered as small successful operation, he got to exercise his muscle a bit and enjoyed a fight a little and most importantly, he helped Li Na. although he didn save her life like in movies he believes his heroic act and fighting style should have gotten him some favorability point.

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