Chapter 2: The legendary sin city

Qiao Wen was a natural adventurer at heart.
After Lin Nan died to save him, he went to many dangerous places by himself.
As a result, there isn’t much concern about abruptly entering this other world.

After checking, Uncle Hua was certain that he was still alive.
He was relieved, despite his horror, and said: “The pulse phase has become much more stable.
I’ll give you some medicine, Hao Tsai, you can give Awen some hot water before I leave.
Purchase a dish of minced chicken porridge and give him something to eat in order to save his life.”

Hao Tsai hurriedly poured a cup of warm water into Qiao Wen’s mouth.

Whether he was born incapable of taking care of others or if he was just scared, this child didn’t know which had to be done first.
Qiao Wen’s garments were quickly wetted in his hurry.
Qiao Wen, on the other hand, couldn’t help himself, thus he was forced to endure the awkward situation. 

Hey. Fruit is essential to life. 1

Qiao Wen’s weakened body felt a lot more comfortable after drinking half a cup of tea.

Sobbing and wiping his eyes with tears of delight, Hao Tsai rose and went out to buy hot porridge.

It’s simply that, just as he was about to leave the bed, Qiao Wen’s pale right hand, as slender as a chicken’s feet, grasped him and said, “Wait!”

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Qiao Wen was a kind-hearted man who has always opposed Chen Jianan’s mixed society, despite the fact that he was born in the slums of Kowloon Walled City, which is a combination of fish and dragons.
In his recollection, fighting was ordinary, but Qiao Wen was not like that, which was uncommon.
On the other hand, Chen Jianan, the bad boy, has a straightforward personality.

If he realized his Nan brother was going to kill people for money, who’d go darker and darker on the road from then on, and eventually be shot to death at a young age, wouldn’t the sick and weak youngster who’s gone, feel sad?

Since he borrowed this body to be reincarnated, Qiao Wen thought, he should do something for him.

According to the butterfly effect theory, his appearance brought Qiao Wen back to life, and the fates of others should have a better chance of changing from then on.

Furthermore, he has always believed that he controls his own fate.

It’s only that this body is in such horrible shape right now that I’m concerned it will be tough to get out of this black clinic, let alone trying to stop Chen Jianan.

I still need to eat something to refuel my energy.

“Go buy two, and come back quickly,” he said, releasing Hao Tsai’s hand.

Every day, Hao Tsai accompanied him and looked after Qiao Wen.
Awen was now finally able to eat some food.

He couldn’t even drink water on Sunday.
According to Uncle Hua, when people were unable to drink water, they were not treated.
He told them to hurry to the foreign hospital, where they might be rescued.

Foreign hospitals, on the other hand, are expensive, and they require payment before accepting patients.
They didn’t even bother collecting the odds.
Chen Jianan made it absolutely clear that he would receive the money tonight and requested him to look after Awen.
He had noticed Awen was out of breath but still left, almost not scared to death.

Although I’m not sure how Ah Wen came back from the dead, he just did.

I’m not sure what’s going on with Ah Wen.

Hao Tsai shook his head in utter confusion, cried, and walked out dizzy.

Qiao Wen closed his eyes and sat by the bedside, awaiting life-sustaining food.

Hao Tsai is incapable of caring for others, but he excels at running errands.
He returned with two bowls of steaming porridge in a matter of minutes: “Eat quickly, Awen.
Everything is fine, said Uncle Hua, as long as you can eat.”

The seventeen-year-old boy was happy because of Qiao Wen’s resurrection, and he couldn’t wait to fill Qiao Wen with these two bowls of porridge in one sitting.

Qiao Wen had finished half of his meal and was feeling better.
He couldn’t stand the handy kid any longer.
He took the bowl in his weak hands and shook it.

Qiao Wen could not tell what kind of illness this body had, or perhaps because of his arrival, it disappeared, leaving him weak and starving.

He didn’t care about the taste of the minced chicken porridge, he just wanted to get some food into his system.
Eating two bowls of porridge and still barely felt full.

In the end, Qiao Wen’s pale and weak face had a thin layer of blood on it, and his previously dull black eyes had also brightened a little.

