5.1 – There is nothing better than being a rich second-generation salted fish

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As Xue Danrong’s second senior brother, Fang Chaozhou walked straight to the counter as if he hadn’t heard anything.

He was open minded and anyway that person was reading Xue Danrong’s fan scripts, not his.
So, he didn’t care.

He didn’t mind, but the person who asked for Xue Danrong’s fan scripts noticed Fang Chaozhou.
That person looked at the books Fang Chaozhou put on the counter and asked casually, “You bought so many books.
Can you finish reading it all?”

“Can finish it.” Fang Chaozhou said without looking at the man and was busy getting money from his wallet.

That person asked again, “You bought so many, did you buy Xue Danrong’s fan script?”

“Didn’t buy it.” Fang Chaozhou put the silver coins on the counter and looked at the bookstore owner with hopeful eyes.

Fang Chaozhou was waiting for the bookstore owner to tell him how much the total was.
Suddenly, a hand slapped heavily on the counter, and Fang Chaozhou’s eyes widened in surprise.
The next moment, he picked up the books on the counter and quickly moved a few feet away.

The counter collapsed almost at the same time he stepped away.

“Can you look at me and answer the question now?”

Fang Chaozhou felt helpless when he heard these words.
He could only look at the boy standing next to the counter wearing a black robe.
The boy had an ordinary appearance, but his eyebrows were furrowed and the look in his eyes was very hostile.
He had black qi around him and at a glance you could see that he was a demonic cultivator.

Demonic cultivators usually didn’t have a good temper, but Fang Chaozhou didn’t expect it to be so bad.

“What is the matter, brother?”

The original owner had a gentle temper, and even his voice was gentle.
So, although Fang Chaozhou had crossed over, there was no way he could change his voice.

The black-clothed boy glanced at the books that Fang Chaozhou was holding.
“These books seem to be so precious to you.
Since that’s the case, then they all belong to me now.
Are you willing to give them up?”

When he said this, he touched the long and mysterious golden whip on his waist.
He waited for the other person to resist, but the other person did not refuse, and readily handed him the books.

The black robed boy inexplicably felt a little upset, as if he had punched cotton, but since the other party had the good sense to give him the fan script, he would let this guy off the hook today.

So, he snorted with a satisfied smile and said, “It’s good that you have some sense.”

He took the pile of books from Fang Chaozhou and threw them directly into his storage ring.
He then grabbed the bookshop owner who was pressed to the floor by the counter and said, “Hurry up and find me Xue Danrong’s fan scripts.
I want the CP to be Xue Danrong and a demonic cultivator.”

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When the bookstore owner found the fan script, the young man was satisfied and was ready to leave, but the bookstore owner stopped him and stood in front of him, then said, “Sir, I am running  a small business.
Please settle the account for the script, and the damage to the counter.”

The black robed boy’s eyes narrowed slightly, “It’s okay to pay for the damage to the counter, but for the script, that guy obviously paid for it.
Then why do I have to pay?”

The bookstore owner said, “The customer just now took his money back, so he didn’t pay the money for the scripts.”

The boy in black robes immediately looked outside, but Fang Chaozhou was long gone.
He was so angry, but he could only pay the money.
He gritted his teeth while taking out the money, and couldn’t help but think that the next time he saw that guy, he would have to give him a severe beating and rob the guy of all his money.


In this side, Fang Chaozhou didn’t know that he was already hated.
After he good naturedly and generously gave up the scripts he had selected to the other person, he went to another bookstore.
Fortunately, no annoying guy appeared in this store.
After he bought those scripts, he went to the largest magic treasure store in the area.


To be honest, he did not want to participate in the Cultivation Conference at all, but his master has helped him to sign up for it.
All that he can do right now is to temporarily hold onto the Buddha’s feet and the most effective way to do that would be to buy magical items.

(抱佛脚 : lit.
clasp the Buddha’s feet; fig.
to profess devotion only when in
Meaning – Panic measures in place of timely preparation)

The original host’s family background was very superior.
He was the ninth prince of the dynasty and had behind him a large treasury.
But the original owner was usually very low-key, and he simply did not want to rely on his family background to obtain any benefits.
However, Fang Chaozhou was not the same.
He was very willing to rely on his background.

There is nothing better than being a rich second-generation salted fish.

He loved the original owner.

Fang Chaozhou entered the magic treasure store, and instantly felt what it means to be intoxicated.
The air was exuding the smell of money.
Within a quarter of an hour, Fang Chaozhou was surrounded by ten shop assistants.

Most cultivators cultivate painstakingly.
Since buying a magic weapon requires a lot of money, cultivators have to save money for many years.
Hence, when the cultivators who participated in the cultivation conference enter the magical items shop, they look around and buy the most cost-effective one.
So, they have never seen a cultivator like Fang Chaozhou.

“This, this, this, no, put everything into my storage ring.” Fang Chaozhou turned around and said to the shopkeepers who were following behind him.

The shop assistants all smiled and said, “Okay, okay, we’ll put everything right away.”

