Chapter 21.1 First Day at Work



As soon as Qiao Wen reached home, he immediately told his grandmother that he had found a job.
The granny was so excited that she didn’t know what to do.
She quickly took out his grandson's suit, which he had bought for his job search, and ironed it carefully.


The next day, Qiao Wen, a newcomer in the 1970’s workplace, put on a new suit, carried a briefcase, and went out in the fresh air.


Lin Zhaoming was really good to his illegitimate child, and he specially assigned a Chevrolet car with a driver to Lin Zihui who was going to work.


Lin Zihui was a very warm and righteous young man.
Knowing that Qiao Wen was in poor health, he specially asked the driver to drive to the entrance of the walled city to pick him up before going to the factory on the first day.


As for Chen Jianan, because it was Qiao Wen's first day at work, he was like a broken old father, had to personally send him out and see him get in the car by himself to feel reassured.


Standing outside the car door, Lin Zihui, who was across the street, seeing the two he happily waved his hand: “Awen!”


Qiao Wen raised his hand and smiled in response, pulling Chen Jianan across the road to him, and asked: “Zihui, have you been waiting long?”


Lin Zihui smiled and shook his head: “No, I just arrived.”


Qiao Wen looked at the car behind him and said, “The car is good.”


Lin Zihui touched his head and smiled a little stupidly: “I don’t think it was necessary at first, but my abba insisted on getting me a car.”


Although his mouth said so, he was very happy in his heart.


Since he came to this world, Qiao Wen’s transportation, in addition to the 11th bus and rickshaw, was only Chen Jianan’s back.
He hadn't even taken a tram, and the car was the first time.


It was a lie to say that he was not curious.


Seeing his eyes shine when seeing the car, Chen Jianan said with a dismissive expression: “You like cars, when your brother gets rich I'll buy them for you.”


Qiao Wen gave him a funny look and was ready to tease him, but thinking that he was not a snob and indeed a big boss who became a proud Hong Kong city brother in just a few years in the original book, so he raised his eyebrows and nodded: ” OK, then I’ll wait for you to buy it.”


However, after Chen Jianan finished speaking, he remembered that he had no more than a hundred possessions now.
Although he wanted to make Qiao Wen happy, the big talk was a bit too much, and he quickly cleared his throat and added: “But you have to wait for several years.”


Qiao Wen laughed: “As long as you are sincere, you can do it for years.”


“Of course I am sincere.” Seeing the driver come down to open the door, Chen Jianan hurriedly said to Lin Zihui, “Four-eyed boy, you take care of Xiao Qiao.
He is not in good health, don’t let him get tired, if someone bullies him, you tell me later.”


Lin Zihui smiled and said: “Don’t worry, Awen is my friend, I will take good care of him.”


After seeing the two get into the back seat, Chen Jianan retreated to the side of the road, amid the dust rolled up by the wheels, he stayed still and watched the car slowly leave, while a little worried like a mother, who sent his son thousands of miles away.


Qiao Wen looked at the disappearing young man in the rearview mirror and shook his head amusedly.


“You and Anan have such a good relationship, better than any of the real brothers I've seen.” Lin Zihui on the side exclaimed.


Qiao Wen casually said: “Grow up together, often eat a pot of rice, and sleep on the same bed together, it is no different from a brother.”


Lin Zihui showed an envious expression: “Although I have a half-brother, I have not met him a few times.
I grew up alone and have very few friends around me, so when I see you guys like this, I'm really envious.


Qiao Wen said: “Aren’t we friends now?”


Lin Zihui nodded and smiled: “That’s right, it's really nice to know you guys.”


Qiao Wen glanced at him quietly.
In the original book, it was described more than once that the male protagonist was a lonely person.
After all, this was the standard of beauty and power.
Now it seems that this was indeed the case.
It was clear that they had only met a few times, but he treats himself very sincerely.


He smiled and said, “I am happy too.”


The road was slightly bumpy, and the comfort of this classic car was not as good as decades later, but in this era, owning a car was not only convenient but also a status symbol.


Qiao Wen decided to include the car in his short-term goal list.


After all, there was no man who didn't love cars.


At this time, Lin Zihui took out a contract and rubbed the back of his neck, and said a little embarrassedly: “My abba said that you must have a position when you come to work with me, so he hired you as my secretary first.
The salary and dividends are all in this employment contract, you can see if there are any problems?”


Qiao Wen took the contract and swept a glance, mainly to see the salary package.


With a monthly salary of 1,000, there was also a 10% factory dividend at the end of the year.
This dividend, in his era, was absolutely at the level of top executives.


Such treatment seems so generous on the surface that no one could doubt Lin Zhaoming's importance of himself.


But he had no intention of rejoicing so early.


“Thank your dad for me, I have no problem with it.” with that he signed the contract.


Sure enough, when he arrived at the Ming Yue garment factory in Taiwan, Qiao Wen suddenly realized Lin Zhaoming’s great convenience.

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