Chapter 18 Without Law



Qiao Wen thought to himself, it was still as same as in the original book.


Lin Zihui continued: “In addition to being relatives, the Zhong family and my dad have been working together in business over the years, and the relationship between them is very good, Zhong Kaiwen even treats me well, I also call him an uncle.
If it is really him, I can’t figure it out why?”


The Zhong family was a wealthy family in Hong Kong, and Lin Zhaoming’s wife's generation had only one son, who was Zhong Kaiwen mentioned by Lin Zihui.
Lin Zhaoming originally relied on the Zhong family to make his fortune, but after more than 20 years, the Lin family’s limelight had completely overwhelmed the Zhong family.
In turn, it was the Zhong family who wanted to eat under Lin Zhaoming.


Although this Zhong Kaiwen reads a lot, he was not a business material.
Seeing his family’s business going downhill year after year, he began to do some sneaky hooks that were not on the table.
After discovering Lin Zhaoming warned him several times.
He was worried that things would be exposed, and he thought that once Lin Zhaoming died, all of Lin family properties would fall to his only nephew, who was always close to Zhong family, and was in the UK all the year round, and had no intention of doing business.
In the future, the Lin Group would only have the final say.

So he intended to kill Lin Zhaoming.


In the original story, after he succeeded in killing Lin Zhaoming, the business of the Lin family soon fell into his pocket.
However, once a person tastes the sweetness of taking shortcuts, he will certainly not give up easily.
Later, he collided with Chen Jianaan to do gambling, drug smuggling, money laundering, and did all bad things.


Of course, this guy had no good ending.
After Lin Zihui found out that he was the mastermind of killing his father, he set him up against Chen Jianan, and was finally hacked to death by Chen Jianan and thrown into the sea to feed the fish.


Zhong Kaiwen was also a character in the original text, but whether it was killing Lin Zhaoming or doing an unseen business together, to put it bluntly, he relied on Chen Jianan to do little, but in fact he had no abilities.


But now the plot was changed and Lin Zhaoming was alive, so apparently Chen Jianan had nothing to do with him, so this person shouldn’t be able to make a wave.


Qiao Wen thought for a while and smiled: “You are worried that if it is really your cheap uncle, how is your Abba going to handle it? Don’t worry, your dad is not an ordinary person, he definitely knows what to do.”


After a moment of silence Lin Zihui said: “I’m not worried about how my dad will deal with Zhong Kaiwen.
I am worried, we are just guessing now, how can we prove that it is him?”


Chen Jianan was a step faster than Qiao Wen and opened his mouth: “Just tell your suspicions directly to your Abba, and then let him check whether the surname Zhong recently has a large amount of unexplained expenditure.
Your father is a billionaire, his life is worth at least a million.
Although this assassination failed, according to the rules, the money must be given to the middleman first.”


Qiao Wen raised his eyebrows and looked at him with an expression of approval.


This guy was really smart, just big-hearted and didn't like to think things through.

He smiled and nodded: “Brother Nan is right.”


Sensing Qiao Wen’s eyes, Chen Jianan squinted his eyes at him, with a proud look.
In this matter, he had been led away all the time, and finally showed a small hand to show that he was also a person with a brain.


Lin Zihui nodded: “That’s right, if Zhong Kaiwen wants to do this, he must be hoping that he will not be found in any case, and I'm sure he’ll be generous when spending money.” He sighed again, and faintly said.
“It’s just that, I really hope it’s not him.
After all, he’s his wife’s younger brother.
If Abba knows about it, he will definitely be sad.”


Qiao Wen thought that this hero was indeed a kind-hearted person, and he still considered his father’s family harmony.
Lin was not a fuel-efficient lamp.
If Lin Zhaoming died according to the original plot, Lin Zihui, an illegitimate child, would not be able to get a single word.
When his uncle became ill, he had no money to treat him, so he went to the Lin family to borrow money and they also paid him twenty thousand dollars.


