– Is this really how you want to give up and just give up without even trying to scratch that bastard? – I thought I heard a painfully familiar voice in the pitch darkness.

While I was trying to realize and understand where I was in general, what I was doing here and who needed it, my exact copy appeared in front of me from this all-consuming darkness. Walking slowly towards me with some grace.

– so. What will be your choice? – with a slow gait, the double almost came close to me … and after that, anyone in my place would have fallen silent in a silent scream and fear, but on the contrary, I was even somehow calm from what I saw. The eyes of the double were without pupils, only an immense black sclera filled them.

– What do you want to tell me about? I don understand… ” the doppelgangers face turned out to be excessively close to mine, so I recoiled from him a couple of steps, speaking in confusion.

He only smiled at my words and actions, with such a smile that it looked more like the grin of some kind of beast, no… monster. Showing me rows of the sharpest teeth.

– Right now, when time is inexorably flowing second by second, some pathetic and unworthy vampire is probably sucking your blood out of your body with pleasure, wanting to drink you dry, are you going to put up with it so easily? I could hear the mocking note in his voice, but there was something else behind it. There was anger and Rage there, too, which my double was diligently trying to hide.

And then I woke up, as if I was crushed by something! The last memories came flooding back to me. Here I am falling. Now the little vampire is biting into my neck. Pathetic bloodsucker! From the unbearable pain, darkness covers my consciousness and now I wake up here, one on one with my copy.

No, I will definitely not give up this way, I have already died once without having lived a full life in the past world. Its time to take some action, but… what can I do. Although I don care, I don just have to do something, but I have to! And a bloodsucker that can wring my neck with one left will not be a hindrance to me.

There is always a chance to survive, at least I want to believe it. It will definitely not work out to fend him off, no matter how you look at it, and we have different weight categories. There remains only one chance, the last and absurd to laughter and tears from the eyes. Bite him. Memory helpfully threw up a couple of moments from movies and TV series about vampires, how in order to turn it was necessary to drink vampire blood before death or at its moment.

Even though it was just someones fantasy, you need to try. ”Poof, ” I sighed. Okay. Was neither was. Im putting everything on the line.

– Fuck him bald! Not my corpse! Come on, my shiz, get me out of here already! – I was filled with faith in myself and angrily grinning shouted back to the double.

He didn say anything, just smiled even harder than before. And when I wanted to say a couple of affectionate words to my crazy one last time, the world around me dimmed and changed again.

There was a previously unseen strength in the whole body. And the mind was experiencing a spiritual uplift. Although it would seem where these feelings come from, if just a moment ago I was lying like a limp doll that I could only accept my fate. But now something has changed. Ive changed.

Swiftly, as if acting on an automaton, I pull the vampire to me, trying to hold him with my hands with all my strength, which are already locked in a death grip. And I quickly dig into Tom with all the power available to me in the neck, hoping to get into the cervical artery.

My jaw clenches, at first not though, experiencing some pressure, but a second later, with unprecedented ease, I bite through the bloodsuckers neck, getting where I need to. A tart cold liquid begins to flow into the mouth without any taste.

The world slows down or stops its movement altogether and I manage to make a couple of such cherished and necessary sips for my survival. Like a vampire escaping from a grip that was not so easy to break, starting to squeal like a piglet being cut alive. Screeching hideously.

– Rrr!!! S*ka! The creature!! Pathetic insect! How dare you touch me! Pathetic little bug! – without ceasing to squeal, he began to swear, simultaneously driving me into the ground with heavy blows, finally knocking out the remnants of life that glowed in me.

Strange. But all Im thinking right now is that this trash is a rare narcissist. Grinning to myself, I lose consciousness.

”I hope not at all, ” flashes the last thought of the fading consciousness.


– That thing! – with arrogance and anger, the vampire kicks the corpse of a young guy, holding his neck. Getting ready to get out of this damn forest.

Unexpectedly for the injured and humiliated vampire, there were three unknown people next to him. Today, luck was clearly not on his side, and after all, he just wanted to taste human blood as usual.

– And who do we have here? Tanya, who had just appeared with her sisters, uttered her lips in indignation.

Slightly surprised, the vampire turned his attention to the women. He still did not understand what kind of trouble he was in, and it was unlikely that he would be able to get out of it alive.

– Get out of the way, and if you try to stop me, then you will get it too! – the unknown vampire has already realized that the women next to him are also vampires. If he hadn been injured, he probably would have tried to have fun with such crumbs, but right now all he wanted was to get out of this place far away.

Therefore, in the desire to confirm the firmness of his intentions, the guy bared his fangs, cowardice disgusted the vampire, and it was not in his nature.

