You take this one.
In the future, whenever I contact you, you will be able to hear my voice on your side.”

Fang Chaozhou looked at it and didn’t take it, “You want me to pass it on to Youngest Shidi?”

“No, it’s for you.” The little demonic cultivator raised his chin with a haughty face, “In the future, whenever I contact you,  your number one priority will be to reply to me.
Of course, I will be asking you things about Xue Danrong.
When the time comes, you will have to respond with a systematic narration and in full detail.”

The little demonic cultivator in front of him does not have high cultivation, is very bad-tempered, and also likes to order people around.
He actually grew this old and had not been beaten to death.
Seems like he has a backing, ah.
Fang Chaozhou originally thought the other party was just an ordinary demonic cultivator.
But now, the odds are that he is not.

Such a character is like the little son of the master of the Dark Soul Sect in the original story.

The youngest son of the master of the Dark Soul Sect is named Li Zhu.
Because of his good character, looks resembling a girl, and being a small villain, he has a large group of fans.
But even more people support His Father x Xue Danrong because many people think that with Li Zhu x Xue Danrong, Xue Danrong will be the gong.

[T/N: “Gong” is the dominant one in the relationship.]

After all, CP is removable and irreversible!

The original story seems to describe the first appearance of Lai Zhu in a disguise.

“I don’t even know Xiongtai’s surname yet.” Fang Chaozhou tested the waters with a tentative salted fish fin.

“My surname is Li, you can call me …… Li Wang.”


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It’s really him.

Hearing those words, Fang Chaozhou decisively took the Thousand Miles Jade Tablet.
Li Zhu, this little devil, is easy to deal with.
But his father, that big devil, is not easy to deal with.
After all, when he just met Xue Danrong with one look, he tied Xue Danrong up.
He also intended to rape him.
In the end, he didn’t succeed because Xue Danrong stabbed his heart from the back.

But this big devil did not die even when he was stabbed in the heart.
It is clear that his cultivation level is high.

Although this storyline has not yet happened, the little devil has already started to go out, sneaking around.
It looks like it is not far from the time when the big devil also comes out.

Can’t afford to mess with the big devil, so it is not a good idea to even mess with this little devil.

“You keep this.
From now on, no matter when I look for you, you have to answer me immediately.” Li Zhu said this in a commanding tone.

Fang Chaozhou nodded his head.

Li Zhu started thinking and said, “You like Xue Danrong, right? Don’t try to deny it, no one in this world doesn’t like him.
My father and I both like him, but my father and I agreed, we will rely on our own abilities.
So if my father finds you, you can’t say you know me.”

This is just what Fang Chaozhou wanted, and he nodded again.

“This will do.
Seems like you still have some use.
I’ll let you off the hook, go.”

Just as when Fang Chaozhou took two steps, the whip wrapped around his waist.
Li Zhu’s voice rang out from behind, “Why are you walking so fast? I’m not done talking.
Although you like Xue Danrong, you are not allowed to have any improper thoughts about him.
And don’t have any delusions about benefiting from intimacy with an influential person.
Now, immediately, hand over all of Xue Danrong’s scripts you have stolen and hidden.”

And so, Li Zhu received nothing.

Fang Chaozhou only has one copy of Xue Danrong’s script.
Because after reading it, he casually threw it in the cave’s nooks and crannies.
He wouldn’t bring it out.

Unwilling to give up, Li Zhu pried through Fang Chaozhou’s pile of scripts for a long time.
Only when he saw that there really wasn’t any did he embarrassingly withdraw his hands.
But his mouth was still unwilling to spare Fang Chaozhou.

“You are so shameless, do you think that what those people are writing isn’t as wonderful as what you have in your head? Is that why you don’t read it? Beast! Vile! Filthy!”

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He cursed the whole time he walked away.

Seeing that person had left, Fang Chaozhou immediately put away his scripts and quickly returned to the inn. 

When he arrived, Du Yunxi was standing at the entrance of the inn.
And when he saw him appear, he immediately greeted him, “Second Shixiong, you’re finally back.”

Fang Chaozhou looked at him with some surprise on his face, “You waited for me? What’s the matter?”

Du Yunxi did not answer straight away but first looked around.
Then, he grabbed Fang Chaozhou’s wrist and whispered, “Let’s go to the room and talk.”

At this moment, Fang Chaozhou suddenly felt a line of sight locked in their direction.
Turning his head slightly sideways, he saw Xue Danrong who came down from upstairs.

Xue Danrong was still dressed the same way as before.
He walked straight towards the door, and when he passed by them, Du Yunxie also noticed Xue Danrong and immediately asked, “Youngest Shidi, where are you going?”

Xue Danrong threw out two words, “Going out.”

After watching Xue Danrong’s back disappear completely, Du Yunxie looked despondent.
Not to mention, he also sighed gently.
But he quickly grabbed Fang Chaozhou, this salted fish, to his room.

“Second Shixiong, quick!”  

Fang Chaozhou read too many scripts.
Witnessing this phrase, he couldn’t resist continuing.

”Can’t be quick.
Be a good boy and bear with me a little longer.”

Only when he met Du Yunhui’s odd and surprised eyes did he realize what he had said had a dirty meaning.

“I …… I meant that I’ve been standing too long for today’s match, my legs are a little sore and I can’t walk fast enough.” Salted Fish Fang showed the standard and harmless smile of a salted fish.

The good thing is that Du Yunxi didn’t bother with Fang Chaozhou.
He opened the door first, then pushed Fang Chaozhou inside.
He looked around before he also walked into the room, and closed the door with the back of his hand.

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