Fang Chaozhou really can not find a more suitable owner than Xue Danrong for this Golden Cicada Clothing.
After all, there are way too many men in this book who want to take off Xue Danrong’s clothes.

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“Youngest Shidi, In addition to being able to ward off mosquitoes and insects, this Golden Cicada Clothing also has another effect…en…” Fang Chaozhou gave Xue Danrong a glance.
Even a salted fish like him also has to admit that the young man before his eyes is a stunning beauty, especially when looking so close.
“After Youngest Shidi puts on this clothing, only you can take it off.
If other people want to snatch it away, they can’t.
Most of the world’s magic treasures can be snatched away, except for this piece of clothing.
Unless Youngest Shidi takes initiative to give it away or unfortunately dies, no one can snatch away this Golden Cicada Clothing.”

Fang Chaozhou very indirectly introduced the Golden Cicada Clothing’s biggest function.
Hearing this, Xue Danrong stretched out his hand to touch the Golden Cicada Clothing.
His fingers were like Sheep-Fat-White Jade.
It was almost impossible to tell whether his hand was whiter or the Golden Cicada Clothing took it to the next level when he touched the Golden Cicada Clothing.

Xue Danrong only touched it for a moment, but quickly withdrew his hand.

“Why is Second Shixiong giving me such a valuable item?” He asked softly.

Fang Chaozhou laughed: “It doesn’t count as a valuable item, I have gifted all my other Shixiongs and Shidis.”

The words came out, and it was unknown what provoked Xue Danrong’s displeasure.
His face was obviously much colder, then a hand grabbed the Golden Cicada Clothing, the other hand closing the door.
“Well, many thanks to Shixiong.
Only, I have to meditate and cultivate, so I will not accompany Shixiong for small talk.”

“Bang——” The door slammed shut.

Fang Chaozhou was almost caught in the door.
Seeing the door that closed so suddenly, he opened his mouth and finally just shut it helplessly.
This is not a Youngest Shidi, more like a little devil.

After delivering the stuff, Fang Chaozhou returned to the house.
Right away, he found that there was a sound in his storage ring.
He opened his storage ring and realized it was the Thousand Miles Jade Tablet that made the sound.

“Do you hear me? You, reply quickly! If you don’t reply, I will kill you now, and then kill those Shixiongs and Shidis of yours!” Li Zhu’s condescending voice transferred through the Thousand Miles Jade Tablet.

Fang Chaozhou took out the Thousand Miles Jade Tablet from the storage ring.
Ah, this gadget is a bit like a cell phone.
But the phone is better than this, the other party’s voice can only come through with consent, and the phone can also hang up the call.

“What is it?” Fang Chaozhou asked.

Li Zhu humphed, “What is my darling Danrong doing?”

Fang Chaozhou thought for a moment and replied, “Cultivation.”

How do you know? Did you peek at him?” Like he ate a firecracker, Li Zhu instantly exploded.

“He said before that he went back to his room to cultivate, so I think he should be cultivating now.
I’m just guessing.” Fang Chaozhou said.

Li Zhu humphed again, “Your mouth is full of lies, you must be spying on him.
I read the fan scripts, Shixongs like you are the most perverted, harboring evil intentions toward Xue Danrong ever since childhood…….” Blah blah blah, he scolded a bunch before he took a long breath, finally moving on to his main purpose.
“Hey, I snuck out of the house by myself to play around.
I don’t have any money now.
You deliver some money to me.”

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Fang Chaozhou firmly refused, “Not going.”

He prepared to lie down and rest.

Li Zhu sounded like he was freaking out, “How dare you! How dare you refuse me! I ……”

Fang Chaozhou interrupted him, “Brat, why can’t I refuse you? Is your cultivation level as high as mine? Are you begging me right now? Is this the attitude of a beggar? Of course, you can tell your father to come here, you can take the initiative to contact him.
But I think if your father knew that I refused you, instead of blaming me, he would say that I did a good job.”

The words left Li Zhu at a loss for words.
Finally, after this little devil was silent for a long time, he changed his tactics and said in a pitiful tone, “Gege, come over here, I don’t have money, and they won’t let me go.
They said they want me to stay here and force me to labor to repay the debts, having me wash thousands of plates.”

Fang Chaozhou ignored him, and he kept on talking.
He annoyed Fang Chaozhou into having a headache.
Now, he couldn’t sleep and wanted to throw away the Thousand Miles Jade Tablet but restrained himself.
This little devil has a backer, endure!

