Chen Jianan was taken aback for a moment, and asked back, “You are asking me? Didn’t you send Xiao Qiao back? Where did you send him?”


“Awen hasn’t gone home yet?” Lin Zihui on the other end was shocked as well.
“When I sent him outside the walled city, he suddenly fainted.
As I was about to carry him to the clinic, a young man from your walled city passed by and said he knew Awen and took him to the clinic on his motorcycle.”


Chen Jianan suppressed the urge to rebuke and asked, “Who is that person?”


Lin Zihui said: “He didn’t say his name, he just said he was Awen’s Brother.”


“I’m pooh! Xiao Qiao has only one brother that is ‘ME’.” Chen Jianan couldn’t help at the end he yelled loudly.
If possible, he wanted to drag people over the phone line for a beating.
“What is Kowloon Walled City? It’s not that you haven't heard of it? How can you casually give Xiao Qiao to someone you don’t know? You quickly tell me what that person looks like?”


Lin Zihui on the other end of the phone was so nervous, he recalled Qin Yunfei’s appearance, and said seriously: “In his early twenties, his hair is a bit long, tied behind his head, he had tattoos on his neck, and he wears a floral shirt.
He looks pretty good-looking.”


“Pretty good-looking ass!” Chen Jianan roared and didn’t need to pry the other side any longer.
Because he had already guessed who it was, and he cursed fiercely.
“You four-eyed boy, if something happens to Xiao Qiao, I’ll skin you!”


Without waiting for Lin Zihui’s response, he hung up the phone with a snap.


Although He Xing Society had rules, that members of the society couldn’t bully the people at will, Qin Yunfei— the son of biscuit, had never played cards according to rules.


There were many clinics in the Walled City, and if he was going to search one by one by himself, it would probably take most of the night.
Regardless of this, the thing he afraid the most was that he did not take Qiao Wen to the clinic at all.


Chen Jianan recalled Qin Yunfei’s attitude towards Qiao Wen when eating beef offal.
The more he thought about it, the more chill he felt.
Without delay, he quickly called a few brothers and split them to search from one clinic to another.


Qiao Wen, who was originally lying on the hospital bed and pretending to be asleep, really fell asleep because of his fatigue and weakness.


And woke up by a familiar voice, which came from the outside.


“Anan, I said, your brother is not here.
Don’t you believe Brother Fei’s word?”


“Brother Fei, I’ll just take a look inside.
If he’s not here, I’ll go to another clinic to look for it.”


“What? You think I hid your brother?”


“Brother Fei, that's not what I meant.”


“Looks like you're not going to leave if I don't let you in.
Fine, I can let you in, but you have to beat me.”


“Brother Fei, you're joking, how can I beat you?”


“I heard that the most capable fighter under Asi is Pretty Boy Nan, how can I know if I don’t try?”


Qiao Wen, who was lying inside, frowned and sat up with great effort.
However, as soon as his feet touched the ground, another burst of dizziness swung his head.
He shook his head, took a breath, and hurried out.


Before he reached the door, his pupils quivered and was terrified by the scene in front of him.
In the dim corridor, Qin Yunfei picked up a wooden stick and waved it fiercely at Chen Jianan’s head, who was a step away.


Chen Jianan’s brain deflected past, one hand had already made a fist and greeted the other party.

“Brother Nan!” Qiao Wen shouted but because of weakness it only sounded meek.


To find Qiao Wen, Chen Jianan went through dozens of clinics and almost turned the walled city upside down.
Finally, he saw Qin Yunfei, but only to be stopped by the other party and refused to let him in.
He didn’t care whether he was hiding himself or not; he was going to fight in.


Hearing Qiao Wen’s voice at the moment, he immediately regained his senses.
The fist he threw out turned around halfway and passed the side of Qin Yunfei’s face.
The whole person, along with the wooden stick in his hand, fell to the ground, rolled two meters away in the dark corridor like a mud loach rolling.


Although the movements were not very graceful and even be called a mess.
At first glance, he seemed to be in the same line as Wang Baquan, but he avoided the stick, and showed his strength far apart from the opponent.


Qin Yunfei threw his stick away, turned his head to Qiao Wen who was coming from the house, and smiled: “Awen, are you awake? How do you feel?”


The tone couldn’t be anymore softer, that Qiao Wen almost shuddered.
He went over to Chen Jianan and made sure he was okay, only then he secretly relieved, and replied: “I’m okay, Brother Fei.”


“Xiao Qiao!” Chen Jianan rolled up from the ground and stumbled to him, grabbed his thin arms, and asked anxiously, “Are you okay?”


His hands were so powerful, his iron-like grip made Qiao Wen in pain, while inhaling he said: “Brother Nan…Brother Nan…I’m fine!”


Only then Chen Jianan realized ‌he was holding him too strong, and hurriedly let go.
Through the bean-sized light coming from the room, he looked at him up and down.
His face was pale but apart from that he was in good condition, his dress was still intact and didn’t look like bullied, only then did he feel relieved.


Qiao Wen turned his head to Fei: “Brother Fei, thank you for sending me to the clinic.
I haven’t gotten home so late.
My grandma must be anxious.
I will go back with Brother Nan first.
I will thank you again later.”


Qin Yunfei leaned against the door with arms folded, and asked with a smile, “How are you going to thank me?”


Qiao Wen hasn’t answered yet.
Chen Jianan hurriedly said with a red and white face: “Brother Fei, you call me.
As long as I can be used, I will never say anything.”


From start to finish Qin Yunfei was looking at Qiao Wen and when he was about to say no, he suddenly thought of something.
He smiled and stretched out his hand to pat his shoulder: “Okay, pretty boy Nan, this is what you said.
I really have some work on my hands and I have to find someone to help.”

Chen Jianan: “You can say what you want me to do.”


Qin Yunfei: “There is no hurry.
We’ll talk later.” After saying that, he put his hand on Qiao Wen’s thin shoulders, rubbing his fingers ambiguously, and smiled meaningfully.
“Awen, take good care of your body, and Brother Fei will see you again.”


Qiao Wen tried his best to hold back the revulsion of being touched, and didn’t get rid of his hand.
He curled his lips and smiled, “Thank you Brother Fei.”


After that Qin Yunfei left first, Chen Jianan helped Qiao Wen, and they sauntered through the dark corridor and headed downstairs.


“Xiao Qiao, did he do anything to you?”


Qiao Wen shook his head: “No, don’t worry about it.
I am from a walled city.
No matter how extraordinary he does things, he can’t just violate the rules of Hexing Society.”


Chen Jianan said angrily: “It's all the fault of the four-eyed boy.
How dare he give you to someone he doesn’t know? Tomorrow I have to beat him up.”


Qiao Wen laughed: “Brother Nan, don’t blame Zihui? He doesn’t know who Qin Yunfei is?”


“I don’t care.
I must beat him up tomorrow morning.”


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