But it doesn’t matter, anyway, Lin Zihui was a person with his own aura.
He believed that even if the plot was adapted, he would still go smoothly in the future.


He thought about it and said, “Anyway, your dad’s safety is the most important thing.
Go and tell your dad that we are all suspicious, and then contact us if you have any news.”


Lin Zihui expressed his gratitude: “Whether it is Zhong Kaiwen or not, but you give me this clue and let my dad on guard, it’s always good.
Thank you.”


Chen Jianan waved his hand hurriedly: “No, no, we took your Abba’s money, so we should do what we can.”


Lin Zihui smiled: “I still want to thank you.”


Then, with his warm thanks, the two ate another bellyful of snacks.
When they left the door, Chen Jianan had to support his waist.


Hiccuping on the rickshaw, Chen Jianan sighed: “You said these rich people kill even their family members.
It’s really unexpected.”


Qiao Wen glanced at him and said to himself you could do something even more insane to make money.

But looking at his clear face in the night, he was a little confused. This guy doesn't look like a horrible person right now, so why did he embark on the road of no return?


He thought for a while and said: “Brother Nan, you've agreed to listen to me from now on, you must not do what I don’t let you do.”


Chen Jianan stretched out his hand to embrace his shoulders, smiled widely in the night breeze: “Roger that.”


Although Qiao Wen knew that Zhong Kaiwen was behind Lin Zhaoming assassination, he also knows that even if it was discovered that he had recently made a large amount of unidentified expenditure, it would not considered as any solid evidence.


After all, these rich lads spend money like sprinkling water, and they may lose millions in one night of gambling.


But Lin Zhaoming was a shrewd and vigilant businessman, whether or not he believed in the assumptions they give, he would certainly not pretend that nothing happened.


And all he and Chen Jianan could do now was to wait for news.


The next day, Chen Jianan went to the Eastern District as usual to see the venue, while Qiao Wen bought several new newspapers and magazines to understand the current situation.


At noon, the grandmother returned home to cook, and he went to the stall to watch the business.
Being curious, he rummaged through the drawer where the money had been kept, it was only twenty yuan or so in half a day, he couldn’t help but sighed.
The life of the two people, grandma and grandsons was really hard.
An old woman raising a sick child, if her mind was not strong enough, she would have collapsed long ago.


He was a reincarnated person, and for the first time in his two short lives he felt a sense of urgency.
Even for the sake of this strong old woman, he had to step ahead with his plan to earn money to give her a good life.


Just as he was thinking about ways to make money, a noise suddenly came to his ears.

Qiao Wen followed the sound curiously, and saw a young man running frantically at the east end of the alley, along the way he bumped into a lot of pedestrians, and even knocked over a few stalls which was sticking out of the way.


The stall owner originally ran out to yell at him, but when he saw the situation behind, he immediately seemed to be frightened and quickly rushed back into the store.


It turned out that not far behind, three people from Hexing society were chasing this way, and one of them was the scar that Qiao Wen had only seen two days ago, and they were obviously chasing the man in front.


Fights and brawls were common in the walled city, and even people would lay dead on the street in three days.
But after all, most of the Western District were ordinary people who guard themselves, this kind of thing was still rare, Qiao Wen had been in this world for ten days, not even once he came across this thing these days.


But apparently, today let him bump into it.


In order not to be affected wrongly, he moved the stall a little inside like the other stall owners next to him.


However, when the man in front ran past his stall, he suddenly staggered and fell to the ground.
Before he got up, he was overtaken by Scar and two ponies, blocking his way.


“Bastard! If you have the ability, run again!”


Scar kicked the man fiercely on his face, and he was wearing a pair of leather boots.
It was obvious that he used a lot of force on this kick, and blood was gushing out of the man’s nose.


The few nearby stalls quietly dropped the shutter doors.


“Brother Scar, I was wrong, I don’t dare anymore, please forgive me.” The man crawled up and knelt on the ground, clutching Scar’s trousers, crying and pleading.