In short, it is certain to return from the underworld to the land, and become a living person.

Although Hao Tsai is not particularly bright, he is a keen observer.
He grew up with Qiao Wen, let alone when he was sick, because Awen was always sick, like a glass man, as if he had to be broken and returned to the west with the touch of his hand, even though he was still alive.
He appears frail, but his eyes have a completely different expression than usual.

Hao Tsai couldn’t figure out what was different.
He looked at Qiao Wen with wide eyes, racked his brains, and finally drew a word from his inexperienced mind, frightened himself again, and sat down with a thud.
“Awen, you won’t go back to light, will you?” yelled the man on the ground.

Qiao Wen: “…” If the book is correct, this child really is not very bright.

Hao Tsai’s head was slapped: “Bad boy, why are you mourning again?” He looked at the two clean lunch boxes next to his eyes and said, “If you can eat, it means it’s okay, don’t scare yourself.”

Hao Tsai finally stopped crying and stood up with his runny nose.

Qiao Wen finally had the energy to consider reality after two bowls of porridge.

He looked around, his gaze falling on the old wall clock on the dark yellow wall, the pointer on it pointing at five o’clock in the afternoon.

Lin Zihui’s father died on a day when he and his son were having tea, and Chen Jianan didn’t start until 7 or 8 p.m.

He still has plenty of time.

The person got out of bed and is now contemplating.

Worried, Hao Tsai dashed forward and yelled in a panic: “Are you going to do anything Awen? Just let me know what you need.
You just woke up, lie down again, and recuperate.

The moment he stepped on the ground, Qiao Wen only felt that his legs were completely uncontrollable, but fortunately, Hao Tsai held him on.

Finally, he was able to relax after a long period of black-eyed breathing.

However, this body… is too weak.

Ever since he was a child, Qiao Wen has been in good health and has developed athletic abilities.
It took him a while to get used to having such a large skin bag.

But he also knew that he had been lying in bed for a long time, which was why he was in this situation.

Qiao Wen sat on the edge of the bed for a while before trying to get up.
He was barely able to move, despite the fact that it was still a little difficult.

Hao Tsai said anxiously as he walked out the door.
Qiao Wen chuckled and said, “It’s fine, but lying down for an extended period of time is extremely uncomfortable, so I have to get up and do activities.”

“Yes, it’s the activity to let the blood flow and help the body recover,” Uncle Hua said loudly outside.

After hearing this, Hao Tsai finally came to a halt.
Tangled nodded and said, “All right, I’ll accompany you.”

Qiao Wen did not immediately refuse; instead, he carefully opened the curtain of the inner room and stepped out.
Uncle Hua, who was standing outside, was sitting behind the table, taking a pulse from an elderly woman who characterized it as withered.
Hearing the two, his eyelids fluttered, his eyes tilted, and the old deity said, “Come back early for medicine.”

“Great, Uncle Hua.”

Qiao Wen continued to walk outdoors, and when he came across a mirror in the room, he raised his head and stared, a little shocked.

The original body only exists in Chen Jianan’s memory in the book, and there is almost no positive description of the original body.
“It could be any kind of seedling, but I’m not sure what it is.” What the character looks like is a complete mystery at this time.

Despite the fact that the mirror is a few years old and the surface isn’t very clean, Qiao Wen is able to discern the original appearance of the mirror.
The face is so thin but he can still see the beauty of its facial features, despite how sickly it is.
In addition to long brows and large, deep-set eyes, the nose bridge is tall and straight, while the thin lips have a natural upward curve.
A handsome man with a strong wind and a weak willow has a standard look.

It was with the help of Hao Tsai that Qiao Wen walked out of Uncle Hua Clinic’s small gate.

When Qiao Wen widens his eyes, sees densely populated, narrow, and dilapidated apartment complexes as well as scattered and filthy narrow streets.

But even though the sky was still blue, there was little light coming in due to densely packed buildings and strewn wires.

China’s most famous slum, Kowloon Walled City, is where Chen Jianan and Qiao Wen were raised.

It is rumored that the city’s hinterland contains a legendary sin city.

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