Instantly Director Wang’s face changed and became unsightly, he murmured embarrassingly: “This supplier has the cheapest price and is naturally sought-after, and no one can always guarantee that they will deliver the supply on time.”


Qiao Wen asked: “Since you know it is in high demand, why doesn’t the warehouse prepare the goods in advance? As a purchasing supervisor, don’t you understand this basic principle?”


Director Wang followed Wu Yao Dong’s instructions and gave these two ignorant youths a stumbling block to let them know that the factory could not work without Wu Yao Dong.
Unexpectedly, Secretary Qiao didn’t mention anything about Wu Yaodong, instead pointed the finger at him.
Of course he was not stupid, he quickly nodded and admitted his negligence: “This time it is my negligence.
What do we have to do, Secretary Qiao? If the button is not available in the afternoon, we will have to suspend work on both lines.
There must be no way to deliver this order on time.
I think it’s better to ask Dong Uncle for help first?”


Qiao Wen smiled: “Uncle Dong is sick and taking a rest at home, it’s not good to disturb him for this small matter.” He waved his hand, “I’ll find a way for buttons.
You go back to the workstation and see what else is in short supply for the coming two days, and report them together.”


Director Wang failed to complete Wu Yao Dong’s instructions left angrily.


When the others left, Lin Zihui fulminated: “In all likelihood, Wu Yao Dong deliberately gave us a hard time.” He frowned and asked, “What can you do? Do we really have to stop the production line for two days?”


Qiao Wen shrugged and smiled cynically: “Wu Yaodong just relied on our inexperience and thought we didn’t know anything.” He raised the button in his hand and said, “Our ready-made garments cost no more than two or three dollars a piece.
Do you think they are producing high-end clothing, and the buttons have to be customized? There are a lot of wholesale markets for these buttons, you can ask the driver to take this to the market and purchase a few boxes as long as they are similar.”


Lin Zihui suddenly realized and nodded: “Then I will go there in person.”


Qiao Wen shook his head: “No, ‌let the driver go.”


Lin Zihui looked puzzled.


Qiao Wen laughed: “The  materials are in shortage and the purchasing supervisor is at a loss, but a driver easily purchases to solve the urgent need.
What do you think the supervisor has to say?”


Lin Zihui suddenly realized it again and said with a smile: “Why didn’t I expect it?”


Qiao Wen said: “Don’t be happy too early, Uncle Dong won’t just arrange this to wait for you.”


Lin Zihui had put his mind at ease at this moment, and said with a smile: “The soldiers will block the water and cover the soil.
With you as a military advisor, let him come.”


Qiao Wen laughed: “Young Master Hui, don’t put a high hat on me.”


Just after the afternoon break, the driver returned with a trunk full of buttons.
Lin Zihui personally watched the warehouse and the purchasers unload and arrange the goods.
Seeing Supervisor Wang’s face turned green and blue, he was very excited and couldn’t help but admire Qiao Wen a little more.


He calmly said: “Supervisor Wang, you are the purchasing supervisor and the solid backing of the production line.
Whenever you encounter a problem, you must first find a way to solve it by yourself, not always think about bothering Uncle Dong.
It's not easy for Uncle Dong to take a sick leave, so let's not bother him.”


Supervisor Wang was so embarrassed, after his subordinates finished counting the goods, he went back to the warehouse with a black face, probably to give Wu Yao Dong a complaint.


Lin Zihui didn’t care how he complained, because the following minor troubles almost made him and Qiao Wen too busy.


Not long after the warehouse came to report that the goods were wrong, there was a problem with the materials.
Throughout the day, the two of them were tossed hard enough, but no matter how much trouble they made, Lin Zihui insisted on not calling Wu Yao Dong for help.


Reluctantly cope with one thing after another, but it still delayed the production progress of this day.


On the second day, something more serious came.
It was said that the old machinery reduced his production line's efficiency, and its original production volume couldn't be met.
In other words, a large order that was supposed to be delivered in three days couldn't be delivered.


It was no secret that these people were merely acting on Wu Yao Dong’s order to tell Lin Zihui, the little boss, that the factory wouldn't function properly without Uncle Dong.
In addition, the customer called to inform that the last payment would be delayed if the delivery was not made on time.


The factory already had no profit, and the cash flow was already very tight.
If the payment of tens of thousands was delayed, it would be difficult to pay the salary on time.


