hed: “I'm not that scared.”


Chen Jianan's handsome face darkened: “These virtuous sons of bitches have done so many things that hurt heaven and reason, sooner or later, they will be retributed.” Then he said, “That kid is also stupid.
He wants to elope with the girl from Brother Fei’s place, thinking he was a hero.”


Qiao Wen thought for a while and asked: “Where do the girls in Brother Fei place come from?”


Chen Jianan said: “Some were bought, some were smuggled to Hong Kong City and lost their way, and some of them owed money and sent their daughters to pay their debts.
In short, they were all poor people.
Ever since Brother Fei took over, the girls in there have had to pick up a dozen guests a day, if they get sick, they will be thrown into the sea.”


After talking a lot of righteous indignation, he realized that he shouldn’t say this to Qiao Wen, so he waved his hand: “What am I telling you about this? Then you’ll be sick of it and lose your appetite again and can't eat.”


Qiao Wen laughed and said, “Brother Nan, fortunately you are not the same with them.”


Chen Jianan snorted and looked contemptuous: “Of course I am different from them.”


Looking at his disdainful look Qiao Wen though, in the original  plot, you later did more unethical things than they had ever done.


But seeing this guy still had an upright heart he felt a little relieved.


Even if it wasn’t for the original Qiao Wen, he didn’t want to see this guy go on a crooked road.


As thought of something, Chen Jianan suddenly said, “Although Fei seldom comes here, you must avoid him immediately when you see him in the future.”




Chen Jianan said: “He is…” but when seeing Qiao Wen’s beautiful and clean eyes, he felt embarrassed and continued after a while, “He eats both men and women, you are so beautiful, just in case if he sees you it’ll be trouble.”


Qiao Wen thought of Qin Yunfei’s frivolous behavior earlier, and his brows frowned.


Chen Jianan waved his hand again and said, “But don’t worry, with me around, no one can bully you.”


Qiao Wen shook his head funny, and couldn’t help being a little touched.
This cheap brother, the original body, was really impeccable to him.
So much that he couldn’t help holding the other’s hand: “Thank you, Brother Nan.”


Chen Jianan was very used to his dependence, rubbing his hair: “Who made you my brother?”


Qiao Wen sighed secretly, in fact a 19-year-old grown child being taken care of by a half-year— old eldest child, he himself was a bit ashamed of it.


Although Qin Yunfei made him feel uncomfortable, he did not take him to heart.
First, it was useless to think too much.
Second, Qin Yunfei character never appeared in the world of the original books. 


However, the original plot has long since changed, so there was nothing wrong with being careful.


The next afternoon, Lin Zihui called and said that his father wanted to see the two of them and asked them to go to the Furong Tea Room.


Qiao Wen breathed a sigh of relief, and everything came as he had expected.


When he and Chen Jianan arrived at the entrance of Furong Tea House in a rickshaw, they saw two black pacifiers parked at the entrance, and two tall men in black suits stood beside them.


As soon as the two got off, a teahouse waiter greeted them and led them in.


The teahouse had been cleared, and besides the reception there were only a few serious bodyguards.


Qiao Wen understood, after being assassinated once, Lin Zhaoming naturally upgraded his security.


Lin Zhaoming and his son were already sitting in the boxes, drinking tea happily.


Seeing people coming, Lin Zihui immediately got up to welcome them: “You're here?”


Qiao Wen nodded and respectfully greeted the man who was still sitting: “Mr.


Lin Zhaoming smiled and stretched out his hand: “Two little friends, please sit down.”


Qiao Wen and Chen Jianan followed suit.


Lin Zhaoming looked at the two with a smile, but he didn’t beat around the bush but went straight to the point: “Zihui has already told me about your method of investigating the mastermind behind the scenes.”


Qiao Wen and Chen Jianan looked at each other and said with a smile: “Then Mr.
Lin must have checked Mr.
Zhong’s account.”


Lin Zhaoming pulled the corners of his mouth, his smiling face suddenly sank, and his tone became serious and cold: “Originally, this little brother accidentally saved me last time.
I was very grateful and gave you what you deserve.
You said to help me investigate the murderer as a token of appreciation.
But your so-called investigation is to use my son to to sow discord between me and my wife's family.
What exactly is your intention?”


Lin Zihui was startled: “Abba!”

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