Treasure Island Trapped in Aglenestia

Chapter 9 - Princess Izabelle of Volmore

”Hmm… ” Abigail moaned still asleep then she finally opened her eyes to see delicious meals around her.

She touched her face to check if she was still wearing the veil and she was. She saw Prince Oscar coming to her with a glass of water then she sat on the bed.

”Izabelle, you have to eat, remove the veil. ” prince Oscar said but she shook her head. ”Im not hungry. ” she lied

”Come on Iza, I haven seen your face since we got married. its torture to me. ” He tried to remove her veil but she left the bed to the couch.

”Sorry. I..I just feel comfortable with the veil. ” Abi said as Prince Oscar started eating salad with fork.

”How long does it take us to reach Zarnac? ” she asked

”Let me say… about two days. ” he said ”oh. ” she said as she took a piece of bacon and ate it.

”Sweet? ” he asked and she nodded.

She looked outside the window and it was already night. she had been sleeping for so long.

I wonder if Iza made it to country S? thought Abi

”Its late, you should sleep. ” Prince Oscar said as he took the dirty plates to the kitchen then he went into the bathroom. Abi who was a maid before all this happened was used to doing the dishes so she went to the Kitchen and saw everywhere was a huge mess.

She knew Prince Oscar was charming, he looked clean and nice but hes actually a pig.

”What a mess! ” Abi yelled as she started cleaning up the kitchen. After doing the dishes, she mopped the kitchen, clean the counter and swept it. When she was done, she noticed the prince was still in the bathroom and she really needed a bath. She sat on her bed until prince Oscar came out then she went in.

After taking a long bath, she wore a bath robe with her veil then she went to bed.


it was midnight in Aglenestia and Izabelle couldn sleep not with the feeling that she was kidnapped.

She tried to remember anything about her past but all she know was that her name was Izabelle and she came from Volmore Kingdom.

She remembered the incident that happened in the throne room when princess Kayla tried to take her crown.

She got up from her bed and switched on the lights then she sat on her bed.

Without thinking, she took a deep breath and touched the crown on her head but nothing happened.

”Why do I have this crown? ” she asked herself as she finally took it from her head and held it while staring at it.

Her eyes met with the Ruby on the crown and her eyes became green. Her head started throbbing in pain and she threw the crown on the floor and she became unconscious…

Prince Xavier woke up hearing the sound of a strong metal banging on the floor. It sounded like a crown and he immediately knew it was that of Princess Izabelle. Her room was right above his.

He wore his flip flops and went upstairs to her room. He unlocked the door and went in. Her crown was on the floor and he didn touch it because of the electric protection on it.

He saw Princess Izabelle lying unconscious on her bed. He carried her princess style to the hospital inside the palace.

A nurse was there puting the equipments the herbal doctor need for preparing herbal medicine. The nurse saw Prince Xavier carrying a pretty lady and she left him into a room where he kept the princess on the bed.

”Im in a hurry now, the herbalist said I should bring the equipment needed for the Queens treatment. ” The nurse was about to leave but Xavier held her hands.

”Check whats wrong with her first. ” Prince Xavier said and the nurse became curious to know who this lady was to him. He cares about her more than his own mother.

”But, The herbal medicine will help her stay unconscious. If he doesn give it to her after midnight, she will completely die. ” The nurse said and Xavier left her to give the equipment to the herbalist.

When she returned, she did some tests on Princess Izabelle and she got the results. ”Prince Xavier, Shes fine. She will wake up soon and you can ask her what happened. ” The nurse said as she left.

Prince Xavier sat on a couch next to the bed and he fell asleep.

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