But Fang Chaozhou didn’t expect that Li Zhu is now at the famous local place for sex and women—— Gilded Cave.

Gilded Cave, famous as a place for squandering money.
There are countless beauties.
Even the cleaners who are unskilled laborers are delicate, pretty, and the best.
Therefore, this store is very expensive.

Fang Chaozhou slowly went to the Gilded Cave.
As soon as he stood at the door, someone greeted him.
The woman is not bad looking, and she gently asked: “Keguan, is this your first time coming here? Do you need this servant to introduce a couple things?”

[T/N: “Keguan” is used to address a customer at a shop.]

“No need, I’m here to find someone.
The one who had no money and had to stay and pay the bill by washing dishes.”

Once Fang Chaozhou said this, the woman lowered her head and laughed, “Keguan is joking, how could we keep a customer to wash dishes?” While she talked, she waved her hand to call a person to lead him over there.

Fang Chaozhou was led to a private room on the third floor.
As soon as he entered, he saw Li Zhu lazily lying on the couch with beauties.
Next to him were two little beauties pounding his legs and one little beauty fanning him.
In the room, there was also the sound of continuous music.
Behind a veil, there was a vague human silhouette.
It seems to be that person playing the piano.
Seeing Fang Chaozhou arrive, Li Zhu raised an eyebrow, “You’ve arrived, this young master has been waiting for a long time.”

Fang Chaozhou did not speak, put down a large bag of silver on the table, and got ready to leave.
But before he could go out, Li Zhu first raised his hand, using a spell to close the door.
“Why are you leaving so fast? Are you not bored, smothered in that inn every day? Today, this young master shall guide you to open your eyes.” He turned to the person behind the veil and said, “Come out, serve this cultivator from the Tianshui Sect well.
Serve well, and the reward can be a lot of money.”

The sound of music stopped, and a red-clad beauty from behind the veil slowly came out.

Fang Chaozhou knew that if he came, Li Zhu must still be up to something.
So, he simply also found a stool and sat down.
When his eyes glimpsed that someone was approaching him, he casually said, “Sit.”

“Gongzi, this servant is Yi Yi.” The beautiful woman sat down next to Fang Chaozhou.

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[T/N: “Gongzi” is the son of an official/nobility.
Yi Yi is just putting herself lower than Fang Chaozhou.]

Fang Chaozhou couldn’t help but move his stool a little further away because of the excessively close distance.

Seeing Fang Chaozhou’s action, Yi Yi looked a little hurt, “Does Gongzi dislike Yi Yi?”

“No, it’s just that I need Yi Yi to do me a favor.” Fang Chaozhou took out a script from his bosom, “I’ve been reading too much lately, and it’s a little hard on my eyes.
I’d like to trouble Miss Yi Yi to start reading from where I fold the pages.
If we are too close, I’m afraid the sound is too loud, making it not good.”

When this statement was made, several people besides him froze.

Li Zhu frowned, turned over, and sat up, “You have no taste whatsoever.
You are already here and still want to listen to your scripts, why don’t you just go to the teahouse to listen?”

I want to, but it’s a pity you won’t let me.” Fang Chaozhou said calmly, “If you let me go, I’ll go to the teahouse right now.”

“Not allowed to leave!” Li Zhu said without thinking.
Then, he said to Miss Yi Yi, “You read it right now.”

After saying that, he laid back down again.

The Yiyi girl looked at the script in her hand.
Written on the cover was——

《Wonderful Things in the Mountain》

All it took was one glance to know it was not respectable.

Her eyes flashed darkly with contempt.
But on the surface, she still answered gently and opened the book.

Then, for the rest of the night, Miss Yiyi read a story about a hunter going hunting.  

After Li Zhu listened, he couldn’t help but interject, “This guy is too good at hunting.
What makes him, an ordinary person, able to shoot the bear in the blind eye with one arrow?”

“It’s a script.
Everything is made up, just listen to it.” After Fang Chaozhou calmed Li Zhu down, he poured a cup of tea for Miss Yi Yi, “You’re thirsty, right? Drink a cup of tea to moisten your throat before you read again.”

Miss Yi Yi smiled and shook her head, only that smile did not reach her eyes.

After she read most of the book, Li Zhu finally wanted to stop listening.
He rolled over and got off the couch, came over and wrapped the whip around Fang Chaozhou’s hand, then pulled hard, “We’re going, not listening to this.”

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Fang Chaozhou was actually a little sleepy, and when he heard this, he was naturally happy to leave.
He took the book from Miss Yiyi’s hand and walked out of the room with Li Zhu.

