Ayzurei get up from the ground and pat the dust off his clothes, then he realized something.

”Huh… The bruises… is gone… ”

The bruised from before he transmigrated is now gone.

”But… From my status, the bruised seems to be from the curse, so why is there nothing now? ”

Hes confused, if the bruised origin is from the curse, it doesn make sense for it to suddenly disappear.

When he still on earth, almost every single day, he will get a new bruises at random parts of his body, and it will take weeks to heal. Because of thats, he always wears long sleeve clothes, to hide his bruises.

Not that he feels ashamed because of it, its just that it feels quite uncomfortable being look at. He wish that no one would even noticed that he existed.

”Hmm… Lets wait for tomorrow, maybe itll be back later ” be didn put much hope for it to stop, it might be back sooner or later.

He walk around the village before it struck him.

”Wait, to rent a room at the inn I still need to pay, but I also need to pay the fee to live in the village ”

He already need to pay a gold coin to live inside the village, after he pay, he will not have any spares money to pay the rent.

”… ”

He closed his eyes and take a deep breath, suppressing the anger in his heart.

”System, how do I earn coin? ”

[ System suggests player to start hunting monsters, monster that being kill will drop coins or equipment ]

[ Player can also earn Experience Points by killing monsters to get stronger ]

”Okey… So where do I find monsters? ” although the thought of killing is not that acceptable for him, not because of his moral values, rather because of the danger.

When he still on earth, the thought of killing a person sometimes overwhelmed his mind, sometimes because of his anger or because someone annoyed him, but because of his body is weak and the consequences of killing, he able to restrict himself each time.

[ System has mark the place for player to start his hunt ]

[ Please take a look at the map ]

A panel appeared and show the map of the village, his location and the mark.

Some place is black fog, indicating the place is yet to be explored.

”So you have a map, good thing so I don lose my way around here ”

He walk towards the mark on the map, then he arrives at the village borders, he saw there is some native is guarding the border, he also saw that many players like him around, some is already has a team, some group is inviting other players and some go towards the forest alone.

I wander, how do everyone adapt to this world so fast?

”Hey, are you going to the forest to hunt alone? ” suddenly, a guard came toward his direction and ask

”Ahh, yes I think I will, I don know anybody here ” a little startled, he answers the guard

”Okey, but I suggest you to join a group, it will increase your survival and have someone to watch your back, but of course if you are confident, you can go hunting alone, you will get stronger fast but the risk is higher ” the guard advice him

”Okey thank you, I will consider it ” he thank the guard

The guard nod and left

As he is thinking whenever he should go and hunt alone or joining a team, he heard a voice calling him. He than found a beautiful girl looking at him.

”Hey you! ” a girl with blonde hair called him

He looked around and and sees that no one is near him then looked at her

”Me? ” he ask

”Yes who else, do you want to join my team? ” the girl ask him with a smile

He think for a while before agreeing with her. Then she bring him to her teammates.

They chat with for a while along the way than he ask her.

”Hey, what is your name? ” he ask

”Before asking someone name, aren you supposed tell them your name first? ” the girl ask with a playful tone

He thought for a while before answering ”My name is Ayzurei ”

The girl look at him with a weird face and couldn help but comment ”What a weird name ”

”Well anyway, my name is Anna, nice to meet you, Ayzurei ”

”If its weird, then just call me Rei ” he told Anna

”Okey then, Rei ” Anna said with a smile

After a while, they arrived at where Anna teammates is waiting.

”Hey everyone, Im back! ” Anna shouted at them

Theres total of 4 people waiting there, two boys and two girls.

”Welcome back, Anna. Who is this? ” a guy with a huge body ask her

”Let me introduce you, this is Rei. Rei, this is Mark, Lois, Adellia and Carla. I invite Rei to join our team ” Anna introduced them

”Hello everyone ” Ayzurei said

” ”Hello ” ” they replied

Even though they said that, he knew all of them is not pleased with strangers joining their team.

”Anna, how could you invite some random stranger to suddenly join us. Its dangerous, who know if he has some bad intentions ” said the girl with dark brown hair name Carla, pulling her away

”B-but he is alone, its dangerous to go to the forest alone, and he is a good guy ” Anna tried to argue

”How do you know? Maybe its just an act ” the girl with black hair name Adellia ask

”B-but… ” Anna didn give up

”No buts Anna, Im sorry Rei but you are not welcome in our team ” the guy names Mark, who seems to be the leader said to Ayzurei

”Mark?! ” Anna yelled

”No Anna, we know you from middle school, you
e just to kind to everyone, in the current situation, no one will be sure about who is good and who is bad ” Mark said sternly to Anna

So they are classmate, thats why they seems to be so close though Ayzurei

He didn mind them trying to throw him out from the team, thats mean they
e not some naive kid, but even though he didn minded, it still make him displeased.

He just stand there and watch them arguing before deciding to leave the group.

”Okey, okey… Anna, they are right, you shouldn trust a stranger easily, moreover in this world ” after saying that, he left without waiting for her reply

He can hear Anna shouting from behind, but he ignore it and continue to walk towards the forest.

In the forest

One can see a man wearing a chest plate sneaking around the bush while holding a sword, staring at the wolves that is currently resting in front of him.

Ive been searching for an alone monster but I found none , these two wolves will be enough for now thought Ayzurei

He has been going around the forest for quite a while, he sometimes found another player team or monsters in group.

