Scar came over and patted Chen Jianan’s shoulder with a smile.


“Brother Scar.” Chen Jianan rolled his eyes in his heart, but kept a sarcastic smile on his face, and then saw Qin Yunfei behind him, he quickly got up and said.
“Brother Fei.”


Qin Yunfei was still dressed in a floral shirt and flared jeans and wearing a pair of toad glasses when it's almost dark, which could be described as flirty.


He walked up, took off his sunglasses, hooked a corner of his mouth, and said, “Anan, bring your brother to eat beef offal?”


The words were said to Chen Jianan, but those narrow eyes looked at Qiao Wen on the opposite side.


After he finished speaking, he turned his mouth to Scar.
The scar was probably a long time lapdog, with his master's lip movement he knew what he was meaning, and quickly hooked a chair from the side.


The small square table for two became three.


After Qin Yunfei sat down, he saw Chen Jianan was still standing, he stretched out his hand and motioned, and laughed, “Why are you standing? Sit.” As he said, he asked Scar to buy wine next to him.


Scar snorted, raised his hoofs, and quickly ran to the nearby store, which was a vivid performance of the image of a lapdog.


After getting the beer, Qin Yunfei opened the bottle directly with his teeth, and first poured a glass to Chen Jianan: “Anan, although we live in the West District and the East District, we are all natives of the walled city, and have known each other for many years.
I have always been very optimistic about you, but it's a pity that you followed Ah Si at the beginning.
But no matter who you are with, you are all brothers from Hexing Society.
I’ve invited you and your younger brother for this meal.
Come, have a drink with Brother Fei.”


“Thank you Brother Fei.”


Chen Jianan took the wine and was about to drink it, but Qin Yunfei held his wrist and said with a smile, “Wait, I haven’t filled up your brother's glass yet.
By the way, what is your brother’s name? Wen is it?”


Qiao Wen smiled lightly and nodded.


Although Qin Yunfei was handsome and beautiful, from head to toe there was an aura of not a good thing, and Qiao Wen was also very sure that he was indeed not a good thing.


Today, he probably went out without looking at the almanac, and unexpectedly encountered this kind of product after eating a bowl of offal.


Seeing him pouring wine for himself, before he could open his mouth to refuse, Chen Jianan had already stopped the glass and grinned: “Brother Fei, my brother is not in good health and can’t drink.”


Qin Yunfei made an expression of sudden realization and patted his head: “Right, I heard that your younger brother is not in good health, and I almost forgot.” Then he told Scar, “Scar, go buy a cup of milk tea for Awen.” 


Once again Scar became a lapdog.


A few minutes later, a cup of steaming milk tea was placed in front of Qiao Wen.
Qin Yunfei said with a smile, “Awen is indeed more suitable for drinking milk tea.”


Qiao Wen was not polite: “Thank you Brother Fei.”

Qin Yunfei raised his brows and looked at him with unscrupulous eyes.


Qiao Wen was calm, after all, he was not the timid little Qiao Wen that he used to be, but Chen Jianan on the side was a little bit unbearable, his hands which were hanging on either side were clenched to tight fists.


 It's not his fault that his alarm bells went off, because Qin Yunfei was indeed a dangerous person.


The No.
3 figure of Hexing Society, and he a four ninth boy was barely regarded as acquaintances, but he was no stranger to Qin Yunfei’s deeds.


This person was a disciple of Lord Leopard, and if he could become a red stick, then he must have an extraordinary skill.
In addition, his acting style was very cruel, and the field under him was simply doing all the harm to heaven and earth.
As for him, he played very well and walked on both dry roads and waterways.
It was said some time ago that he took a fancy to a beautiful boy and almost played him to waste.


Chen Jianan had never connected Qiao Wen with these matters before, and always felt that he was a child, a beautiful child who did not eat the fireworks.


But, during this period of time, he realized that he had grown up, and suddenly realized that a beautiful person like Xiao Qiao would naturally become thought of by the people.


Ofcourse, it was nothing to be thought of by ordinary people, but if it was Qin Yunfei, it would be a troublesome thing.


Qiao Wen sensed his nervousness and said with a smile: “Brother Nan, hurry up and eat beef offal, it won’t taste good when it’s cold.”


As he spoke, the leg under the table nudged him lightly.


Qin Yunfei was completely unaware of this small gesture between the two, but Chen Jianan knew what the other person meant.
He smiled and nodded, loosened his tightly clenched fists, ate two big mouthfuls of beef offal, raised his wine glass, and said to Qin Yunfei: “Brother Fei, to you, thank you for inviting me and Xiao Qiao.”


Qin Yunfei smiled and clinked glasses with him: “A meal of beef offal is not worth mentioning.
When I am free, I will invite you and Awen to have a big meal.” He only took a sip of wine and put it down, and asked Qiao Wen with a smile.
“What does Awen like to eat?”


Qiao Wen laughed and said, “As long as it is delicious, it’s fine.”


Qin Yunfei nodded with a smile, then said to Chen Jianan: “Anan, when will you take Awen to Lido for fun, I will personally entertain you.”


Lido was the largest nightclub under Qin Yunfei amd the famous gold cave in the walled city.
It’s reputation spread far and wide, and even people from Taiwan, Macao and even Southeast Asia come to Hong Kong and would go there to have fun.


Chen Jianan heard this and said: “Brother Fei was joking, Xiao Qiao is too timid to go to Lido.”


Qin Yunfei said with a chuckle: “The story all said that Lido is the same as dragon’s Tiger’s Nest.
Awen will go to watch singing and dancing, and don’t do anything else.
Yes, keep you guys having fun.
Besides, with me, who dares to scare Awen?”


Qiao Wen smiled lightly: “Thank you, Brother Fei.”


Qin Yunfei stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder: “Anan, you always say that Awen is timid, I think it’s good.”


Although he was also a man, Qiao Wen was still very resistant to this kind of physical touch.
He moved away without a trace, laughed lightly and said, “Brother Nan is right, I am indeed quite timid.”


Qin Yunfei looked at him indistinctly, and then suddenly let out a light laugh: “Okay, then don’t go to Lido, I will ask you to go to Victoria Harbour for Western food later.”


Qiao Wen said with a smile: “Brother Fei is very busy.
I’m not a brother of He Xing Society, so I don't have the nerve to let Brother Fei spend money”


For some reason, Qin Yunfei laughed a little cheerfully: “Because Awen is not a club brother, you are different from everyone else, I want to make you a friend.
Why, Awen refuses to give Brother Fei this face?”


Chen Jianan looked at this man’s frivolous appearance, and wanted to greet him with a fist on that foxy face.


But people couldn’t help themselves in the arena, so in order not to get into trouble, he could only suppress his anger.
He grinned and said: “Brother Feie, Xiao Qiao is timid, and he usually takes a detour whenever he meets the gang.
How dare he be a friend with this red stick.”


Qin Yunfei chuckles: “Are you not from He Xing Society?”


Chen Jianan said: “I’m just one of the four ninth boys who helps the fourth brother to watch the arena.
At most, I can beat the cheater.
How can I be like you? You have killed people.”


Qin Yunfei looked at Qiao Wen and asked in a low voice, “So Awen doesn’t want to be friends with me because I killed someone?”


Qiao Wen sighed secretly, too lazy to deal with others, and made a frightened expression: “Brother Fei, I’m full, you eat slowly.” Then he pulled Chen Jianan and performed a real life and escape.


Qin Yunfei laughed loudly and said loudly from behind him: “Then what if I have to make friends with you?”

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