Transmigration To Another World While Being Cursed

Chapter 2 : Starting The Day In Another World

[ You have been chosen to be one of the 100 000 person to be a player and transmigrated to the world ??? ]

[ The player will first be transferred to the ???, start in 10 seconds ]

[ The player advised to be ready for the transmission ]

[ 10 ]

[ 9 ]

[ 8 ]

A teenager with black hair and dark brown eyes in a gloomy bedroom can be seen staring at the blue screen in front of him in confusion.

The boy body is thin and looks weak, some bruises can be seen on his body.

”Huh… Chosen to be transmigrated? ”

The teenager muttered, appear to be confused with the situation he is in.

”What do you mean by transmigration, is that mean Im going to Another World? ”

The boy ask, but he didn get any answer. The timer keeps going.

[ 7 ]

[ 6 ]

[ 5 ]

”… Hah ”

”I just want to rest, why do you need to disturb me ”

The boy sigh and complain, but the screen didn respond to him.

[ 4 ]

[ 3 ]

[ 2 ]

”Hah… Troublesome… Whatever, it doesn matter anyway ”

[ 1 ]

The boy covered in white glow, and his body is becoming tiny white partical before disappear.

In an unknown space

One can see a lot of people is gather in this place, most of them are teenagers.

Even though there so many people here, none of them seem to have any difficulties to fill in this place, as if this place have an infinite space.

”Huh, where are we? ” a girl ask

”What is this place… ” a boy look around with interest

”Wah, mama I want to go back ”

A guy with big body and muscles suddenly cried

The people around look at him with a strange expression and distended themselves from him.

More commotion keeps happening as many people begin to panic.

Suddenly, a huge blue screen appeared floating in the sky, silencing everyone.

[ Welcome Player, the final preparation for the transmigration is in progress, please be patient ]

The word appears on the huge screen and a static voice is reading the text.

”Hey, what is this place, where are you sending us ” a girl with a small body shouted angryly at the screen

Surprisingly, the screen answers her questions.

[ The world that the players is going to is a world of sword and magic ]

[ The world is filled with powerful monsters and mystical creatures that roam free, various countries and kingdom is on war to fight for more power and war against the vicious demon ]

The static voice ring on everyone ears.

”The world of sword and magic? , powerful monster and mystical creatures? Demon? What kind of world is this?! ” a boy exclaimed, unable to process the information that the screen just told

”Its a fantasy world, have you ever watch an anime before, or even read a fantasy novel? what an uncultured guy ” mock the boy with glasses beside him

”You?! ”

[ In this world, player can obtain powerful classes, abilities, skills, huge amount of wealth, fame, and more in this world ]

[ All player is given a chance to achieve anything that they want in this world, but everything is dependent on the player own skills and intelligence ]

”Huh… So we can get power and get stronger in this world… Can I finally make it dissappear? ” the boy from the gloomy room earlier muttered while looking at the huge screen in the sky

[ Each players will be given Newbie Gift Pack and systems to assist you in your journey, the system will guide the players at the starting stage ]

[ Player, please enter your name ]

”Name? ”

[ ___ ]

”So its like a games… Now thats interesting ” the boy said while small smile slowly appears on his face

”What to choose… ”

”Hmm… Lets just use that one ”

[ Ayzurei ]

”There, well I don think the name matters in this world so even if its weird no one will care ”

”I guess? ”

[ The final preparation is about to finish, Players, please be ready for the transmigration ]

”Doesn matter anyway, I just want to rest ” said the boy in tired tone

[ The final preparations is finished ]

[ Players, Happy Playing ]

A while later, the space is empty without a sign of people, it was silent till a voice sound.

”Now thats done, lets to deal with another matter ” said the unknown voice

It is not the same static voice as the screen, instead it sound more like something ancient.

Suddenly, the seemingly boundless space rapidly became smaller and smaller till it finally disappeared as if its was never there.

In a huge village

The people in the village is just continuing their life like any normal day.

Suddenly, many light appeared from the sky towards the village, when the light fade away, person emerged from it.

The local in the village is shocked but after a while they ignored it and continue doing what they are doing, its as if they
e already used to it.

