The door was closed.

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Fang Chaozhou looked at the closed door and stepped backward.
As Du Yunxi closed in on him, he froze.
However, when he heard the next sentence, he froze even more.

“Second Shixiong, take off your pants.”

“Ah? Fang Chaozhou blinked, with a shocked expression, “Why do I need to take off my pants?”

Du Yunxi knew he had misspoken and immediately explained: “I have recently been refining a new elixir.
This elixir may be able to help treat Second Shixiong’s genital disease.
I know that Shixiong is depressed and cheerless because of that disease, living in seclusion.
I think as I am Shixiong’s Shidi, I ought to do my part and give a small contribution, but the treatment also needs the right medicine prescription, so ……”

After he finished speaking, his eyes couldn’t help but travel down towards Fang Chaozhou’s below-the-belt area.

Although he did not finish his words, Fang Chaozhou already understood what he meant, so Fang Chaozhou sucked in a breath of cold air.
He did not expect that his one lie would cause this kind of trouble.
It was a bit strange to be watched by a man’s eyes, so he couldn’t help but use his folding fan to block where he was being watched.
He forced a smile, “Fifth Shidi, I know you mean well, but there’s really no need.
My illness is beyond medicine and acupuncture stone needles.
And besides, I’m used to it now.”

“Second Shixiong, I know you are afraid that I will laugh at you, but I really won’t.
Moreover, today’s matter is only known to the heavens, earth, you, and me.
It is for sure that no third person will know.” Du Yunxi had a serious expression on.
In the next instant, he gritted his teeth and said straightforwardly, “Second Shixiong, are you going to take it off yourself, or am I going to help you?”

Fang Chaozhou: ……

Fang Chaozhou said: “I choose not to take it off.”

“Not possible! Second Shixiong, you must take it off! Today, I must take a good look at Second Shixiong’s ……” illness, or else how can I prescribe the right medicine?

Unfortunately, before his words were finished, someone broke in and entered.

Literally, someone broke in and entered.
The door has its shit rocked by the kick.

The person who came in was Fang Chaozhou’s Eldest Shixiong.

Eldest Shixiong is much older than them and is quite like a father figure to them.
It is unclear what he had heard.
But right now, he had a scowl on, and his eyes were cold.
He glared at Du Yunxi, “Bastard! Your mouth is truly full of bullshit.
Is there anyone who would disrespect your Second Shixiong like this? Get out and receive punishment!”

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Fang Chaozhou immediately explained, “Eldest Shixiong, you misunderstood, Fifth Shidi was just……”

Unfortunately, his explanation was immediately interrupted by Eldest Shixiong.
Eldest Shixiong gave a big wave with his hand, “Don’t protect this bastardly thing, he dared to force you to take off your clothes today, every word unpleasant.
As the Eldest Shixiong, cleaning up the family name is naturally part of my responsibilities.”

After saying that, he also forcibly grabbed Fang Chaozhou, pulling him behind his back, “Also, you stay away from him a bit these couple of days.”

Fang Chaozhou had a bit of a headache, holding his forehead.

What is all this? Ah, so tired, he wants to go to sleep.

Finally, after Fang Chaozhou and Du Yunxi teamed up to explain for less than half of shichen, Eldest Shixiong finally realized that he had misunderstood.
His not very fair face can be seen turning red.
From the outside, he just heard Du Yunxi and Fang Chaozhou’s latter part of the conversation, thinking Du Yunxi was bullying Fang Chaozhou.
If it was two lovers in love, he would not care, but the words sounded more like coercion.

[T/N: “Shichen” is one of the 12 two-hour periods of the day.]

He stroked his mustache rather awkwardly, trying to get himself out of this awkward situation.
So, he changed the subject, going back to Fang Chaozhou’s body.

“Second Shidi, ai, you too, having this problem, why didn’t you tell me, your Shixiong? I am not talented, but I have many elixirs in hand from over the years.
And, Fifth Shidi is proficient in the art of traditional Chinese medicine.
You shouldn’t hide your sickness to avoid criticism.
How about this, it just so happens that Fifth Shidi and I are here today.
Just take your pants off and let us take a look.
Don’t be shy.
What part of you have I not seen before?”

What Eldest Shixiong said is true.
Fang Chaozhou was only a few years old the year he came to Tianshui Sect.
He couldn’t even walk straight.
Shifu didn’t let the imperial palace’s people be left on the mountain, so he took Fang Chaozhou everywhere.

