Chapter 25 He looks similar to you

Qiao Wen dreamed of Lin Nan again.
After a long time apart, they met each other that day and drank too much.
On the way home, the two of them sat in the back seat.
Lin Nan suddenly grabbed his hand and said with red eyes: “Qiao Wen, I don’t want to deceive myself anymore.
I love you, it’s not the brotherly love, but the love between men and women.”


Qiao Wen looked at the handsome face that he had known for more than twenty years.
For a moment, he wondered if he had heard it wrong.

He had never seen Lin Nan like that before.
His red eyes were engulfed in the stormy waves and he suddenly dived toward him.

Just as he was in a daze, his car suddenly skidded.
Lin Nan’s complexion changed abruptly, and he hugged him tightly.

With a bang.

An overloaded big truck hit the compact car, carrying three people.

Amidst the violent vibration and pain, Qiao Wen woke up.
While breathing hard, he looked at the unfamiliar and dim environment around him in shock.

“Had a nightmare?” A half-smiling voice sounded from his left.


He turned his head to the source of sound and saw Qin Yunfei’s evil face.

And it took him some time to realize that he was not the Qiao Wen of his dream, but the Qiao Wen of the Kowloon Walled City in the 1970s.

“Where am I?” He narrowed his eyes and moved back a bit warily, distancing himself from Qin Yunfei.
Qin Yunfei said with a smile, “You fainted on the roadside, and I ran into you, so I sent you to the hospital.”

There was a deliberate tenderness in his tone.

Hearing this, he tried his best to recall what had happened before he passed out.
Then he remembered getting off the car and saying goodbye to Lin Zihui, after that he didn’t remember anything.
So, he fainted on the roadside and was sent to the hospital by Qin Yunfei?

“Thank you,” he whispered.

“We all grew up together as neighbors, why are you polite with Brother Fei?” Qin Yunfei looked at him from top to bottom, raised his mouth and asked, “After checking your pulse, the doctor said you are weak.
It should be you overworked yourself.
How do you feel now?”

As he spoke, his breath sprayed on his face, with a certain obvious unkindness and aggressiveness.
Qiao Wen subconsciously frowned and sat up, “I’m much better.”


With raised eyebrows Qin Yunfei almost leaned in front of him, propping himself up on the hospital bed with one hand in a half-hug position, blocking his attempt to get out of bed and escape: “Awen, you see Brother Fei saved you today.
How do you plan to repay me?”

Actually, Qiao Wen didn’t believe his so-called-saving, in fact he was afraid that he had stolen him from Lin Zihui -of course, it was also possible that the four-eyed fool was duped by him.

He said with a polite smile: “Brother Fei, thank you.
How about I buy you two American cigarettes?”

Qin Yunfei: “Do I look like someone who lacks two cigarettes?”

Qiao Wen felt truly helpless, as he found himself alone in an unfamiliar clinic, with Chen Jianan away and people like Qin Yunfei in front of him.
He couldn’t help feeling that he was like a lamb that had fallen into the wolf cave.
Although he knew ‌he would not do anything to himself now because of He Xing Society rule, he didn’t dare to take it lightly.
For fear of his way, so he could only make false accusations and look scared.

Qin Yunfei saw ‌his body tensed up and dodging eyes, making him a weak and poor beauty.
Sure enough, he was pleased and the corner of his mouth raised a pleasant arc.

“Awen, why are you so afraid of me? I’m not a monster with two heads and four legs.
Afraid that I will eat you? But…” He licked his lips slowly and took a deep breath while closing his eyes as if intoxicated.
“Awen really smells good, it makes me very appetizing.”

His expression was ambiguous and erotic, as if he was admiring his delicious prey.
Qiao Wen had goose bumps all over his body, and he couldn’t wait to raise his weak fist and blow his dog’s head.
Fortunately, with the identity of a walled city person, no matter how arrogant Qin Yunfei was, it was impossible to taste his prey now.
And it seemed that the other party just enjoyed the feeling of molesting the prey.
He leaned close to him and took a few breaths, then returned to the chair, and said with a smile: “The doctor is making medicine for you, and I will go back after you drink the medicine.”

Qiao Wen said: “I’m fine.
Brother Fei, please go and do your business.”


Qin Yunfei said: “The most important thing for Brother Fei right now is to take care of Awen.”

Qiao Wen: “It’s really not necessary.”

Qin Yunfei smiled at him: “Last time I said I wanted to be friends with Awen, today I saved Awen, we should be able to be friends now, right?.”

Qiao Wen cursed in his heart, but he still had that panicked look on his face that pleased the other party: “Brother Fei is a big man, I don’t dare to climb high.”

Looking at his timid appearance, Qin Yunfei's corner of his mouth almost curved to the end of his eyes: “Awen, you are so interesting.
Why didn’t I notice such a wonderful person earlier?”

Having no way out, Qiao Wen closed his eyes and continued to play the weak and pitiful.
Even though he closed his eyes, he could still feel the scorching gaze of the other party.

Damn it! He really wanted to beat someone, but with his current physical condition, even if he did, the person who was going to suffer in the end would be still him.
Not to mention that the other party was still a red stick.

While Qiao Wen was forced to lie and pretend to sleep on the bed, on the other end, Chen Jianan, who came back from the Eastern District to find him for dinner, waited, waited, and waited from dusk until the sky was dark, still, no one returned and had a bad premonition. 

He first found an excuse to comfort his grandma, who was looking forward to her grandson’s return from work.
After that, he hurried to the telephone booth to call Lin Zihui at the Furong Tea House.

Before he could say anything, Lin Zihui asked: “Brother Nan, how is Awen?”

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