books that Chen momo left for him and planned to read it again.
When he read the second one, he fell asleep.

The next day…

It was also the big day of Wen Chi’s wedding.

Everyone in the house was busy, except for Wen Chi who was sitting by the bed waiting in his big red robe.

After a night passed, Wen Chi’s anxiety from last night had almost dissipated.
He had nothing to do and counted the time.

When a ray of light came in from the window, he ushered in the protagonist shou of the novel -Wen -Mary Sue – ox size mole between the eyebrows- Liang on time.

From a distance, Wen Chi was shocked by the large red mole on Wen Liang’s eyebrows.

Fortunately, Wen Liang has red lips and white teeth, big eyes, beautiful and full lips.
Even with such a big red mole, he doesn’t look ugly.
Maybe with modern aesthetics, he looks like an immortal.

It’s a pity that at this time, the immortal man was crying with a pair of red eyes.

Wen Liang walked very fast and in a short while pounced on Wen Chi’s bed.
He shouted with a crying voice: “Brother Chi.”

Wen Chi subconsciously raised his voice and said, “Brother Liang.”

Wen Liang: “…”

Don’t think he didn’t see that the corners of Wen Liang’s mouth were twitching.

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But after a while, Wen Liang quickly returned to his pitiful appearance with tears in his eyes.
He sat next to Wen Chi and took Wen Chi’s hand, his voice trembling with guilt: “Brother, it is this brother who wronged you.”

At this moment, there were only two words echoing in Wen Chi’s mind – here we come, here we come, here comes the waterworks.

Wen Chi had read the novel and he knew that Wen Liang was really guilty and sad at the moment and he really wanted to apologize to the original owner.

But, that’s all.

After all, Wen Liang crying will not help in reality, so his behavior towards Wen Chi the victim – is really a little annoying, he just wants to lie quietly alone.

Wen Chi had already mentally prepared himself but Wen Liang was still crying: “I never imagined that father would make such a decision.
If I had known that father would push you out, I would not have agreed with father’s proposal.”

Wen Chi’s face was expressionless: “Oh.”

“Brother, are you angry with me?” Wen Liang was sensitive and quickly noticed Wen Chi’s indifference, “I had always wanted to visit you.”

Wen Chi asked, “Then why didn’t you come?”

Wen Liang lowered his teary eyes and sadly explained: “Mother said that you have already made a marriage agreement, it is inappropriate for me to come to see you, and this brother is powerless…”

Wen Chi was really curious: “Then why are you here now?”

Wen Liang : “…”

After a long silence, Wen Liang changed the subject very wisely, as if to make Wen Chi happy.
He talked about being invited to the Peach Blossom Banquet the day before yesterday.

The Peach Blossom Banquet, as the name suggests, is to gather people to enjoy the peach blossoms together.

The birthday of the eldest princess is when the peach blossoms are in full bloom.
So she likes to hold the birthday banquet outdoors, in the pink and white peach blossom forest, to entertain guests and enjoy the flowers.

Over time, everyone also called the birthday banquet of the eldest princess “The peach blossom banquet”.

The eldest princess, as the younger sister of the current emperor, the invitations for the peach blossom banquet in her hands are naturally the same thing that everyone is rushing for – it symbolizes identity and status.

For example, at this moment, Wen Liang is a person with status.

Wen Chi, who had no status, instantly turned into a sauerkraut fish and ordered him to leave expressionlessly “I’m sleepy.
I want to lie down for a while.
You make yourself at home.” 

After that, Wen Chi really laid down on the bed.

Wen Liang stood by the bed for a while and apologized a few  more times.
Seeing that Wen Chi was unmoved, he finally left in despair.

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Wen Chi was lying on the bed with his eyes closed, but he couldn’t fall asleep – he was thinking about Wen Liang’s system.

The words Wen Liang said to him just now were all written in the novel, even if he did not answer according to the routine, it didn’t affect Wen Liang in any way to bring up the Peach Blossom Feast later.

Since everyone has a fixed script, why did the system restrict him that day?

Is it possible that his words and actions as an outsider …… can really change the path of this world?

Wen Chi slowly came up with a bold idea but he needed to wait for the opportunity to practice it.

Having been waiting from early morning until the afternoon, Wen Chi finally waited for the bridal party.

With a red veil on his head, he couldn’t see the road clearly.
A Xipo3Xi Niang or Xipo is a woman who accompanies, takes care of the bride and assists the wedding ceremony in Chinese weddings came to hold his fingers and lead him slowly forward.

He didn;t know where they took him but the surrounding environment suddenly became lively.

Xipo in the front suddenly stopped and she smiled and said nice things to Wen Changqing.
She had probably received a lot of silver taels from Wen Changqing and the Xipo giggled with a hearty smile.

Before getting into the sedan chair, Wen Changqing told Xipo that he had something to say to Wen Chi.

Xipo stepped back and gave way.

Wen Chi stood motionless and lowered his eyes.
From under the veil he saw a pair of black square-toed shoes approaching him.

Then, Wen Changqing’s deliberately lowered voice sounded in his ears: “From now on, your face is the face of our Wen family, be honest and don’t cause trouble.”

Wen Chi remembered the thing that he had not had time to tell Wen Changqing and suddenly felt a little fortunate.

He originally had the last glimmer of hope for Wen Changqing, thinking that tigers do not eat their cubs and that Wen Changqing, as a father, would not be so cruel that he would not hesitate to push his own son into the tiger’s den.

In the end, Wen Changqing, this father is a scumbag.

Wen Chi was a little angry but he couldn’t scold Wen Changqing.
He thought about it and said, “Pei4To express contempt or reprimand!”

Wen Changqing: “???”

Wen Chi hurriedly got into the sedan chair.


Chapter 3 will be updated next Monday

1Eastern Palace is where the Crown Prince lives2Lin Daiyu is a character in the Qing Dynasty novel A Dream of Red Mansions.
Frail and sickly since childhood, after the death of his mother, he lived in Rongguo Mansion.
Smart, alert and sentimental, he and Jia Baoyu are in love with each other, but they can’t get together because of the opposition and obstacles of the family.
In the end, on the night when Jia Baoyu and Xue Baochai got married, he burned the poems due to depression, vomited blood and died.
Later, it was also used to describe a thin and sickly woman.3Xi Niang or Xipo is a woman who accompanies, takes care of the bride and assists the wedding ceremony in Chinese weddings4To express contempt or reprimand

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