Among them there was a young man under 30 years old and he seemed to be a rampant owner in the factory.
It was said that his father worked in the Ming Yue Factory.
The workers called him “Brother Zhong”, and he was clearly a hegemon in Ming Yue Factory, and probably a good knife of Wu Yao Dong.
The attitude was arrogant, and he seemed to have no choice but to call Uncle Dong to find a way.


And he happened to be the one who was called forward by Qiao Wen on that day's meeting.


Even if they knew everything that had no evidence, so they could only watch the production line stop working.
Lin Zihui, who was in the society for the first time, was so angry and frustrated to the point he barely drank a cup of tea.


Qiao Wen wasn’t anxious, just he was a bit tired from the following twist and turn, his body was exhausted.


After eating at noon, he half-lied on the office sofa to take a nap.
Seeing his pale face was exhausted because of overwork, Lin Zihui apologized: “Awen, I didn’t expect the factory matter to be so troublesome.
My abba asked me to work out, and I thought as a boss everyone would listen to me, but I didn't know it was like this.”


Qiao Wen curled his lips: “If your father had not expected you to encounter these things, I am afraid he would have refused to let you come to Ming Yue Factory.
If I'm not wrong, your father has actually wanted to deal with Uncle Dong for a long time, but he can't do it himself, and Uncle Dong has managed the Ming Yue factory for these years.
Once he leaves, the factory will not be able to operate normally.
In the past two days the trouble came one after another, he just wants us to recognize this fact.”


Although Lin Zihui was still an inexperienced scholar, he also had his own backbone and temper, and said indignantly: “The big deal is to fight him to the end, I’ll see how long will he take?”


Qiao Wen laughed: “We came to the factory to work and earn money, not to fight with an old thing” He paused, “It doesn’t matter what Uncle Dong wants to do, there are more than 300 people in the factory, except for a few who have been with him for many years in management, will stand on his side unconditionally.
Other that that most of the workers are here to support their families with a salary, in the end it doesn't matter who is the boss, as long as we win over these people, we will win.”


Lin Zihui's eyes widened: “Do you have a way?”


Qiao Wen said casually: “Ask your dad for a retirement check for Uncle Dong.
If nothing happens, you can use it tomorrow.”


Lin Zihui widened his eyes in disbelief: “Retire? So soon?”


Qiao Wen smiled and nodded.


Lin Zihui's dejected eyes suddenly lit up, and he leaned in front of him and asked curiously, “What are you going to do?”


Qiao Wen sat up and whispered his plan to him briefly.


Lin Zihui said: “Will this cause an accident? I don't think that Azhong is easy to mess with.
The workers under him are loyal to him.
Let’s just add a driver to the two of us, just in case…”


Qiao Wen said with a smile: “Of course we have to be prepared to do this.
You forgot I have Brother Nan, just let him help.”




Qiao Wen nodded: “So you can rest assured…”


Seeing his determined expression, Lin Zihui was relieved, only going to ask his abba for a check after work.


He has had enough of the past two days.
At any rate, he was a young boss, but was being manipulated like this by a factory manager, which made him so mad that he ate two bowls less.


The next morning, Ming Yue Factory workers went to work as usual but found a recruitment notice at the factory gate.
In the courtyard, there were more than 20 young people waiting in line to apply for jobs.


Secretary Qiao handed the application form to them, and then he asked the handsome young man at the head of the line to take them to the meeting room to wait.


Of course, this handsome young man was none other than Chen Jianan.


Last night Qiao Wen asked him to bring twenty brothers to Ming Yue Factory to put on a play to help a little.
He didn’t even ask anything and directly summoned Zhao Asi’s brothers in the morning and came to the factory mightily.


They went to the meeting room, while Lin Zihui used the radio to call all the employees to the courtyard for a meeting.


Today Young master Hui wore a black suit, took off his glasses, and combed his hair neatly with wax, compared to usual, he had a rare majesty.


Today was going to be a tough battle.
In the case of Lin Zihui, it would be erroneous to claim he is not nervous, but when seeing the calm and relaxed Qiao Wen beside him, his nervousness abated a little.


The other party was only an 18-year-old boy, but he always felt that there was a kind of wisdom and calmness beyond his age, which made him at ease.


Qiao Wen nodded at him.



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