{ [ Wind Wolf ]

[ Level : 1]

[ HP : 150 ]

[ Mana : 30 ]

[ Grade : Common ]


[ Strength : 15 ]

[ Agility : 20 ]

[ Vitality : 15 ]

[ Intelligence : 5 ]

[ Defense : 3 ]

[ Skill : Bite, Slash, Sprint, Pounce ]

[ Discription : A type of wolf that usually moves in groups. They are very fast as they have a little control of the wind. ] }

He use the system to check the wolf information.

The second wolf is only slightly weaker than the first one

I need to do a surprise attack, at least I can get the first hit

He walked slowly toward a wolf and raise his sword to catch the wolf of guard.

Okey… Slowly… Slowly… he chant in his mind

He than arive in front of the wolf and slash the sword at the wolf neck without hesitation

[ 19 ] ( Critical hits )

”Aauuuu!! ” the wolf howled in pain

So little!

The wolf beside it wake up in surprise seeing its partner screaming and a human near it.

The two wolves immediately stand up and growled at the human that dared to disturb their sleep.

”Hey, don be angry, believe me, I know the feeling ” Ayzurei said to the wolves while raising his sword, getting ready for the fight

Both sides is stare vigilantly at each other.

The wolf that has been slash first cannot wait anymore and rush toward the human and pounce at him.

Ayzurei didn expect the wolf to be so fast, he hurriedly move to the side to avoid it.

Is that the skill [ Sprint ]?

The wolves didn give him time to think. Suddenly, the second wolf appeared from the side and pounced at him.

Didn have enough time to avoid, he can only rise his sword to defend.

”Ugh! ” he groaned, the wolf is stronger than expected!

The first wolf followed the suite and bite his arm.

[ 23! ] damage received!

”Ahh!! ” he scream,

The pain!! It hurts!!

”G-get off me! ” he push the second wolf away and stab the first wolf multiple time

[ 11 ]!

[ 11 ]!

[ 19 ]! (Critical hit)

”Aauuuu!!! ” the wolf holwed in pain and let go of his arm

After a couple round of slashing, stabbing and avoiding, he finally kill the first wolf. Because of its injuries, it became slower and easier to kill.

[ You has killed a Wind Wolf ]

[ Curse trigger ]

[ The EXP receive reduced to 1% ]

[ EXP+0.1 ]

[ HP : 25 ]

[ Stamina : 19 ]

”Huh? ” he stunned

”Curse trigger? My EXP… ”

The last wolf is furious seeing its partner died. Although it want to tear the human in front of it apart, it still hesitating because of fear.

Ayzurei took the chance and take out the small health potion in his system inventory and drink it, but his mind still thinking about what the system just show.

[ HP : 60 ]

[ Stamina : 46 ]

”Curse… It effecting the EXP I received… Is it also effect my learning ability? ”

”Ill check it after Im done with this ”

He than look at the wolf in front of him

When he was about to move, he feel a sudden pain out of nowhere

[ Curse trigger ]

[ HP reduce slightly ]

[ HP : 55 ]

[ Stamina : 41 ]

”Ugh!! ” he groaned

The pain feels like his chest is being pierce by something.

”T-this… Its fell familiar… Its like… ” he knelt on the ground holding his chest in pain

The wolf saw a chance, it immediately rush toward the human.

Ayzurei endure the pain and rise his sword.

[ You has killed a Wind Wolf ]

[ Curse trigger ]

[ The EXP receive reduced to 1% ]

[ EXP+0.1 ]

[ HP : 23 ]

[ Stamina : 17 ]

”Hah… Hah… Hah… ”

A man with his body covered in blood is kneeling on the ground gasping for air.

”My… EXP… ”

If other people look at him, they will though that he is currently depressed. He seems to be lost in thought.

”Hah… Hah….. Huff… Tired… ” the men groaned and fall to the ground

”Hah… Hah… Hah… ”

[ Curse Trigger ]

[ Your HP and stamina recovery is reduce by half ]

[ HP : 26 ]

[ Stamina : 20 ]

[ HP : 78 ]

[ Stamina : 72 ]

After a while, he stand up and go towards the monster corpse near him.

”I hope that the loot will not be cursed ” he said with hopeful tone

He checked the monster corpse to see if there anything dropped

”Hmm? Coins? ”

He saw theres some coin under the monster body. He takes it all and start counting.

”1,2,…10,11,…20 copper coins. Although its not much, it still money ” he said while smiling a little.

[ Curse Trigger ]

[ The coins player obtained is half ]

Some of the coins in his hand starts to float and dissappear

Ayzurei just look at the fenomena in front of him with an emotionless face, the earlier smile on his face is gone.

”… ”

”I should have expected that… ”

Although his face has no emotion, it because he is suppressing the rage in his heart.

He stand up and put a hand on his face.

I guess that the curse is not limited to just this…

He take a deep breath and let it go, he repeat it for a few minutes.

”Hah… Okey… ”

”{[ #@%/ Activete : Emotionless, Cold-blooded, Chaotic ]} ”


”{[ #@%/ Activete : Emotionless, Cold-blooded, Chaotic, ???, ???, ??? ]} ”

He than put his hand down, his face did not showing any emotion at all. The rage in his heart also fade away.

Seriously, why did everything seems to be against me?

He turned his head and looked at another monster corpse, walk toward it and started to search for his loots.

[ Curse Trigger ]

[ The coin player obtained is half ]

He get another 20 copper coins and the curse trigger again, but he doesn feel anything anymore. Now, his heart is cold like an ice.

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