– Hee-hee, girls, didn you hear him? He comes to our territory, begins to behave as if he is the owner here, and we should not interfere with him. Funny, don you think? – the vampire snickered with laughter that she was also the Head of the Denali family. To her, this scum was just another one of those arrogant upstarts who, because of their position, forget their place in this world.

At Tanyas speech, Kate and Irina raised the corners of their lips, in a semblance of a smile.

– I agree, its better to knock down all the arrogance from such at once, and even better if with the ends, so that in the future there would no longer be such misunderstandings – Irina chuckled at Tanyas words, and expressively squinted at the already dead vampire without a minute.

– Hee-hee, girls, I support you – Kate also joined this game.

– Do you have confidence that you can handle me? – because of the wound that, as luck would have it, was healing unusually slowly in his neck area, apparently the vampire could not figure out who was in front of him. But for his own safety, he retreated a couple of meters back. Thereby surrendering their positions in advance.

– Okay, girls, its time to finish with him, but who will get all the fun this time? – having lost interest, the girl said and put a refined index finger on Tanyas plump lips, pretending to think.

– Maybe all together? Remember the good old days? Kate offered her sister, smiling sadistically.

– Ho-ho, and this is not such a bad idea – Irina smiled with anticipation, showing her upper fangs.

But before they could react in any way, the next moment they noticed a blurred silhouette behind the vampire, which with a jerk and great force knocked him to the ground. Why there was even a small pop.

Having pinned down the caught prey with his knee, the man bites the neck with a visible frenzy, starting to absorb the blood disgusting to him.

Literally ten seconds later, the vampire lying on the ground stopped any resistance and quieted down. And it was completely unsurprising, its unlikely that you can do anything with a severed head. It doesn matter if you
e a human or a vampire.

– Ugh, what an abomination is this – the newly converted vampire spat on the headless corpse with a wince, and then stared at the three vampiresses who looked at the guy with a bit of interest and surprise.

– What a meeting! – smiling with a bloody smile, the guy said, thinking to himself that it was not for nothing that he suspected three girls.

– I think you
e Alex? Thats your name, isn it? – Tanya was the first to join the conversation, if it could be called that, checking the guys condition externally. Still, she didn want Alex to go crazy for turning into a vampire. Rarely, but it happens.

– Uh-huh, but what, doesn it look like? Although, perhaps yes, I don look much like myself right now. – the last part of the droning to himself, he said, starting to look himself up and down.

”I could use a hot shower right now, ” Alex thought.

– Don be silly, it doesn suit you. You should come with us, for the sake of your own safety and the safety of your loved ones, ” Tatiana continued to say, adding seriousness to her voice.

”Heh-heh, with such a cute girl, at least where! – Alexs soul was just burning, it seemed now he could do whatever he wanted and with whomever he wanted.

– Kate, and Ill ask you to stay, please clean up here. – smiling sparingly at the guy, the Head of the Denali family looked at Kate. Kate herself, who, although it was not pleasant to stay here now, understood that the brutally torn corpse of a girl and the headless corpse of a man would bring quite a few questions, and they needed to be removed from the forest, since hunters often roam in this part. And nobody needs extra problems.

– OK. Ill take care of it. – if she could, she would sigh heavily now.

Turning her back, Tanya seductively shook her lower hemispheres and said:

– Catch up – and the next moment went at super speed.

A moment of confusion and Alex, as if spellbound, rushes after her, without noticing how he also goes into superspeed.

For him, everything was strange and unusual, everything seemed so familiar to him. As if he always knew how to do it: move fast, tear off heads, and other vampire stuff.

Only now there was some kind of hard-to-bear burning sensation in my throat. But compared to the prospects that opened up before him, it was a mere trifle for him. Suddenly he remembered that blood in the body can only be in newborn vampires who are not yet one year old, after this period the blood completely disappears from the body. Due to the lack of blood flow.

He remembered not only that, but also that such personalities as Irina, Kate and Tanya were in the Twilight series of books and films of the same name.

”So Im a reincarnator in the Twilight universe, hehe, what could be more dangerous. A coven of Volturi vampires, more like a sect of crazy fanatics or Edward the pervert? ” Alex chuckled to his thoughts.

At the moment, he really needed to spend some time with the Denali clan to keep his mother safe. With his newly acquired feelings, Alex felt that the girls could help him with his problem.

He urgently needed to solve the problem with the hunger that appeared. After all, he did not want to attack his mother one day.

But, catching a glimpse of Tanyas elastic ass, everything faded into the background. Alex felt strangely, being in an excited state, it seemed to him that he was ready to rush at his prey at any second.

”I hope I don become some kind of lust-driven vampire. This could end badly for me, ” the guy thought again, trying to look away from one place.

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