“I remember, your reading voice is pretty good, but you suddenly coming here is……” After Fang Chaozhu found out from Li Zhu this Yiyi girl may not be a person easy to deal with, he was somewhat vigilant this time.

Above all, he and Miss Yiyi had only met once, as ordained by fate.
He didn’t think that just this one meeting ordained by fate could let the other party find his door.

How did she know he lived here?

Tianshui Sect had five peaks, and the disciples of each peak had a separate inn.
That night, Li Zhu certainly didn’t say which peak he belonged to.
In fact, Li Zhu also didn’t know which peak he belonged to.
What was even more strange is that Fang Chaozhou didn’t even divulge his surname that night.
How did this Yiyi girl tell his Shixiong and Shidi she wanted to find him?

Miss Yiyi took a silk handkerchief and wiped the tears on her face.
She humbly bowed her head.

She completely adopted a stance of being too frail to bear the weight of her clothes.
“Gongzi, to be quite honest, this servant only came to find Gongzi because this servant had no choice.
The Gilded Cave’s mother wanted to give me to a rich merchant surnamed Liu as a concubine.
He lives in the South of the city.

“Then congratulations to you”, Fang Chaozhou said without thinking.

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Miss Yiyi’s hand that held the handkerchief quietly pinched tightly, but she very quickly proceeded to talk with a sobbing tone again, “Gongzi doesn’t know something.
That rich merchant surnamed Liu is already gradually getting old.
This servant is really unwilling and hopes that Gongzi has a few tender affections for this servant.”

Hearing this, Eldest Shixiong was somewhat unable to continue standing.
He coughed twice, “Miss Yiyi, my Second Shidi is a cultivator.
You’re an ordinary person.
Nevertheless, you guys are incompatible together.”

Miss Yiyi immediately said, “I didn’t dare to have the extravagant hope to be with Gongzi.
I only wanted to be by Gongzi’s side as a maid that does physical work, that’s all.”

Fang Chaozhou shook his head, “But I don’t need a maid that does physical work.”

Hearing that, Miss Yiyi immediately had a teardrop fall from her eye, delicate and pitiful.
If it was an ordinary man, perhaps he would be unable to bear it and hold her in his embrace, carefully comforting her.
However, everyone in the Tianshui Sect did not respond.

This was because they had a precious beauty——Youngest Shidi.

After seeing Youngest Shidi’s face, no matter how sweet and charming the beauties are, they all become withered red flowers after the rain, losing their color.

Only Xue Danrong could rely on his outer appearance to confuse everyone.

But letting a girl cry here is also not very good.
Eldest Shixiong thought for a bit and then conveyed a meaningful glance to Fang Chaozhou.
Fang Chaozhou didn’t understand what that glance meant until Eldest Shixiong lifted his finger to his eyes and made a  wiping gesture.
Only then did he nod his head, suddenly understanding completely. 

Hence, he said to Miss Yiyi in deadly earnest, “Miss Yiyi, it’s late.
You’d better go back early, my Shixiong’s eyes are feeling uncomfortable.
I’ll need to help him apply medicine later.

Eldest Shixiong: ……

He obviously was letting this guy hand over a handkerchief to this girl to wipe her tears!  

However, to everyone’s surprise, when Miss Yiyi heard what Fang Chaozhou said, she sobbed spasmodically.
Soon after, she speeded up her footsteps and suddenly rushed forward to hug Fang Chaozhou.
She also wailed sweetly and said: “Gongzi, just take pity on this servant, ok? Accept this servant, ok?”

Before Fang Chaozhou had the time to push away Miss Yiyi, he indescribably sensed a cold air behind him. 

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He paused, slowly turned his head, and immediately encountered a pair of icey, phoenix eyes.

It was Xue Danrong.

Xue Danrong was dressed in a set of snow clothes and a headband.
He stood on the stairs, looking down at them with the high ground. 

Seeing that it was Xue Dangrong, Fang Chaozhou turned his head back, wanting to push out the girl in his embrace.
However, his hands just simply didn’t dare to touch the other party’s body.  He was afraid his control would be bad if he used magic.
At that time, Miss Yiyi pretended to sustain injuries, completely wronging him. 

Under the confusion, he unexpectedly couldn’t drive the person out of his embrace for a little while.

Fang Chaozhou was at a loss about what he should do.
However, that scene wasn’t like that in the others’ eyes. 

In the end, Fang Chaozhou was desperate and cast a look, a cry for help, towards a Shimei at the scene.
The Shimei received Fang Chaozhou’s meaning and nodded cautiously.
She walked over to console Miss Yiyi, “Miss, if you have something to say, say it properly.
How about you release my Shixiong first.
Besides, men and women shouldn’t touch hands when they give or receive things.
If you hug him like this, wouldn’t my Shixiong need to take responsibility for you?”

[T/N: “Shimei” is a younger female that studies in the same place]

Fang Chaozhou: Shimei, if you don’t know how to talk, then don’t open your mouth!

In Fang Chaozhou’s embrace, Miss Yiyi lifted half her face.
As before, she sweetly said, “This servant doesn’t need Gongzi to take responsibility.
This servant is merely suffering from poor health.
This servant would be perfectly content as long as this servant can stay by Gongzi’s side.”

“A cultivator ought to be uninterested in self-indulgence and shouldn’t miss the mundane world.
Furthermore, he could live several hundred years, even up to a millennium.
You are a mere mortal.
Do you have any use staying by his side?”

That was Xue Danrong’s voice. 

Fang Chaozhou distinctly felt the girl in his embrace go slightly rigid. 

Soon after, he saw the other party turn their head to search behind him.
There stood Xue Danrong, posture upright.

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