Lin Zihui cleared his throat and started the prepared speech.


“There are a few big announcements to make at today's meeting.”


Already the employee didn’t take him seriously, and after seeing how the new boss was screwed up the past two days, they were even more facetious.
Especially the group of prickly workers led by Ah Zhong, who stood in the back row of the line in a hangdog manner, clearly wanting to see him joke.


Qiao Wen swept across the crowd and circled a few key figures in his heart.


Lin Zihui’s voice sank a little: “The factory is a place to work, but the performance of many people in the past two days makes me suspect that you are not here to work seriously.
Next, I’m going to eliminate them in batches according to their individual work performance.
Today is the first batch, a total of twenty people.
I have already recruited new employees to fill positions, including purchasing warehouse managers and clothing workers.
They are all skilled, and now they are waiting in the conference room for work.
You should have seen them too.”


Hearing this announcement, most people became serious.
Although the Ming Yue Factory wasn’t well-paid, it was stable, and most of them were working here for many years.
No one could accept the thought of being dismissed.


The first one to burst out was Azhong, he said loudly, “Young Master Hui, do you dismiss if you say you are dismissed? At least you have to wait for Uncle Dong to come before you making a decision, right?”


Lin Zihui said: “Since I am the boss, of course I can dismiss the person when I say so.
Do I need Uncle Dong's consent?”


Azhong snorted, obviously not taking his words seriously.


Lin Zihui gestured to Qiao Wen: “Secretary Qiao, announce the dismissal list?”

Qiao Wen nodded and unfolded the paper in his hand: “Based on the employee's performance over the last few days, the next 20 people are the first batch of dismissal lists…”


He read name by name, from supervisor Wang and Azhong, to ordinary workers.
Apart from their positions, these were all people who had directly caused trouble in the past few days.


After the announcement, Qiao Wen said: “Well, those who haven't been named can go back to work.”


“Wait!” Azhong stretched out his hand to stop the people who were about to leave, and walked forward leisurely with a lazy smile on the corner of his mouth, “Young Master Hui, we are all working hard in Mingyue Factory for many years without merit, but you just dismissed us like this.
Although you are the little boss, the young proprietor, this is not the way to do things, right? We won't leave until Uncle Dong gives the word.
If you don't retract this decision, the factory won't start today.”


After he finished speaking, he turned to the workers behind him: “Listen well, we have been in Ming Yue Factory for so many years.
Ming Yue Factory is our home.
Young Master Hui is the boss, we can't compare, but we are also human beings, not some trash that can be dumped randomly.
If he can fire us today, tomorrow it will be you.
If we all become one minded, then we can avoid being bullied at will.”


It must be said that this brother Azhong was quite capable of inciting.
Hearing these words, the workers who were planning to leave all stopped in their tracks.


Qiao Wen curled the corner of his mouth and said: “Everyone is misunderstood.
Master Hui is not trying to bully anyone.
Many people have also seen it, who is the one being bullied in the past few days.”


“Currently, the Ming Yue Factory is inefficient, and the pay is not good.
Well, I know if it isn’t for supporting the family, many people would have already left.
Young Master came to the factory intending to bring Mingyue Factory back to life, hoping that all employees can have a higher income and will have a better life.” 


He paused and then continued, “In order to improve everyone’s enthusiasm for work, Young Master Hui has decided that starting from this month, the salaries of all employees will be increased by 50 yuan on the original basis.
Starting from today, under the premise of sufficient orders, all the garment workers will receive a subsidy of one yuan for each additional piece processed after completing the day's work.”


After all, the Ming Yue factory was once glorious and there was no shortage of orders, only the profit was thin.
In these years, Wu Yao Dong has focused on fishing for himself and feeding himself to the brim, and simply did not care about developing business at all, which led to the entire factory dying.


The workers were all people at the bottom, and they just wanted to earn a salary to live.
For most of them, whoever pays the money is the boss.
An ordinary family could eat fifty yuan for several days, by no means it was a small figure, not to mention additional overtime costs.


Undoubtedly, it was a huge temptation.


As expected, the crowd rustled around, ready to return to the workstation.
With the intention of making a few more clothes today, you would earn a few dollars more.


Seeing the sudden turn of the situation, Azhong’s expression changed drastically.
He winked at some of his men and said sharply, “I want to see who dares to leave?”


A dozen or so strong workers stepped forward and blocked the way out.


Although these people didn't do anything to Lin Zihui, they were really arrogant.
Azhong became a king in the factory for a long time, and the workers were obviously afraid of him, so being threatened by him, no one dared to move anymore, but stood still and watched the situation.


Qiao Wen walked forward unhurriedly and said to Azhong with a smile: “Brother Azhong, are you trying to make a mutiny?”