One can see many people is currently sitting on the ground while looking around with confused face.

Suddenly, a blue panel appeared in front of them, each person has one.

The appearance of the blue panel stalls everyone , but then they remember about the word while they still at the unknown space

[ Hello player Ayzurei, Im your personal system. I has been design to help the player on their adventures ]

So everyone get system to assist them… Hmm

”What can you do? ” he ask

[ The system will guide the player to adapt to this world, system will give the announcements about every event that will start or being trigger by players ]

[ Player, please say or thought the command Status ]

”Okey… Status ”

{ [ Ayzurei ] (Cursed)

[Title : None]

[Class : None]

[Talent : ???]

[Level : 1 (0/100)]

[Health : 100]

[ Stamina : 100]

[Mana : 0 ( Locked)]

[Strength : 7]

[Agility : 9]

[Vitality : 10]

[Intelligence : 13]

[Defense : 0]

[Magic Defense : 0]

[Skills : None ]

[Weapon : None ]

[Equipment : None ]

[Inventory : Newbie Gift Pack] }

Ayzurei stare in dazed at the panel that is fill with his information.

Its really like a game, its also quite the same like the anime and novels that I read though him trying to recall more information about his current situation

”What?! Why my intelligence is only 5, are you calling me stupid! ” a man with toned muscles suddenly shouted

People around just look at him with weird expression

Well forget about it, I want to sleep, I think there supposed to be inn around here he thought

He than looked around searching for an inn

[ Reminders, Players need to pay 1 gold coin every 3 days as a fee to stay inside the village ]

”… ”

”Are you kidding me ? ”

He sighed, even in this world they didn let him to rest

”So… What do I do now? ”

[ Player is advised to first open the Newbie Gift Pack to obtain the beginners equipment ]

The system suddenly sound on his ears and a text appear.

”Okey… How do I do it? ”

[ Say or thought the command inventory, and then press the box ]

He do as the it say, then the system panel change and display a box thats warped like a birthday present, he than press the box.

[ Do you want to open the Newbie Gift Pack ]

”Yes ” he answer

The box start to glow and disappear, and another items appears replacing it.

[ Congratulations player for opening the Newbie Gift Pack, you obtain a normal sword, a normal chestplate , a small health potion, and a gold coin ]

[ Normal Sword

Grade : Common

Attribute : Attack+5

Discription : A normal sword suggested for a beginner to protact themself ]

[ Normal Chestplate

Grade : Common

Attribute : Defense+5

Discription : A normal chestplate suggested for a beginner for additional protection ]

[ Small Health Potion

Grade : Common

Effects : Heal a total of 35 amounts of HP

Discription : A potion that heal small injuries and add small amount of HP ]

[ Gold Coin

Discription : The currency in this world, use to buy almost anything ]

Ayzurei stare at the four items that he get from the Newbie Gift Pack

Hmm… So if this a game, we will get stronger by leveling up or by our equipment

”System, how do I level up? ”

[ Player can increase that level by killing monsters, complete a quest, joining an event, and more, player require to find more by himself ]

”Hah… Ok ”

Status he commands, he didn pay attention to it earlier so he need to take a look at it again.

{ [Name : Ayzurei] (Cursed)

[Title : None]

[Class : None]

[Talent : ???]

[Level : 1 (0/100)]

[Health : 100]

[Mana : 0 (Locked) ]

[Strength : 7]

[Agility : 9]

[Vitality : 10]

[Intelligence : 13]

[Defense : 0]

[Magic Defense : 0]

[Skills : None]

[Weapon : None]

[Equipment : None]

[Inventory : Newbie Gift Pack]

[State : Normal] ( Cursed ) }

Hmm… The rest is all normal except for the talent, why is it question mark instead of none like the other stat? Does that mean I have a hidden talent? But thats impossible

Through all his life, he thought that he doesn have any talent in anything

Be it studying or playing video games, hes not good with any of it

Well forget about that, now what about this curse thing? Am I being curse, or my name is the one that is curse, by who? And why?

He try to press the word Cursed on the panel but it doesn give any reaction

”Well whatever, now I have the coin I can go to an inn to sleep ”

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