But it seemed like Anan didn’t have to wait until the morning.
Because Lin Zihui with the greatest courage of his life, entered the dark Kowloon Walled City by himself in the night, and also inquired about the tenement house where the two lived.


When Qiao Wen and Chen Jianan neared their building, they saw a well-mannered teenager waiting at the entrance of the building downstair tremblingly and it was not known how long he had been waiting.

Although the light was dim, Chen Jianan recognized the person at a glance.
He immediately yelled, let go of the hand holding Qiao Wen, rolled up his sleeves and strode over: “You #@&$!!!, you know how to come here!”


“Anan…I…” Lin Zihui was already guilty and distraught, at this point he didn’t know what to say.
Now seeing Chen Jianan’s fist came down, he was so scared that he hugged his head and fled away.


Chen Jianan chased people with a serial fists.


“Brother Nan, it’s almost done!” Qiao Wen sighed helplessly as he looked at the two people who were jumping and chasing like chicken and dog.


Lin Zihui reacted and hurried to take refuge behind him, not forgetting to ask, “Awen, are you okay?”


Chen Jianan had not yet finished venting his anger.
He walked up to Qiao Wen and pointed at Lin Zihui, who had disheveled hair: “Four-Eyed Boy, I have to teach you a good lesson for what you did today.”


Qiao Wen brushed his hand down: “Brother Nan, don’t scare Zihui.”


Chen Jianan snorted and reluctantly gave up.


Qiao Wen also knew that he was just bluffing, if he really used force, Lin Zhui was probably already beaten up by him.
He turned his head and said with a smile: “Zihui, I’m fine.
Brother Nan is just concerned, you don't need to pay attention to him.”


Chen Jianan raised his head and huffed.


Lin Zihui rubbed his hair and said, “Anan called me and said that you were missing, it almost frightening me.
That person said that he knew you and also said he was your brother.
I was afraid of delaying your time, so I handed you over to him.”


Chen Jianan roared angrily: “Can you believe what a stranger says? Are you really a college student? If you are sold, do you help them ‌count money? Do you know who that person is? He’s He Xing Society Red stick.”


By now Lin Zihui was clear that he had done something really stupid, and said weakly: “I…I don’t know…”


Chen Jianan said: “Even if you don’t know, you have eyes, and you have four eyes, that person is not a good thing at first sight.
How dare you give Xiao Qiao to him?”


Lin Zihui whispered: “He is similar to you, so I didn’t think much about it.”


Chen Jianan choked on his breath, pointing to his nose and asked: “You said he is similar to me? How are we similar at all?”


Lin Zihui’s voice became weaker and weaker: “Aren’t you from He Xing too?”


Chen Jianan was completely speechless by this four-eyed boy, only to feel his fists itch again.


Seeing him huffing through his nose and staring, Qiao Wen didn’t know whether cry or laugh, but in order that Lin Zihui would not be beaten up by him, he quickly said: “Brother Nan, Zihui also had good intentions, isn’t I’m alright now? Don’t be angry.
He came to the walled city alone at night, he must be frightened too.
Send him out.”


“You’re thinking so beautifully.”


Lin Zihui waved his hands: “No need, no, I’m relieved to see that you're okay, I can go back by myself.”


Qiao Wen said: “It’s so dark now and you’re an outsider, in case you encounter any bad guys, it won’t be good.
Brother Nan, you don’t need to send me.”


“Xiao Qiao—” Chen Jianan grunted in dissatisfaction.


Qiao Wen said quietly: “Zihui came to the walled city only because he was worried about me.
I have to make sure that he goes out safe and sound.”


Chen Jianan snorted, and finally compromised: “All right, you go home and rest, I’ll send him off.”

 Then he unceremoniously slapped hard on Lin Zihui’s shoulder, “Let’s go, four Eye boy.”

His deliberate slap was comparable to an iron-sand palm.
Lin Zihui almost burst into tears, but when he thought of his wrongdoing, he was embarrassed to scream.
He could only rub the painful area and follow people honestly. 

Qiao Wen watched the two disappear into the dark night, thinking that in the original story, these two were mortal enemies, but now they have become friends, which was really quite unexpected.

Sure enough, the butterflies fluttering their wings in the southern hemisphere could trigger a tsunami in the northern hemisphere.


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