Tyrant Billionaire

Chapter 10 Capital Free Business

But Li Na had the character of a strong woman, and did not accept her fate like her older sisters.

Instead, she would usually work some part time job to earn money and go to college at the same time.

Fang Ming was really impressed, he have picked up a treasure. this girls wasn just a pretty vase, she was an extremely beautiful girl with a very strong personality, coupled with her hard working habit and her diligent nature, she is definitely a rare strong woman in this era.

Fang Ming smiled and decided to take care of this girl he really couldn bare to lose her.

she also have all the capacity and character to stand by his side.

It was also about time he start working for real.

Few days later in the night, in a bar called modern heaven.

Countless beautiful women are twisting their white bodies frantically decorate this night into heaven with their short skirts.

Fang Ming sat in the booth and refused several beautiful women attempt to strike up a conversation.

But calmly looked at the noisy and crazy crowd without any interest.

He is here waiting for the boss of this bar Yao Ming, he already inquired about this guy. he is number one subordinate of a faction leader in the TIGERS gang. a small leader. he has five bars and three nightclubs and he has a dozens of subordinates. his main activities is to guard the market, collect protection fees, issue loan , resell tobacco and alcohol.

He wasn particularly rich. Fang Ming target this time is not money, but the guns Yao Ming has.

The atmosphere in the bar is very high, and the mens and womens who have worked all day are dancing singing and indulging themselves at the moment.

Not long after, Yao Ming and his brothers walked out from the back, they joined the crowd and started dancing and enjoying the night.

Although they are gangsters they don provoke customers and cause trouble in there own bar.

After some time Yao Ming finally decided to leave, Fang Main got in his car and followed him to his villa and waited.

At four oclock in the morning. Fang Ming got off his car quietly and walked to Yao Ming villa.

Although Yao Ming is rich but as a gangster who offended many people he didn live alone. Fang Ming observed five guy enter the villa. assuming no one was in the villa before Yao Ming arrived Fang Ming will have to face at least 6 guy, and Yao Ming have guns .

Fang Ming smiled, he loved this intense moment of life and death, its what make him feel alive.

The lights have gone out 2 hours ago, the people inside should be asleep by now, its time for him to work.

He Took out two big butcher knives and Jumped over the high courtyard wall smoothly.

The door was locked, he walked to a window, pushed it gently, it was open.

Opening the window, Fang Ming nimbly got in and came to the kitchen. There was no one in there, only a few snores could be heard from the rooms on the first floor.

He didn know which room Yao Ming lived in so he just prayed for luck in his heart and went for the room that seemed the biggest.

Quietly opened a door, there was a guy sleeping soundly on the bed.

Walked forward silently, covered his mouth, and the Butcher knife fell fiercely towards his neck.

”chr..chr ”

It was a painless death, at least Fang Ming who was pressing his body tightly to prevent him from making a sound believed so.

”Don be sad, the after life is better ”.

Fang Ming said in a low voice.

Soon, the man body stopped moving.

Next, Fang Ming killed another person in the same way, but when he walked to the third room, the scene in front of him made him speechless a guy was hugging two middle aged women, he could only sigh. this guys are really enjoying life and he had to work all night.

He closed the door and left for the next room while contemplating its not easy to kill couple silently let alone three at once in the future he must have a harem that will make him unkillable by assassins.

He Quietly opened the next bedroom a guy was sleeping on a bed with two women again, but this time he had no choice but to do it. because this is Yao Ming the guy with the guns.

He didn dare to relax he was even more focused who know if this guy have a gun under his pillow. as he inched closer with both knives swinging he beheaded Yao Ming and turned around to the two confused woman beheading them as well.

Although no one scream he made some noise thats enough to wake anyone who is not drunk.

He searched the room and found two black browning BPM-D pistol.

Fang Ming opened the safety, and load the bullets, he could already hear the other gangsters waking up.

Feeling like he already used up his luck finding Yao Ming room, he didn dare to bet on luck. instead he took the initiative and left the room and immediately someone also rushed out of the other room, but as soon as the door was opened, he was greeted by a rain of bullets.

”Bang bang bang bang~! ”

The sound of gun fire in the villa was very loud.

The sound of gun fire in the villa was very loud.

the impatient guy who rushed out of the room was shot in the chest and fell on the ground dead.

”Ahhh ”

After hearing the gun shots in the villa, the womens sleeping started screaming and came out from another bedroom. Feng Ming didn hesitate and sent them to the after life to. Fang Ming came to the last room and start shooting across the wooden door.

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