Chen Jianan didn’t like to hear these words.
He grabbed Qiao Wen’s thin shoulders like chicken protecting its chick, and said angrily, “If anyone dares to hit my Xiao Qiao, I won't spare him!”

Zhao Asi slapped his back head and said, “You 49th boy can’t spare anyone, be honest with me, don’t get into trouble, especially fei’s side, don’t provoke them.”


Chen Jianan: “Brother Fei is really a bit off now.
He is collecting one hundred for the security fee.
Did he not plan to let the little people in the Western District live?”


Zhao Asi bristled: “Ah Feng isn't around these days, and Master 


Leopard leaves all the big and small things to him, which makes him very arrogant.” He waved his hand impatiently, “Stop talking about him, be careful to be heard and spread to his ears, and will make trouble for us.”


While the two were chatting, Qiao Wen was running through the identities of these people.


In the original book, Chen Jianan used the police to sweep the gang, killed the Leopard, and washed the Hexing Society.
After that, he successfully ascended to the top position.
After that, he turned most of the black industry underground and laundered—or money laundering in the film and entertainment industry.
Because the protagonist in the book was Lin Zihui, Chen Jianan’s early family history was not described in detail, and he was already the leader of Hexing Society by the time he had a great deal of drama.


However this Zhao Asi or the two people Qin Yunfei, and the popular Fei brother, hadn’t appeared before.
It should be either dead or shuffled off with the Hexing Society.
However his confidant named Jiang Yufeng, had a lot of weight in the book, he had great skills and caused quite a lot of trouble for Lin Zihui.
If it weren’t because of the good writing, and Lin Zihui’s male lead halo would shine every day, several times this trouble would be a fatal crisis.


After taking a peek from his original memory.
He came to know that the brother Feng which was mentioned by the two of them was Jiang Yufeng.
He was No.2 in commend in the Hexing Society, the current double flower red stick, should later be the powerful confidant of Chen Jianan in the original book. 


He hooked the corner of his mouth, a little interesting.


The two of them were now in the bottom, one was a 49th boy and other was a No.2 with double flower red sticks.
Later, they changed their identities and it was not known how Chen Jianan managed to do it in just a few years.


He silently glanced at the young man beside him.


To be honest, he really couldn’t tell how he got knack of it.


It took only ten minutes to reach Zhao Asi’s place.


Because Zhao Asi had no ability, he depends entirely on his identity as the nephew of the Leopard’s family to make a living.
There was no profitable business on his hands and neither the two gambling stalls were big, and he could barely support his dozens of brothers.


Although Chen Jianan had been deliberately concealing his strength, he was the leader of the rotten ponies under Zhao Asi's hands, who couldn’t support the wall, at least he had no problem with getting rid of a few troublemakers with a set of punches.


As soon as the three of them entered, a few small ponies came around attentively.


Zhao Asi waved his hands: “No one is allowed to make trouble today, Anan’s legs are still not well, you guys put your hoods on, if anyone tries to cheat, immediately kick him out.”


“Yes Brother Si.”


Zhao Asi yawned loudly: “Okay, Anan, you watch here, I’ll go find my old friend.”


Chen Jianan smirked: “Fourth brother, take it easy, be careful of your old waist.”


“Bad boy, who is old?” Zhao Asi bluffed and swung a fist at him, and left with a smile.


Chen Jianan drove away a few ponies next to him: “All right, keep an eye on it.
I will rest in the lounge for a while and call me if you have anything.”


The little ponies answered yes, while quietly looking at Qiao Wen beside him.


Most of the ponies had met this Chen Jianan beautiful younger brother, and knew that he was a timid person, so they were very curious about why he came to the gambling stall today.


Qiao Wen generously smiled at them, which amazed them even more.


'Brother Nan, is this a change of heart?'


Qiao Wen didn’t care about their gaze, and followed Chen Jianan into the lounge.
Inside, there was a leather sofa with blinds behind it, by opening the curtain one could see the raging gambling scene outside.


Apart from being a little cruder, this gambling stall was actually no different from the serious casinos he had seen in Macau and Las Vegas before.
There were dice, cards and a row of simple slot machines.

Lowering the curtains Qiao Wen said with a smile: “There’s really nothing to be afraid of.
I don't know why I used to regard this place as a Dragon’s-Tiger's Den?”


Chen Jianan said: “The fourth brother’s place is very formal.
He only pumps water and does not make farmland.
Except for the occasional encounter with a swindler who uses his hands, everything will be calm, but they can’t make any money.
Unlike the brother Fei, they are master farmland, and the croupiers are experts in swindling.
Whoever goes in is like falling into a wolf’s den, but he has a lot of chips on his side, it can’t stop those who want to make a fortune to die.”


(*** pumps water and does not make farmland— often makes little money at the same time will not make people’s pocket empty(farmland))


Qiao Wen turned to him.
He didn’t expect him, a picket, to have such a clear understanding of gambling money, which means that he was indeed not a bad embryo.


While the two were chatting, a little pony suddenly pushed the door in: “Brother Nan, we suspect that a kid is cheating, he always guessed the dice right and kept winning, but there is no flaw.”

Chen Jianan frowned: “Is that so?” Then he stood up and said to Qiao Wen, “Xiao Qiao, you stay in the room, I’ll go and take a look.”


“I'll come with you.”


Chen Jianan: “Then you follow closely.”


Qiao Wen shook his head amusingly, thinking that Xiao Qiao Wen was indeed lucky to have such a caring older brother.


The two followed the pony to the gaming table where the suspected quack was.


This suspected quack was a young man in his twenties and was playing stud with four people, presumably having played a few games and won a pile of chips in front of him.


When the hand came to the draw again in this new round, several people drew their cards, and it was him who won again.


Other gamblers were a bit dissatisfied: “Is there any mistake? How can you win everytime? Are you cheating?”


The man put his winning chips in front of him, deliberately dangled in his angry eyes: “Big brother, you can eat more but you can’t talk nonsense and you have to give evidence when saying cheat.
I have a lucky hand today?”


Qiao Wen wasn’t sure if he was cheating or not, but what was certain was that this guy looked a little indebted.


Several other gamblers snorted and changed tables.


Seeing that no one wanted to play with him, the man returned to the dice table with a pile of chips.

The croupier puts the dice cup down after shaking it.


After others placed the bet, the man slowly put his chips on the side of the big buy.

Opening the Dice, three six.


“Eh, I won again.” The man gleefully cradled the chips to his side.


Chen Jianan squinted his eyes, walked to the croupier, took the dice compote and made a beautiful circle in his hand, staring at the young man, and then heavily put it down again: “Buy and Leave.” (After placing a bet, keep your hands away from the gaming table in order to avoid suspicion.
so as not to regret or change.)


The man looked up at him, then looked left and right, and now bet the chips on the big side, after a little thought, he moved to the small side.


Chen Jianan frowned and opened the dice.
There was one, two and three inside.


The man's lips curled up in surprise: “Oh, I guessed it again, I’m so lucky today!”


Just then, the little pony whispered Chen Jianan’s ear: “Brother Nan, look!”


Chen Jianan threw the dice away, and said with no good air: “What are you looking at, people just have good luck.”


Qiao Wen also saw that this man was not a god of gambler, he was completely dependent on luck.
Such unbelievable luck it was estimated that even Lin Zihui would be far behind.


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