Chapter 5: Of course, there is an instinctive closeness to Chen Jianan



Taking the menu Chen Jianan asked, “Xiao Qiao, what do you want to eat? How about shrimp dumplings?”


Qiao Wen retracted his gaze from Lin Zihui, as expected Chen Jianan knew the original body's preferences too well like the back of his hand, so he nodded and said: “Okay, look at it.”

Chen Jianan's mood changed from panic to ecstasy after confirming that Qiao Wen was doing better.
As for the purpose of the trip, it didn’t matter at all.


For Qiao Wen's sake he could treat killing as a trivial matter like killing a chicken, but when the opponent came, it was a big deal to kill and set fire.
As for how to deal with Lord Leopard, he didn’t worry at all.
After all, he was a small forty-nine boy.
If he did it, it would be a wonder, but if he didn't, it would be reasonable.

After thinking about it, he became clear.


Qiao Wen hadn’t eaten for several days before, although he didn’t know why his body improved suddenly, but seeing that he was able to eat, he naturally had to let him have a good meal.
So Chen Jianan didn’t even look at the price list and ordered nearly ten expensive tea house dishes in one breath.
He prepared to open his stomach and have a big bite with Qiao Wen.


“You two have tea first, the rest will come soon.” Lin Zihui placed the order for the two of them and was about to turn around and hand it over to the kitchen.
Suddenly his eyes spotted the person ascending the stairs and he called out in surprise.


Then he happily ran towards the person.


Qiao Wen slightly turned his head and looked at the person.
It was a middle-aged man wearing a Tang suit with a cane, followed by a tall man in a black suit.


This should be Lin Zihui’s father who would have died in the hands of Chen Jianan tonight.

Qiao Wen only glanced faintly, then retraced his gaze, and looked at Chen Jianan on the opposite side.

When Chen Jianan looked over, his hand which had been placed on the right side of his waist slowly dropped without a trace.
That was the knife he was going to use to kill people today.
When Lin Zhaoming appeared, he subconsciously touched it.


Although Qiao Wen’s gaze only swept across his hand lightly, he still raised his hand and rubbed the nose with a guilty conscience, and to cover up he poured the tea to the other party’s teacup: “Xiao Qiao, I think you are still very weak, I will send you after eating.”

Picking the tea cup Qiao Wen took a sip and said quietly: “Yeah.”


He glanced at Lin Zihui’s side, the father and son had made their way to the private room intimately, arm in arm.

At this time, Lin Zihui, despite being an illegitimate child, led an incredibly rich life.
He was a very simple and happy young man, much happier than slum children like Chen Jianan.

As long as his father won't die, he should continue to live happily.
Chen Jianan would not have any blood feud with him.


Refreshments came up, different sizes of bamboo steamers filled the table.
Barbecued pork with wheat crystal shrimp dumplings, steamed chicken leg curry with black bean sauce, plus two steaming raw beef porridge.

Qiao Wen suspected that the original body hadn’t eaten enough for eighteen years, to the point that he always felt hungry from the time when he woke up to now.


This table of refreshments really made him hungry again, and he started eating it without being reminded by Chen Jianan.

After eating for a while, he realized that the man across from him was staring at him for a long time, he looked up and asked strangely: “Brother Nan, Why aren’t you eating?”


Chen Jianan returned to his senses, sighed exaggeratedly, and said, “It’s harder to get you to eat two more mouths on weekdays than to go to the sky.
These days, it’s even more difficult to get in.
I thought you really can’t do it.
Now I'm really happy to see you eating so well.”


“I don't know what's wrong, but I've been feeling hungry today.”  Qiao Wen smiled lightly and picked up a white porcelain plate of shrimp dumplings and put it in front of him, “Brother Nan, you eat too.”

Chen Jianan's lips curled and nodded again and again: “It’s better to feel hungry, I’m afraid you will not be hungry.”


In the past few days, he was exhausted for Qiao Wen.
He was very afraid that once he opened his eyes he would be gone forever.
Now seeing him sitting in front of him and eating deliciously, he really didn’t know how to describe the joy in his heart, that he completely forgot the task of killing, and concentrated on eating with Qiao Wen.

Compared to his vigilance, Qiao Wen was a bit distracted.


Firstly, he had just come to this world and was a bit curious about everything.
Secondly, today was a very important day for both Lin Zihui and Chen Jianan in the original world.

Although his murder mission was thwarted because of his arrival, but he always had a hunch that this day would not pass so peacefully.


He calmly glanced at the young man who was eating with his head buried.

It was true that this guy was impulsive, reckless, and did not learn well; now he became a typical thug, that means a little bastard, which was how he grew into a bizarre person, but for his original body, he was still the most trustworthy and dependable person.

Qiao Wen inherited the body and memory of the original body, and also seems to have an instinctive closeness to Chen Jianan.


So he decided in his heart that no matter what he couldn’t let this guy go on a crooked path again.

As he pondered the situation, he suddenly caught a glimpse of the man in a deck not far away.
Because from the moment he came in, his attention was on Chen Jianan, and he didn’t pay much attention to the other people in the tea room.
If he hadn't been curious enough to look around, he wouldn't have even noticed that such a person was sitting there.


The man had a bronze complexion, sharp eyes and strong arms.
He looked like a person from Southeast Asia.
He sat alone at a table, calmly sipping tea, not knowing if he was waiting for someone.


It seemed nothing special, but Qiao Wen inexplicably felt a strong smell of blood and murderous aura on his body, like a person wading from a sea of blood from a mountain of corpses.


The world was in chaos and Southeast Asia was still at war, this person probably came from a Vietnam War battlefield.


Afraid of being noticed, Qiao Wen didn’t dare to look at him blatantly, and only continued to look around.

And just as Lin Zihui came out of the room, the man clearly raised his head and looked at the person.

The look was like a falcon, and by no means it was a casual glance.

Qiao Wen was startled, and suddenly thought of something.



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