[T/N “Shifu” is the place of study’s master.]

But Fang Chaozhou was completely unwilling.
His words were originally a lie.
And if he took off his pants, if the clues were uncovered, then they would know that he was deliberately lying.

But before he could utter a word of rebuttal, a person outside the room came in.

Just then, the room door was broken by Eldest Shixiong.
Even with it now closed, a big, broken hole remained.
An inn waiter said that it could only be fixed tomorrow.
“Youngest Shidi!” Du Yunxi was the first to spot the person who arrived.

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Xue Danrong, at the current moment, did not wear his curtain hat, his face like a beautiful woman’s, but his look is once again cold to the extreme.
He stood in the doorway, Broken Water sword in hand.
He glanced at the half-broken door and then at the three people sitting around the table.
Perhaps it was Fang Chaozhou’s delusion, but he felt that Xue Danrong’s expression now was ten times colder than when he went out before.

Xue Danrong only swept a glance at them and left directly.
He didn’t say anything, not even greeting them.
Fang Chaozhou saw this and immediately stood up, “Eldest Shixiong, Fifth Shidi, I see that Youngest Shidi doesn’t seem to be in a good mood.
I’ll go and take a look.”

He really needs to find a chance to slip away.
If he stays any longer, he’s afraid he’ll really get his pants picked off by them.

Because of the excuse to go to Xue Danrong and he was afraid to go straight back to his room and be stalked by those two people again.
Therefore, he actually went to Xue Danrong’s room.

Xue Danrong’s room is at the end of the hallway and was picked by Xue Danrong himself, who has never liked to have human contact.

Fang Chaozhou went to him because he knew Xue Danrong’s personality and did not think the other party would open the door.
The job counted as done if he just said a few words at Xue Danrong’s door.
“Youngest Shidi, are you in the room?” Fang Chaozhou said through the door of the room.

It was extremely quiet inside like no one was there.

Fang Chaozhou knocked on the door again, “Is Youngest Shidi not in here? Then I can only go back to my room first.”

Just as the words fell, the room door opened.
Xue Danrong was sitting at the table, wiping the Broken Water Sword with a cloth towel.
Without even looking at Fang Chaozhou, he apathetically asked, “What is the reason for Shixiong’s visit?”

“Actually ……there’s no reason.” Fang Chaozhou did not expect him to be in here and even more so that he would open the door.
So, he could only find something to say even though he’s got nothing to say, “Did Youngest Shidi’s match today go well? You won, right?”

Xue Danrong wiped his sword slightly slowly.
He raised his phoenix eyes, long as a feather fan.
Under the eyelashes were eyes cold as ice and snow.
Moreover, these cold eyes belonged to an extremely lush face.
People became moths because of his appearance.
And because of his nature, they are obsessed and will not let go.
There are probably many people who think they can melt this ice.

[T/N: Moths like moths to a fire.
The moths are going to get hurt.]

“I won.
Does Shixiong need anything else? If there is nothing, please leave.”

The tone of this sentence was even colder than before.
It was like he was talking not to his Shixiong but more like to a stranger.

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However, when Fang Chaozhou heard these words, he was secretly happy because he didn’t know what to say to Xue Danrong.
He was not the original owner and didn’t love Xue Danrong, nor would he be upset by the other party’s coldness.
So, he immediately nodded, “Alright.”

He also took the initiative to close the door.


For the next half month, Fang Chaozhou had a match every three days.
Most of the time people who competed against him took the magic treasure and forfeit, simply not wanting to fight with him.
Occasionally there are reluctant ones, and they were beaten down by Fang Chaozhou.
Just as when Fang Chaozhou thought he could successfully squeeze into the top ten, he got matched with Xue Danrong when he was in the top fifty, going into the top twenty.

Originally, the original owner did not go up against Xue Danrong.
The thing that led to a few changes was probably Fang Chaozhou being lazy, letting Du Yunxi draw lots for him every time without much thought.

On that day, Fang Chaozhou abstained as soon as he got on stage.
He did not want to compete with Xue Danrong.
Originally, Xue Danrong got a good ranking of third place in this cultivation conference.
Plus, he also attracted two very important characters from the original book when he competed.
One was the Sect Master of the Dark Soul Sect, at first only admiring Xue Danrong’s looks.
Only when he saw Xue Danrong’s match later did he become enchanted completely with Xue Danrong.
The second is Song Lianyi of Fengyue An.

