s are young, both are talented.
Since the little brother is looking for a job, if you don’t mind my son’s stupidity, you can help him take care of the factory together.
As for the remuneration, you’ll get your pay dividends according to the profit.”


Qiao Wen knew that this should be the other big thanks, which he said before.


After a long wait, he finally got this opportunity.


Lin Zihui was surprised and looked at Qiao Wen expectantly.


Qiao Wen curled his lips and smiled: “Thank you for your appreciation, Mr.
We and Zihui hit it off right away, it's my honor to work with him.”


Lin Zihui said, “Thank you, Abba.”


Lin Zhaoming smiled lovingly and said, “Come and have some tea!”


Qiao Wen responded, but Chen Jianan was indeed full of doubts.
Because it didn't sound like a good job to go with Lin Zihui, a dumb four-eyed boy, to take care of a factory.


When he got on the rickshaw on the return trip, there were only two of them left, he couldn’t help but ask, “Xiao Qiao, do you really want to work with the four-eyed boy?”


Qiao Wen knew what he was thinking and assured, “Brother Nan, although Lin Zihui looks like a nerd, you, believe me, this is definitely an opportunity.”


Hearing what he said, Chen Jianan didn’t ask further, nodded, and said, “I have no problem if you want to try it, as long as you pay attention to your body.
If you need my help, just call me.”


Qiao Wen said with a smile: “I will definitely call you when I need your help.
Let’s take one step at a time, and one day, we will all walk out of the walled city in an upright manner.”


Chen Jianan looked at him through the dim light.
After a long while, he calmly said: “Xiao Qiao, you promised to find a murderer for Lin Zhaoming, because, you want to get a job opportunity from him, right?”


Qiao Wen looked at him obliquely, thinking that he was quite clever.


He nodded: “Yes, you also know that I am in poor health.
It is not difficult to find a job in a company or a foreign company, but it's hard to get ahead, no employer will be willing to give good opportunities to someone like me, so I have to find one for myself.
Lin Zhaoming is a billionaire, although Lin Zihui is his illegitimate child, he loves his son very much, so together with him, we will definitely have a bright future.”


There was another thing he didn’t say, or couldn’t say, that Lin Zihui was the protagonist of this world, and the Jack Su halo above his head could dazzle people’s eyes, and there was no wrong to follow him.

Perhaps not only follow him around, but he could also use it for his own use.


Chen Jianan naturally knew that he had a point, but this point should not be from the mouth of Xiao Qiao—at least not the Xiao Qiao he had known for many years.


He knew that Qiao Wen had changed a lot recently, but this was the first time he felt a sense of strangeness as if this was not the same Xiao Qiao he had known for more than ten years, but another brand new Xiao Qiao.


Of course, he did not resent it, and he was even a little pleased with his changes because he knew that he had finally grown up enough to stand on his own, and might soon be able to stand on his own two feet and even make a difference.


However, there was some disappointment in his heart.


It was as if something he could control was spiraling out of hand.


Qiao Wen also didn’t conceal the difference between him and the original in front of Chen Jianan, and even deliberately let him see his difference because he wanted to make him clearly aware that he was not the same Qiao Wen before.


In the past, Qiao Wen needed him to shelter from the wind and rain, but now he has enough ability to break through.


Moreover, the only way to make him truly listen to his word was to let him know that he actually has this ability.


The villain in this original book was not an honest embryo.


After getting off the rickshaw, the two walked side by side to the dark city.
After walking for a while, Chen Jianan suddenly sighed in disappointment, stretched out his hand to wrap the person next to him in his arms, and said, “Do you think Lin Zhaoming believes your speculation?”


Qiao Wen said: “If he doesn't believe it, do you think he will let us help his son?”


Chen Jianan snorted coldly: “Then there is so much bullshit, the old fox.”


Qiao Wen: “He doesn’t want us outsiders to know about his family, nor does he want Lin Zihui to worry about it.”


Chen Jianan said angrily: “If it wasn’t for his good luck that you suddenly appeared in the teahouse that day, I would have finished him off.”


Qiao Wen laughed.


But he was right because that small accident changed the plot of the original book and made the future unpredictable.


In his own world, since Lin Nan passed away, he has no ambitions and desires for the future.


But now, he suddenly had something to look forward to.


Because this was a golden age suitable for adventurers, and here he had a brother who fights side by side.

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