Treasure Island Trapped in Aglenestia

Chapter 8 - TRIP To ZARNAC (2)

”Ill miss you so much honey. Take care. ” The queen said then she hugged Abi. The King stood there speechless.

”Me too. ” The King finally spoke and Abi went outside to see two carriages. They were like the shape of a house.

One had gold paint while the other had white and silver paint. ”Cool isn it? ” Abi heard and she turned to see Mary staring at the carriage

”Ill miss you so much Mary. I don think I can do this. ” Abi said crying and Mary hugged her. Prince Oscars guard came to them.

”Princess, Prince Oscar is waiting for you in the carriage. ” The guard said and Abi pulled away from the hug and nodded.

The guard went and climbed the white horse attached to the white and silver carriage. Abi watched Oscars parents went into the gold carriage and it started moving.

Princess Abi took a deep breath before going into the carriage. There she saw an apartment painted in gold and silver. The apartment wasn too big but it had two beds, a TV, a kitchen and two couches. it also had two closet.

She was speechless after seeing this apartment inside a carriage. Prince Oscar wasn in the room so she went to the Kitchen and saw him cooking, she blushed before going back to the room before he sees her.

she then sat on the bed and saw a mini window there. she looked outside and noticed the carriage was moving. She was going away from the palace and the kingdom.

Hot tears fell from her cheeks as she fell asleep.

”Let me go! ” Princess Izabelle yelled as two guards held her hands behind her back and was dragging her to the throne room.

”Im not a princess. ” she said but the guard paid less attention to her.

When they successful took her to the throne room, the king of Aglenestia kingdom was sitting on the throne looking mad while a girl around Princess Izas age was standing next to him. She also looked like a princess.

Prince Xavier was sitting next to his father the king.

”Leave her alone. ” The king said and the guards let go of her. She thought about running just then but she knew it wasn a good idea.

”What do you want from me? ” she asked and the other Princess standing next to the king went closer to Princess Izabelle.

”Im Princess Kayla. This is Aglenestia kingdom and we want something from you. You can keep playing dum all you want but we
e gonna make you admit where the treasure island is. ” The princess smirked and Izabelle became more confused.

”I really don know what you are talking about. ” she said and Princess Kayla reached for Izas crown almost about to take it but she got an electric shock.

”Dad, shes really the one. ” Princess Kayla said and the King smiled.

”Shes gonna admit it soon. ” The king said as he signaled the guards to lead Princess Izabelle to her room.

She quitely followed them and Princess Kayla went back to her room leaving the king and Prince to talk.

”Son, theres something I need you to do. Since she won tell us. ” The king said

”Anything Father. ” Prince Xavier said

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