He had always thought that Qiao Wen was an immortal who didn't eat human fireworks, and he had never connected him with emotions, but only now did he suddenly realize that his brother, in addition to being beautiful, was also a living human being.
One day, he will be loved and loved by others.


Not to mention women, he remembered what Zhao Asi said earlier, it’s good to have a man.
When they were having lunch together at the gambling stall today, all the little ponies couldn’t help but keep looking at Qiao Wen.
One or two even seemed to be drooling.


In the past, Xiao Qiao lived in seclusion and hardly moved around the walled city, he was rarely seen by anyone except for the neighbors in the neighborhood.
In addition, he was timid and always bowed his head when he went out, and he would take a detour when he saw people of Hexing Society.
His name of sickness was far greater than the name of beauty.


But now he was bold enough to meet people, how could such a delicate flower still be hidden.


How can he protect his brother?


The more Chen Jianaan thought about it, the more frightened he felt, and couldn't help but say, “Xiao Qiao, don’t go to the Eastern District with me in the future.”


Qiao Wen lifted his eyelids and asked: “Why?”


Chen Canan said: “There’s a lot of fish and dragons over there, it’s not a place for you to go.”


Qiao Wen smiled: “Isn’t there you?”


“I can’t always look at you.” Chen Jianan was a straight forward person, sullenly said, “The main thing is that there are all kinds of people over there, you look so good, in case you are seen, it would be a problem.”


Qiao Wen first felt amused, then felt that he was not unreasonable.
The original body did have an unsafe and evil face.


He thought for a while, and said, “I’m going to open my eyes too, how can I really go with you all the time? When I get better, I have to do some serious work and earn money earlier so that grandma can live a good life.”


Chen Jianan laughed: “Originally I was thinking of working hard to support you and Grandma, but now I see you have such an idea, I'm afraid I'll have to mix with you.”


Qiao Wen turned over and smiled at him: “You can mix with me, but Brother Nan, you have to listen to me in the future.”


Chen Jianan hooked the corner of his mouth in disbelief: “Didn’t I always listen to you?”


Qiao Wen said: “You used to perfuse me, and you didn’t really listen to me.”


Chen Jianan smirked: “So you know it all.”


Qiao Wen: “I still don’t know your little flower intestines.”


Chen Jianan smiled and pinched his white cheeks: “All right, I will listen to you from now on.” As if thinking of something again, he sighed, “How come you are not a girl, so you can be My wife, we will live together forever.”


Qiao Wen looked at the handsome young boy above, and asked: “Brother Nan, don't you want to marry a wife?”


Chen Jianan shivered: “I don’t want to.
Didn’t I see my uncle and aunt they had a little quarrel every day and a big quarrel for three day.
If you marry a wife to live that way, it is better to forget.”


Qiao Wen laughed: “Beating is pro and scolding is love.”


“In this world, I am willing to be beaten and scolded only by my father and you, no one else can do it.”


“Master Leopard won’t work either?”


“No, although I can’t resist, if he scolds me, I will scold him a hundred sentences in my heart.”


Qiao Wen was amused by him: “Isn’t loyalty the most important thing in your society? What are you doing like this?”


Chen Jianan didn’t care: “It’s not that you didn’t know that I joined the club because of the convenience of my identity in the walled city, and I didn’t really want to be in a gang.
I hope the police will come in and get rid of the Hexing Society, so that the neighbors in the neighborhood will have a better life.”


Qiao Wen thought for a while and sat up, and asked in a low voice: “Brother Nan, have you ever thought of overthrowing the Leopard Lord and disintegrating the Hexing Society? Returning peace to the city?”


“Me?” Chen Jianan seemed to find it funny.
“There are more than a thousand people in Hexing Society.
Now those big guys are all disciples of the Leopard Lord.
How can I have this ability?”


Qiao Wen said in his heart, you really have this ability.
If you follow the original plot, two years later, Zhao Shanhai was killed by you using the police and then took advantage of the situation to get into the position.


It was just that according to the original plot, although Zhao Shanhai fell, Chen Jianan became the second Zhao Shanhai.
No, compared to his subsequent rise to the winds and waves throughout Hong Kong City, the only one who was cooped up in Kowloon City was Zhao Shanhai, who was not even good enough to carry his shoes.


He thought about it and also felt that there was no point in talking about it now.
The two of them now were a sick child, and another one was a low-level 49th boy, with no money and no people, and wanting to kill Zhao Shanhai, it is indeed a foolish dream.


“I'm just saying casually, don’t take it to heart.”


Chen Jianan really didn’t take it to heart, because his heart was so big, right now he just took two hundred dollars from Zhao Asi’s hands, and his big heart was full of thoughts about taking Qiao Wen and Hao Zi to eat something delicious tomorrow.


Following next two days, Chen Jianan went to watch the venue in the Eastern District.
Qiao Wen continued to recuperate at home, while waiting for Lin Zihui’s call.


The plot of the original world had changed because of his arrival, and he was not sure whether that person would appear in front of Lin Zihui.


Everything depends on luck.


Fortunately, he was lucky, and by the evening of the third or fourth day, he finally got the long awaited call from Lin Zihui.
The other party didn’t say anything on the phone, and directly asked to go to the teahouse to talk in detail.


Qiao Wen received the call and hurriedly asked Hao Zi to go to the Eastern District to call Chen Jianan back.
Then the two of them left the conscientious Hao Zi and went to the Furong Teahouse together.


Before the rickshaw stopped, Lin Zihui, standing at the entrance of the tea house, couldn’t wait to run over: “You guys are here?”


Chen Jianan was just as eager as he was: “Who is it?”


Lin Zihui looked at him, then looked at Qiao Wen, pursed his lower lip, and seemed a little hesitant to say anything, “Let’s go to the private room upstairs and talk slowly.”


The hospitable young owner of the teahouse naturally ordered another table of refreshments for the two of them, but this time it was not as cheerful as last time, but rather worried and entangled.
It was obvious that he had encountered some trouble.


Qiao Wen was not in a hurry.
After drinking some tea slowly, he asked, “Who is looking for you?”


Lin Zihui pursed his lips, and said, “This evening someone who knew my Abba came to the teahouse to drink tea, and it happened that I also knew him, and then we drank tea together.”


“He asked about what happened here that evening?”


Lin Zihui nodded and bit his lip again, as if to convince himself: “But I don’t think it can be him.”


Qiao Wen understood it, chuckled lightly, and said, “Do you really think it's impossible, or are you deceiving yourself?”


Lin Zihui suddenly became dumb, and awkwardly helped his glasses: “I…”


Qiao Wen continued: “I guess this person is someone next to your dad, and the relationship is extraordinary.”


Lin Zihui nodded and whispered: “He is my father’s wife younger brother.”

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