If the Sect Master of the Dark Soul Sect was a big devil, then Song Lian Yi was a little pervert.

Although Song Lianyi was born in Fengyue An, a place full of women, “she” was one hundred percent a man.
Song Lianyi was born to the owner of the An, but the Fengyue An had a rule that there could be no men.
The owner of the An was not willing to let her son go elsewhere to study because she would not be at ease.
Therefore, she was abnormal enough to dress her son as a woman from a young age.

In the competition, Song Lianyi was in the top ten, going into the top five.
Then, he was matched with Xue Danrong and defeated by Xue Danrong.
Since then, he has crazily harassed Xue Danrong, drugging Xue Danrong several times, although all attempts were unsuccessful.
Several times, he was also almost beaten to death by Xue Danrong.
But he continued to harass him, absolutely refusing to stop.

“Youngest Shidi, this is your first time participating and already my second time.
Not competing later is also whatever.” Fang Chaozhou finished speaking and was ready to lie down, but Xue Danrong’s sword stopped him.

“Second Shixiong, I want to compete in an upright manner.
If you want to give me a pass, I also won’t compete later.
I will immediately forfeit,” Xue Danrong said in a cold voice.

Encountering this, Fang Chaozhou can only reluctantly compete with Xue Danrong.
However, he dodged more and did not actively attack.
This seemed to make Xue Danrong angry, with a more fierce spell sent to smash Fang Chaozhou’s body.
If not for Fang Chaozhou’s quick dodging, he might have lost half of his small life.

This way, Fang Chaozhou can no longer work half-heartedly and seriously compete with Xue Danrong.
However, rather than competing, it was more like one party was accompanying the other learning.

It was unknown how many rounds there were.
The sky outside the boundary gradually faded to darkness.
Fang Chaozhou saw Xue Danrong’s strong emotions gradually easing, taking the initiative to reveal a weak point, taking advantage and falling to the ground.

Only after the boundary was broken did he get up from the ground.
But he saw that Xue Danrong’s face did not look very good.
He did not even spare him a glance before walking away.

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Fang Chaozhou did not really care, cast a dust washing spell, the dust was washed away, and then went back to the inn very happily.
Losing to his Shidi, he will not be scolded by his master.
Master may even say that they have brotherly mutual love and respect between them.

Because he lost, Fang Chaozhou felt that the many magic treasures left on his body now did not have any use.
Especially since he bought so many magic treasures that were not really suitable for him to use.
So that night, he gave away magic treasures in the inn.

When each of his Shixiongs and Shidis had been gifted a magic treasure, he remembered that there was still Xue Danrong who had not been given one.

He rummaged around in his storage ring for a long time and finally found a magic treasure that he felt was very suitable for Xue Danrong.

“Youngest Shidi, are you here?” Fang Chaozhou stood outside Xue Danrong’s room and knocked on the door.

At the end of the sentence, the door opened in response, and Xue Danrong stood behind the door and looked at him coldly, “Do you need something?”

This little kid, not even addressing his Shixiong anymore.

Fang Chaozhou habitually showed a smile and then took out the magic treasure he had prepared, “Youngest Shidi, I bought a lot of magic treasures before.
Now that my matches are over, some of them can’t be used and don’t really suit me.
So, I want to give this Golden Cicada Clothing to Youngest Shidi.”

The Golden Cicada Clothing in his hand is as thin as a butterfly’s wings.
Although the name is Golden Cicada, it is a snow-white color, but there is a hidden golden light, flickering.

Xue Danrong slightly lowered his eyes, looking at the Golden Cicada Clothing in Fang Chaozhou’s hands.
His long eyelashes were thick, casting a shadow under his eyes when he lowered them, “Why do you want to give me this?”

“I have asked around, the Snake Valley people have also entered the top twenty.
They are the best at playing with poison, and the snakes they breed and keep are all poisonous.
If Youngest Shidi goes against them, more likely than not, you will lose.
This Golden Cicada Clothing can guard against snakes.
Even if a snake wants to bite you, it can not bite through this clothing.”

Fang Chaozhou didn’t notice Xue Danrong’s eyes change when he heard the word “snake,” he was preoccupied with how to say the rest of the paragraph to seem less strange.

The biggest effect of the Golden Cicada Clothing is not being anti-poisonous snakes.
As long as it is on, other than the person wearing it, people should not try to take it off.
He thought Youngest Shidi must need this clothing.

How can he phrase it so that Youngest Shidi will not think he is taking advantage of him?

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