Chapter 24 You Finally Fell into my Hands



Although He Xing Society wasn’t big and only occupied the Kowloon Walled City, its deeds had long been spread throughout Hong Kong.
At least the community outside the walled city was suppressed by the police, but He Xing Society was a completely lawless existence.
As long as you hide in the walled city after killing and setting fire outside, it would be cows and cattle into the sea, and no one could do anything about it.


Seeing Azhong’s terrified face, Chen Jianan smiled gloomily: “Do you want me to take you to visit the walled city?”


Azhong and his lackeys immediately turned pale, shaking their heads like rattles, and shuddered.
“No need, no, we are leaving, and we will never cause trouble for Young Master Hui.”


Chen Jianan snorted in disgust and released him, and waved his hand to indicate his brothers to release the other workers who were restrained.


As if afraid of a change of heart, Azhong took his prickly workers and ran out of the factory like frightened rabbits.


The remaining few fired employees who did not take part in the fight were also afraid this time.
Supervisor Wang took the lead and spoke respectfully to Lin Zihui: “Young Master Hui, we really did not do a good job these days, but we have no other intention.
Please give us another chance, we will work seriously and make up for our mistakes.”


Lin Zihui glanced at Qiao Wen, who calmly nodded at him.


“Well” Lin Zihui pondered for a moment then nodded, “You are all senior employees, if it wasn’t for your poor performance these days, I wouldn’t have fired you.
Since you have the intention to change your ways, then I will give you a chance and hope you will show me your sincerity.”


Supervisor Wang and the people beside him looked at each other in surprise they didn’t expect to get a chance that easily, and nodded again and again: “Thank you, Young Master Hui, we will definitely show you the sincerity.”


Lin Zihui waved his hand: “Then go back to work.”


The people were all overjoyed and hurried to the workshop, each secretly planning in their hearts to cherish this lost and found opportunity.


Meanwhile, a black Ford car drove into the factory gate.


It was Wu Yao Dong who rushed over after receiving the news.


Although Manager Wu was “resting” at home, his eyes and ears were everywhere in the factory.
Not only was he clear about what happened in the past few days, but he could also be said to be conducting the whole thing remotely.


It must have been his people who secretly telephoned him to report the battle.


However, Qiao Wen knew that after today, this factory would no longer have his people.


Wu Yaodong got down from the car and hurriedly walked to Lin Zihui, swept his eyes at a bunch of unidentified young people next to him, and asked anxiously: “Young Master Hui, what is going on? I heard that you fired twenty people at once, even Ah Zhong.”


Lin Zihui gave him a polite smile: “It’s just a small matter, who called you here Uncle Dong? You can't even recover peacefully.” After a pause, he asked, “How is your health?”


 Qiao Wen laughed silently, he liked Master Hui’s yin and yang strangeness.


Wu Yaodong replied: “It's nothing serious, I can return to work tomorrow.”

Lin Zihui said: “Uncle Dong, when you get older, your health is the most important thing.”


Wu Yaodong nodded: “All these years, I've been working hard for the Mingyue Factory.
I really didn’t take good care of my health, otherwise I wouldn’t have suddenly taken two days off.”


As though of something, Lin Zihui took out a hundred yuan from his pocket and handed it to Chen Jianan: “Anan, I have troubled you and your brothers today.
Take this money and ask everyone to have a good meal.


Chen Jianan wasn’t a squirming person.
He readily accepted the money and said with a smile: “You don’t have to be polite with your friends.
If you talk about what Xiao Qiao said, how can I fail to do it?” After saying that, he waved his hand.
“You are busy, I’m leaving now, call me whenever you need me.”


Thinking of something again, he turned his head and looked Qiao Wen up and down, and asked: “The bastard didn’t hurt you just now, did he?”


Qiao Wen shook his head and said with a smile: “You hurry back, bringing so many people out, be careful that the fourth brother can not find someone to smoke you.”


Chen Jianan smiled: “Yes, yes, then I’m leaving.”


Watching him lead people away, Lin Zihui turned his gaze back to Wu Yao Dong unhurriedly, and said: “I happen to have something to talk to Uncle Dong, since you are here, it is better to hit the sun instead of choosing a day, let's go to the office and talk slowly.”


Wu Yao Dong pretended to be sick these few days, just to give Lin Zihui a disarm, so that this fledgling kid knows that the factory couldn’t do without him as a manager.
So from now on, he would honestly drink tea and watch TV in the office until he became tired to go back to where he came from.


According to his people's report, the troubles and difficulties he set up in the past two days indeed made the young master and secretary busy and utterly exhausted.


However, he didn’t expect him to make such a move this morning.


Buying people’s hearts with salary increases and using force to suppress discontent.
He originally thought he was just a fledgling young man, but turned out to be a ruthless character.
When he received the news, he was so shocked and immediately rushed over here and it was indeed the same as the report.
After eating the defeat, he had no choice but to go back to the office with a good voice.


Lin Zihui still had a gentle look and kind smile on his face and stretched his hand to seat: “Uncle Dong, you’re in bad health, please sit down.”


Wu Yaodong’s health was actually very good and the so-called sick leave was deliberate.
Now Lin Zihui was taking a mouthful of “bad health”, hearing this he was so frustrated, as if his body was really going to have a serious problem.


He sat down on the sofa in silence.


Lin Zihui personally poured him a cup of tea and handed it to him: “Uncle Dong, have some tea.”


Wu Yao Dong was already in a terrible mood.
He picked up the cup embarrassingly and took a sip without thinking, as the water had just been poured from the kettle; the hot tea scalded his mouth, and he coughed up fiercely, shaking all over, and the tea spilled on his hand causing another burnt.


“Uncle Dong, you’re in bad health, be careful.” Lin Zihui said concernedly.


The words “bad health” made Wu Yao Dong feel that his heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys were all burned by the hot tea.
He took a deep breath to calm himself down, put down the cup, and forced a smile: “I made Master Hui worry, I’m fine.”


Lin Zihui nodded, sat down behind the desk, took out a check from the drawer, handed it to Qiao Wen, cleared his throat, and said, “Secretary Qiao, about Uncle Dong, go ahead.”


Qiao Wen nodded, walked to the sofa, and put the check on the coffee table.


Wu Yao Dong’s eyes fell on the 100,000 yuan cheque, he frowned and asked uncertainty.
“What is this?”


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