Scar slapped his face fiercely a few times.
Once these slaps fell the man's original straight face almost immediately swollen into a pig’s face.


After slapping, Scar spit on his head: “Dare to abduct people from Fei Ge’s place, you must eat the bear heart and leopard courage.
What era is it? You still want to save wind and dust?”


Qiao Wen probably understood what was going on, and guessed that the man was getting along well with the woman in Qin Yunfei’s nightclub, and wanted to lead people away, but things were revealed before they could run.


Although he was a man of great resentment, but in this world where the law was absent, he had no ability to save a stranger who had offended the big boss of the Hexing Society, he could only pray silently for this person.


“Brother Fei!” The crying man on the ground suddenly yelled, crossed Scar crawling forward on his hands and knees.


Qiao Wen subconsciously turned his head to look over.


The alleyway suddenly became quiet, a young man in a floral shirt and jeans appeared.
He put his hands in his trouser pockets and walked over unhurriedly.


The man was dressed very garishly, with his hair passing through his ears, a small braid at the back of the head, a black round stud earring on one ear, with long eyebrows and eyes, and a large tattoo from the ears to the neck.


In terms of appearance alone, this person looks very good, even a little masculine and feminine, but whether it was the expression in the eyes or the large tattoos on the neck, people couldn’t feel femininity, only unspeakable evil. 


“Brother Fei!” Scar said loudly, “People stopped him.”


It turned out that this person was the Red Stick of Hexing Society, No.3rd in command-Qin Yunfei, who was nicknamed the Cao Shang Fei (Flying on the Grass).


Qin Yunfei walked slowly in front of the man, before the other party grabbed his trouser leg, he coldly raised his foot and stepped on his hand.


He didn’t move too much, as if he just moved randomly, yet the man let out a mournful cry, and Qiao Wen’s heart trembled.


“Brother Fei! I was wrong, I was wrong!” The man gasped and pleaded, as if he was going to die of pain the next moment.


Qin Yunfei really let go of his feet, then he put his toes on his face and lifted them up, and curled up the corners of his mouth, which seemed to smile but not a smile: “It’s not a small thing to be daring, but your crooked mind has thought of someone in my place.
Don’t you know who is Cao Shang Fei”


“I know I know, Brother Fei, I’m wrong, and I don’t dare anymore, please forgive me.” The man kowtows his head repeatedly while crying.


In order to survive, people could indeed even give up the most basic dignity.


Qin Yunfei smiled and said, “Do you know how many customers Aying picks up one night and how much money does she make for me?”


The man was still crying and kowtow: “Brother Fei, I was wrong and I was wrong.”


“ At most ten per night, and the men who have been to her agreed, What the hell are you trying to monopolize.” Qin Yunfei kicked him away as if he were disgusted and said in a faint voice, “Scar, scrap him! Throw him out of the fortress.”


Scar smiled, his eyes revealed excitement: “Received.”


When the scar came forward, the man’s blood-stained face turned pale, and his eyes showed huge despair and horror.
He crawled back with his hands and feet while begging for mercy: “No! No!”


Scar showed an excited grin: “Stop him!”


The two horses immediately held down the man.


“Help! Help!” the man shouted.


Qiao Wen took a deep breath, lowered his eyes unwilling to look at the scene that followed.


At the same time, Scar stepped forward, lifted his foot and stomped hard on the man's lower body.


First, there was a heart-piercing scream, halfway through the scream, and then it stopped abruptly, like a sudden power failure.


Qiao Wen couldn’t help but raise his eyes and saw the three people with the Scars carried the fainted man away, leaving only splashes of blood on the ground and a pool of dark water.


In this place where there was no law the weak were preyed on by the strong, human lives were generally worthless.


He watched the figures go away silently, and it took a long time to realize that a figure had been standing in front of the stall.


When he looked up.


What caught his eye was Qin Yunfei’s smiling face.

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