Chapter 29.2


The two did not expect him to be a policeman, but they also knew that the Kowloon Walled City was a ‘No-Go’ zone, and understood that he was not performing his official duties as a policeman, but was saving them out of justice.


This was simply like encountering a living bodhisattva in a desperate situation.
The little sister hurriedly knelt on the ground and fiercely kowtowed their heads.


Zhou Renjun rubbed his forehead: “Ok Ok, don’t kowtow in a hurry before you go out.
Later just be smart when we go out, and don’t panic if something happens.”

The girl named Lili nodded vigorously: “As long as we can go out, even if it is broken arms and legs are also willing.
If you can’t save the two of us, saving my sister alone to go out is also okay.”


When Jingjing heard the words, her eyes flushed and tears fell down.
She shook her head and said, “Sister I will not go out without you, and I will not go out alone.”


By the end, the two girls were already hugging each other and stifling painful tears.


Zhou Renjun looked at the inciting picture of sisterly love, only to feel his head as big as bucket,(when encountering something that didn’t know how to handle and feel annoyed) and he waved his hands and said, “Stop crying, let's just relax for a while.”


Zhou Renjun was worthy of being a young master who could enjoy himself, even at this time he was still leisurely pulling out a deck of cards and passing the time with the little sisters.


While he was playing cards with the little girl, Chen Jianan and Qiao Wen on the other end also began to make preparations.


Qiao Wen’s physical quality wasn’t easy to follow to save people, but at the same time he couldn’t rest assured.
So he intends to wait outside the walled city.
In order to support the body, he also slept a few hours in advance.


At two o’clock in the morning, Chen Jianan sent Qiao Wen to Zhou Renjun's vehicle which was parked outside the walled city, and then went to the Lido in the eastern district alone in the dark.


Although the eastern part of the Walled City was called the City of Night, gambling stalls and **** block the night and night music, but after all, the conditions were limited, compared to the real city of night outside.
The Lido nightclub’s lobby closes at two o’clock, with only private rooms available for all night, and upstairs guest rooms, no doubt, have been filled with pr%$# who have spent a hard night fighting.


But no matter how hot inside the house, the outside of Lido was plunged into the quiet and deep dark night.
The messy tenement houses obstructed moonlight, and the narrow alleyways were hidden in the bottomless darkness; only rats and cockroaches roamed unchecked.
The guarding pony at the alley beside the Lido dozed off in a chair.


Chen Jianan was born and grew up in the walled city.
His 19 years of experience has already given him a good grasp of this small place.
In addition, people who practice martial arts have a great vision, so without the use of a flashlight, he walked down the street to the Lido smoothly.


But to be on the safe side, he listened to Qiao Wen’s words and wore the mask of Master Zhang Guan on his head, even though he put on the mask he still felt it was useless at night when he couldn’t even see his own hand.


Walking in this familiar darkness, there was an inexplicable passion in his heart.
Since he was a child, he learned boxing from his uncle and was taught to stand upright for himself.
However, in a place like the Kowloon Walled City, the price of a clear conscience was to live and let live, so there was no such thing as standing on the ground.


After all, there were too many dirty things in this place.
He has taken care of this and there was still a problem.
It didn’t matter if he got into trouble, but he has family, and Xiao Qiao, he must not put their life at stake because of his so-called heroism.


If it wasn’t for Xiao Qiao to encourage him to save people this time, he wouldn’t have stepped into this muddy water.


The pony on duty was directly struck by Chen Jianan's swordsman hand in his sleep, and fell into unconsciousness.
After successfully putting people unconscious, he went to the back of the Lido-it was a chaotic dark alley, no one stepped in on weekdays, and the weeds grew half a person high.


Only a daring guy would dare to go in here in the middle of the night.


According to the appointment with Zhou Renjun in advance, Chen Jianan hid in the grass and meowed twice.


The young man, who was already waiting to drift off to sleep, came to his senses with a start.
These four-ninth boy ventriloquists were quite remarkable.
If it weren’t for an appointment, he would have thought it was the wildcat.


He breathed a sigh of relief and went to the window to look down.
With the glimmer of moonlight and shades from the surrounding, he saw a humanoid gadget gesturing at him in the dark grass below.


Zhou Renjun stretched out his hand to respond silently, retreated to the room, and tied the rope that had been woven with sheets in advance for the two little girls.
The girl's emaciation finally made sense at a time like this, he could simply put it down one by one in one hand.


As soon as the girl landed, she saw Master Zhang Guan in the darkness through the bare light.
If she hadn’t been scared enough these days, it was estimated at this moment she must be frightened out of her wits or she would have breathed her last breath.
If so, she took a few breaths to calm down.


While Chen Jianan pulled the mask to the top of his head, put his index finger in front of his lips, and made a silent gesture.


When Zhou Renjun landed, he waved again and said in a low voice, “Quickly follow me, don’t make any noise.”


This way the group of four walked out of the alley in the dark, and when passing by the entrance to the alley, they saw a man sitting crookedly in the chair, and it was not known whether it was Jingjing or Lili, they gave a soft cry in fright.


Fortunately, he reacted quickly and quickly covered her mouth tightly.


Because they didn’t dare to light up(flash light), a few people walked along on a narrow road where they couldn’t see their fingers.
Except for Chen Jianan, who walked like flying on the ground, the three who followed behind him all stumbled two to three steps.


Zhou Renjun considers himself a brave man who was not afraid of hardship and pain.
However, at this time, the essence of Rich Young Master Kuo was still unmistakably revealed.
He just walked around a corner and suddenly felt a fluffy, warm-knit object crawling over his ankle, immediately he jumped up in place in shock.


His movement was really not small, Chen Jianan who was walking ahead turned around and lowered his voice, and asked, “What’s the matter?”




Chen Jianan was speechless and the corner of his mouth twitched: “Master, if there is no mouse, then it’s not called the Kowloon Walled City!”


Zhou Renjun shivered with a chill all over his body, walked over to him, and grabbed his arm: “Okay… Keep going.”


Chen Jianan snorted in disgust, thinking that the two little girls were not scared, but such a big man was afraid of mice.
The police could not be trusted.


The group of people walked for a few minutes without danger, seeing that they were getting farther and farther from Qin Yunfei’s base camp, Lido.
And seeing that there were just two intersections to go, and after that, they were able to leave the city.
Chen Jianan’s breath gradually eased.


However, people really should not be happy too early.

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