Azhong sneered: “The workers are still on strike.
I’m just fighting for everyone’s rights.”


Qiao Wen shook his head: “No, you are clearly harming other people’s rights.”


Azhong looked at the secretary in front of him, who could only be called a teenager, with a pale face that was unbearably pale and weak body that could not stand a blow, but his gaze was obviously with undisguised disdain and contempt.


This made him almost well up with a wave of angry humiliation.


Qiao Wen hooked the corners of his mouth and said word by word: “Azhong, let me remind you again that you have been fired.
I will bother you and the other people who have been fired to leave immediately.
The salary has not been settled yet, the accountant will send it to you then.”


Azhong couldn't do anything to the little boss Lin Zihui, but he had no scruples about Secretary Qiao, and he was sure that this morning's play was the masterpiece of this small secretary.


He glared at him, and suddenly reached out and grabbed Qiao Wen’s shirt collar: “Secretary Qiao, I think you still don’t know, whose territory this is?”


“Of course it’s Young Master Hui’s site!” He still had a calm expression on his face, clearly not putting this man in his eyes at all.


When seeing that this Azhong actually made a move, Lin Zihui was so frightened that he was about to step forward to rescue Qiao Wen, but another figure was even faster than him, almost like a bolt of lightning, suddenly leaping out from the side.


“Pujie! Dare to touch my brother, I will kill you!”


Azhong only heard a roar, before he could react, he was already thrown several meters away by the leaping figure.


The violent man who appeared out of nowhere was naturally Chen Jianan.


Not waiting for Azhong to get up, Chen Jianan stepped forward and stopped him with a counter-cut.


In everyone's horrified eyes, what followed was the group of young people who had been hired suddenly rushing over and fighting with the few prickly workers under Ajian.


The courtyard suddenly became lively.


Qiao Wen rubbed his neck, breathed a sigh of relief, and took a step back.


The workers who didn’t know what was happening were also scared to hide.

The brothers under Zhao Ashi were no longer useless, in the matter of fighting and brawling they were also professional players.
These workers, whose main job was to do work and cause trouble by side, were not at all on the same level as them.


These triad boys quickly chased and beat several rioters.


As for the factory bully Azhong in Chen Jianan’s hands, from the moment he was cut back, he had no strength to fight back.
He half kneeled on the ground and howling, “Who are you?”


Chen Jianan angrily slapped his head a few times, and said in a foul voice, “Of course it’s Hui people, you Pujie are so impatient to dare to make a move on my brother.”


With his strength, he could knock a person with this slap and Azhong was so hurt that he scolded his mother indiscriminately.


Qiao Wen was afraid that he would beat people out of their minds and reminded him: “Brother Nan, it’s almost done.”


Chen Jianan did not exert much force at all.
Hearing this, he stopped the beating, then raised his hand and pointed at the other people who were subdued.
“Whose territory is here? Do you want me to repeat, I want to see who still dares to make trouble!”


He really deserves to have the potential of a big villain.
At this time, the ferocious aura almost immediately intimidated everyone.


The people in Ming Yue Factory could already see that these people were not new recruits at all, but were probably people from the Triad Society.
Only then did they realize that Lin Zihui was not simply an honest scholar.


First, they got the sweet dates with a salary increase, and now they saw the big stick waving again.
The workers no longer had other thoughts, and dared not underestimate Lin Zihui and Secretary Qiao.
They just wanted to hurry back to work well and earn the overtime pay today.
Many of them were secretly rejoiced that they didn’t follow Azhong to fool around.


Qiao Wen raised his hand and said: “Everyone, go to work, work well, Young Master Hui will not treat you badly.”


 With no one to stop them, the crowd almost fled back to the factory as if they were birds and beasts.


Lin Zihui experienced this battle for the first time.
Although he saw no blood, he was quite frightened.
Seeing that the situation has settled down, he took a step forward and put on a serious face, and said coldly to Azhong and his colleagues: “In the future, if you want to make trouble, first weigh your own weight, Ming Yue factory is not a place where you where you can just go wild.”


Azhong, who was cut back by Chen Jianan, screamed: “The East does not hit the West, Hui Shao, you can listen well, I will give you a little face in the Ming Yue factory.
When I leave here, you are not my boss anymore, so be careful from now on.”


This person was clearly outrageous to wait for an opportunity to retaliate.


Lin Zihui frowned and before he could speak Chen Jianan had already kicked the man over and bent down to pick him up by the collar, and smiled gloomily: “Big brother, who do you want to be careful? Shao Hui or Secretary Qiao? Why don't you go and inquire about the Kowloon Walled City Hexing Society.”


Azhong’s expression changed drastically: “Are you from Hexing Society?”


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