Tyrant Billionaire

Chapter 2 Ling Chen

”Fang Ming, hand over the coordinates of the nuclear bombs and we will give you a quick death ”.

” Fang Ming, stop attempting to resist. This place is already surrounded in inescapable nets ”.

”Fang Ming you damn demon, just because you wanted to fill up your pockets. youve gone and planted nuclear bombs around the world, hundreds of thousands of people are gonna die because of you. You are about to commit the most unforgivable crime ”.

”I hate self centered people like you the most. you think the US government will compromise with a terrorist like you. Today, you are gonna die ”.


Fang Ming was wearing a wight suit that had been torn to shreds. His hair was disheveled and his entire body was covered in blood.

the white suit was about to turn red from the excessive blood, spilling from the wounds.

fresh blood flowed from the wounds on his body, he had been shot three times, and there was no time for treatment or rest. Enemies surrounded him from all sides. there was already no way out.

just by standing there for a short while he was already starting to feel dizzy from the blood lost.

It was a forgone conclusion that he would die here.

Fang Ming understood his situation clearly, but even in the face of death his expression did not change, he was very calm.

The C.I.A agents that had surrounded him, didn dare to make a rash move. around the heavily surrounded Fang Ming, some were roaring, some were sneering, but there was one thing in common everyone one of them was holding onto their guns while looking fearful.

Fang Ming had planted numerous nuclear bombs who knows where. if he die who is going to find them. besides Fang Ming wasn an easy target either.

spending most of his life on the battlefield as a mercenary, he was an extremely good shooter, they have already lost a dozen of their comrades already.

everyone was wary of Fang Ming final trump card.

Fang Ming who had been silent the entire time, lifted his right hand to the skye and said in a deep voice ”i would have done it again ”.

before he fall to the ground dead.

This end result was something he had expected. When he made his decision in the beginning, he had prepared himself for this.


Fang Ming, who woke up from the darkness, only felt groggy and the world was gray.

He found himself lying on a bed feeling confused, he looked around. An old room, less than six square meters, a single bed, patched bedding, an old wooden table, above was a 20-watt incandescent bulb emitting dim lights, old newspapers covering the walls, all of which were national events that he can remember.

Suddenly a burst of memories that did not belong to him rushed into his mind frantically. The strong impact made him feel like the world was spinning, and he passed out again!

He has crossed over, his name is Fang Ming, a person from the 21st century!

And now this body is called Han Xiao Twenty years old this year, after three years as a commando he spent in War he retired, his parents died when he was young. he didn have a house or relatives either so he decided to come to Hong Kong Island searching for an opportunity.

unfortunately for him a storm hit the fishing boat that was smuggling the people from china to Hong Kong cause in it to sink.

as Fang Ming crossed over. his soul took the body of the original owner.

Fang Ming was in disbelief at first, but he slowly accepted the situation he was in. he have traveled back in time to Hong Kong in 1980.

Fang Ming kept frowning he didn know much about 1980 nor did he know much about Hong Kong in this era.

all he knew is that Hong Kong should be chaotic in this era, and with the collapse rule of the united kingdom more chaos will occur.

without strong restraints gangs activities will become increasingly rampant extortion, theft, robbery, fire and killing, and turf wars… chaos and madness, all kinds of criminal cases will occur more frequently the power of the gangs will increasing.

Fang Ming was ecstatic Hong Kong maybe dangerous in this era but its also full of opportunities, the power system will be reshuffled in this chaos.

he will have to climb and take a seat. before a the new ruling class stabilize. thats the only time one can join the ruling class.

if you try to squeeze in after the situation is stabilized. you will be surrounded and besieged by all parties of the ruling class. and thats exactly how Fang Ming lost the game. in his previous life.

Fang Ming was still checking his memory when he suddenly found something very peculiar.

But at the next moment, Fang Ming found that his body appeared directly in another place.

Fang Ming looked at the space in front of him with a bit of confusion. It seemes to be a common large warehouse.

Its 1000 square meter Fang Ming walked around in the warehouse in confusion.

is this what they call a golden finger. a portable warehouse, i guess i can save on the renting cost.

Fang Ming reluctantly left the space and returned to reality, ready to experiment more with his portable warehouse.

But at this moment he was interrupted by a young girls voice, very light and pleasant, with a hint of surprise and nervousness.

”Grandma, he seems to be awake ”.

” young man are you awake ”.

Fang Ming felt this voice was a little unfamiliar. He opened his eyes. and stared back at a grandmother is in her 60, she looked kind hearted.

Fang Ming nodded lightly!

”Whats your name? ” the Grandmother asked again!

”Fang Ming! ”.

He did not use the name of the current body, but the name of his previous life. Fang Ming had the attention to start a new and achieve what he didn in his previous life.

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