When they were out of the Gilded Cave, Li Zhu stopped his steps and looked at him, “I reckon you are a little smart.”

Fang Chaozhou froze for a moment, “Eh?”

Li Zhu frowned, “It can’t be that you didn’t figure out that there is something wrong with those women, right? Especially the one that read the script to you, Yi Yi.
Whole body smelled of blood, so thick that the smell of grease couldn’t cover it.”

Salted Fish Fang was bewildered.

“You made me suffer, I thought you were deliberately tormenting Yi Yi just then, letting her know that you are not to be messed with.
I didn’t think that you actually wanted to listen to the script.
Do you know that we almost weren’t able to make it out that door just now?” Li Zhu indignantly said, using force to hit Fang Chaozhou with the whip.

Fang Chaozhou was made to feel a little pain and couldn’t help but grab Li Zhu’s hand, “It’s not us, it’s you.
You knew there was something wrong and still asked me to go?”

Li Zhu glanced down at Fang Chaozhou’s hand that grabbed his hand and jerked it back hard, “Of course, you had to come and save me.”

He seems to have sensed that Fang Chaozhou is not in a good mood, thought for a bit, and added, “Are you angry? Worst comes to worst, I’ll ask my father to send you something.”

The Dark Soul Sect’s big devil?

“No need.” Fang Chaozhou immediately rejected that offer, “There’s nothing wrong anymore, and you walked out of there safe and sound, so can I go now?”

Li Zhu frowned unhappily.
But soon, his expression changed, “You can, but I’m going back with you.
I’m going to see my darling Danrong.”

“Your darling Danrong doesn’t want to see you,” Fang Chaozhou said.

When Li Zhu heard this, he raised his eyebrows and wanted to get the whip again, but this time Fang Chaozhou stopped it in advance.
Immediately, he grabbed both of Li Zhu’s hands, “Listen to me, ok? I’m really tired, and I want to go back and rest.
If you want to play, let’s play next time, OK?”

The black-clothed boy’s eyes, the boy whose hands he was holding, instantly widened like a cat’s.
He looked down at his two hands that were grabbed, and he stuttered, “You…… you let go of this young master!

“You listen to me first.” Salted Fish Fang wanted to go back and lie down, he does not have the energy to play with this little devil anymore.

The little devil wanted to draw his hands back but could not.  It was unknown what was going through his mind, but he actually used the most direct weapon.
He lowered his head to Fang Chaozhou’s hands and bit.

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Fang Chaozhou sucked in a breath and couldn’t help but draw his hands back, “Were you born in the year of the dog?”

The little devil humphed and turned his face to the side, “Who let you grab this young master’s hand.
When I see my father, I will definitely get him to teach you a good lesson.” He turned his face back and looked at Fang Chaozhou up and down, “When that time comes, I will not only bite you, I will bite your whole body, biting you to death!”

When Fang Chaozhou heard this, the corners of his lips twitched slightly, “But it is not necessary to bite my whole body.”

Li Zhu originally looked at him very viciously.
But when he saw Fang Chaozhou’s expression and heard these words, he blinked.
Then, it was like he thought of something, and his entire face instantly turned red like pomegranate fruit, “You really are a beast! Shameless! Who would want to bite you there!”

“No, no one would want to.” Fang Chaozhou tried to appease him.

But the little devil completely exploded.
His angry eyes burned with rage, but he knew he couldn’t beat Fang Chaozhou.
After taking lots of deep breaths, he said a harsh statement and ran away.

“Just you wait!”

Remaining in place, Fang Chaozhou pursed his lips.
Damn, he still provoked this little devil in the end, will the big devil come knocking on his door?

He thought about it for a while and decided to go back to sleep first.

He’ll think about it after he wakes up.
Worst comes to worst, he’ll sell his Shidi and beg for a way out.


When Fang Chaozhou went back, the inn was already locked, so he had to knock on the door, but the inn’s young waiter did not get up to open the door for him.
The door was actually opened by his Shidi, Xue Danrong.

Xue Danrong was neatly dressed, and his hair was not messy like he never went to bed.

Fang Chaozhou did not expect to be Xue Danrong and could not help but freeze for a moment.
At this moment, Xue Danrong noticed his right hand that was still raised.

The two red lanterns hanging outside the inn were bright with candlelight, clearly exposing the teeth marks on Fang Chaozhou’s right hand.

Instantly, Fang Chaozhou felt the temperature of his entire body seem to drop by more than ten degrees.

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