It was five minutes to seven o’clock.
As expected, the impatient Chen Jianan had arrived first, but instead of going in to find a seat, he stood at the door and waited for him with anticipation.


Qiao Wen saw him from afar and waved with a smile: “Brother Nan.”


Chen Jianan followed the sound, his eyes lit up, and he walked up quickly: “Xiao Qiao, why did you ask me to come here?”


Qiao Wen said: “Of course, it's for dinner.”


In the host's memory, if two people were to go out shopping, this ice room was the first choice.
In the bustling commercial street, these were the rare cheap, and delicious stalls with plenty of food, especially for a young man like Chen Jianan who was still growing.


Chen Jianan said with a smile: “You want to eat this Dry fried beef? If you said it earlier, I’ll directly bring you here yesterday where you are free.”


Qiao Wen said: “I’ll treat you to it.
Today, Boss Lin came to the factory and gave me a red envelope.”


“Really?” Chen Jianan was surprised as if pleased to have won his own red envelope.


Qiao Wen nodded with a smile and held up the bag in his hand: “This is my first time working to earn money, I must share it with you.
And things are going so well at the factory thanks to your help, I bought you a gift.
Do you like it?”


“Oh, why are you being polite to me!” Even though his mouth pretended not to care, his eyes couldn’t help but dart to Qiao Wen’s hand.


“Let’s go, go in and find a seat.
You open it and take a look.”


The business of Xinxin Ice Room had always been very good because of its low prices and good quality.
But today the two of them were lucky enough to find a seat quickly because there happened to be a couple left after eating.
So Chen Jianan rushed forward like an arrow, and successfully occupied the seat, then waved to Qiao Wen: “Here! “


Originally, a pair of young men walked in front of them and seeing their seats were robbed off they were very dissatisfied and wanted to argue, but when their eyes fell on the tattoo on Chen Jianan’s arm they had no other choice but to wait angrily.


Qiao Wen shook his head speechlessly, walked over, and asked with a smile: “Why are you acting like a bully?”


Chen Jianan disapproved: “I stood at the door for almost half an hour, so I should be counted as a first to arrive.”


Well, there was nothing wrong with that.


Chen Jianan rubbed his hands excitedly, grinning at the person across the table.
His pair of black eyes were gleaming like stars because of joy.
He clearly wanted to see the gift Qiao Wen brought for him, but he couldn’t able to ask directly.


Seeing this, Qiao Wen couldn’t help but wanted to tease him more, so he deliberately placed the bag beside him and did not pass it over.
Instead, he took the menu and called the waiter to order.


“Brother Nan, what do you want to eat?”


Chen Jianan’s eyes were glued to the shopping bag next to him, and he didn’t bother to rise his head, just said casually: “the same old three items.”


Qiao Wen nodded and said to the waiter: “Two dry-fried beef, Custard Buns, and Salted Lemon Seven.” After the server left, he asked nonchalantly, “Brother Nan, how was your day?”


“Huh?” He was obviously absent-minded.


Qiao Wen chuckled, and in the end, he handed him the bag: “Okay, look at it.”


Chen Jianan took it over and opened it happily, and saw a pair of jogging shoes he had been eyeing for a long time inside, and his eyes immediately widened.
Nowadays, Hong Kong City was developing rapidly.
In a cosmopolitan city, fashion was naturally at the forefront.
Coupled with fast-going and tolerance, young people were keen to chase foreign brands.


However, this brand of running shoes was too expensive for the teenagers in the slums.
It was true that Chen Jianan was a drunken person who has wine today, but he was still reluctant to buy a pair of sneakers for two to three hundred yuan.


These sneakers were the ones he took fancy when he went to the mall with Qiao Wen last time.
He caressed them and asked: “Xiao Qiao, how much did your boss reward you for buying such expensive shoes for me?”


Qiao Wen said with some pride: “Two thousand.”


“Really?” Chen Jianan was shocked, thinking that Qiao Wen had only been working for a week and had received such a big reward.
He was immediately happy for him.
After thinking about it, he smiled and said, “If this is the case, you will soon be able to take grandma out of Walled city.”


Qiao Wen shook his head: “Nowadays, renting a slightly more decent apartment in a better location costs several hundred dollars.
I can't say I'll get out with this income now.”


Chen Jianan carefully put the shoes away and said: “You are so smart and capable, I believe it will not take long for you to go out.
However, although making money is important, you can’t ignore your body.
If you feel uncomfortable, stop working and take a rest.
I don't want you to faint on the side of the road and be picked up again.”


Qiao Wen said, “Didn’t I start practicing boxing with you in the morning? My body will get better.”


Chen Jianan nodded: “Of course.” After that, he tilted his head to look at Qiao Wen and said with a smile, “Xiao Qiao, you are getting better and better, and Brother Nan may really have to follow you in the future.”


Qiao Wen chuckles: “Just don’t cause trouble, we will all walk out.”


Chen Jianan raised his brows with conviction.


Both of them had very good appetites for this meal.
Although Qiao Wen still couldn't finish his share, he still ate most of it.
The rest was swept up by Chen Jianaan and successfully finished the plate.


After settling the bill, Chen Jianaan, who had eaten and drunk enough, could not resist changing into new shoes on the spot.
Qiao Wen on the side was afraid that once he took off his shoes, his fragrance would go for ten miles, so he hurriedly pulled him out of the door.


On the bustling streets, the neon lights were flashing, and the people were going here and there and were very noisy.
Chen Jianan bent over to put on his new running shoes and hopped on the spot with satisfaction, wishing to rush to the brothers immediately.


At this moment, there was a sudden noise from the opposite side.
The two raised their heads at the same time, only to see a modern girl surrounded by a few hooligan-like people, and was pulled into the car next to them.


The girl was struggling and cried for help, but the surrounding people were frightened and hurried away.
No one stepped forward to stop.


Seeing this Qiao Wen frowned.


Although the Hong Kong city of this era had entered a society under the rule of law, public security was still chaotic.
Murders and arson on the streets were not uncommon.
This was the fact, even the police were umbrellas of gangs, so no ordinary people would not dare to stand and seek justice.


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