The surrounding cultivators looked at each other with bitter smiles.
At the same time, they were secretly gauging Fang Chaozhou, guessing which sect the other party belonged to.

Today, Fang Chaozhou deliberately changed into the disciple’s clothes of the Tianshui sect.
He even had a fan with his name written on it.
He was afraid that the people around him would not be able to see clearly, so he walked back and forth; turned around, and fanned himself in all directions possible.

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In this way, within just a few hours, the cultivators in the city knew that there was a disciple of the Tianshui Sect surnamed Fang who almost emptied the magical items store, even the fellow disciples in the inn Fang Chaozhou was staying, came to know about it.

Du Yunxie was the first to come to him, “Second brother, you went to the magical items store today?”

Fang Chaozhou nodded honestly, “Yes.”

Du Yunxie frowned, looking dismayed, “Second senior brother, do you know that if you do this, many people will notice you? What if they trouble you during the Cultivation Conference?”

He was so anxious, but the young man in front of him smiled gently, ” It won’t happen, don’t worry.”

Chapter 5.2

The Cultivation Convention lasted one month and drawing lots regulated the competition.
If his luck was bad, he could even accidentally meet someone from the same sect.

The drawing began a day before the Cultivation Convention convened.
That day, Fang Chaozhou hung onto his bed and didn’t want to get out of bed at all.
As a result, he called Du Yunxi to help him go and draw.
Du Yunxi returned in the afternoon, handing over a number to Fang Chaozhou.
Written on it were the competing time and competition arena number.

Fang Chaozhou said his thanks, took the number and was just preparing to close the door.
However, he saw Du Yunxi looking at him with a complicated face. 

“En?” Fang Chaozhou looked at Du Yunxi puzzlingly.

Du Yunxi sighed, “Second Shixiong, did you just get up?”

“Yes.” Fang Chaozhou nodded, “I’m also planning to continue sleeping later.”

[T/N: “Shixiong” is an older male that studies in the same place.]

Du Yunxi wanted to say something but then hesitated.
In the end, he didn’t say anything at all, and just turned around and left.
After walking very far away, he couldn’t help but turn his head around and take a glance.
Fang Chaozhou’s room door was already closed.
Du Yunxi sighed again.
Second Shixiong was really too pitiful, the illness of impotence hit Second Shixiong too hard.
Now, Second Shixiong even began to abandon himself to despair.

Thinking of this, Du Yunxi decided to display some same-sect love.
Even if Second Shixiong didn’t allow him to help treat the illness, he still wanted to help Second Shixiong.

Fang Chaozhou didn’t know what Du Yunxi was imagining at all, and he tossed the number onto the table at will.
He even yawned a few times.
The protagonist from last night’s huaben really infuriated him and made him unable to fall asleep until he finished reading.
He read until he saw daybreak.

[T/N: “Huaben” are printed versions of the prompt books used by the popular storytellers in Song and Yuan times.]

Still so tired, let’s sleep again. 

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The next day, Fang Chaozhou had a match.

He intentionally changed into clothes that had very strong defense capability.  South China Sea shark silk was used to weave these clothes, and it could protect against water, fire, knives, and swords.
The jade crown on his head also had a defense function.
When encountering a deadly attack, it could block on behalf of its owner.

After Fang Chaozhou came downstairs, he saw Xue Danrong standing at the inn’s doorway.

Xue Danrong wore snow clothes and a black curtain hat, his figure slim.
His back faced the inn, and Fang Chaozhou could recognize the other party at a glance because of the Breaking Water sword in Xue Danrong’s hand.

This sword was the only one in the whole world.
The founder of the sect created it for Xue Danrong.

Although this sword was called the Breaking Water sword, it was also known as the Breaking Feelings sword.
Xue Danrong himself also wholeheartedly sided with Daoism, but the overwhelming majority of the people in the whole world wished for him to be trapped by love.

Xue Danrong seemed to hear the sound of footsteps and turned his head.
Fang Chaozhou couldn’t see his expression clearly at all because he was wearing a curtain hat.
Fang Chaozhou also wasn’t intending to see anyway.

He directly walked to Xue Danrong’s side: “Youngest Shidi, do you also have a match today?”

[T/N: “Shidi” is a younger male that studies in the same place.]  

“En.” Xue Danrong tossed out one word and walked forward.

Fang Chaozhou knew of his cold temperament earlier, so he didn’t mind at all and followed him, walking forward. 

They rode swords, arriving at the Cultivation Convention’s site of competition.
There were 99 elevated stages total for the competitions to be held on the site of the competition.
The middlemost one was the elevated stage that determined the outcome of the Top Ten’s battle.
Every elevated stage’s whole body was engraved with different decorative designs, but the decorative design picked for the middlemost one was the tree peony flower of outstanding beauty.
Close up, even the tree peony flower’s fragrance could be smelled.

The competition site was already a mass of bobbing heads.
After Fang Chaozhou and Xue Danrong entered the site, they separated.
According to the instructions, Fang Chaozhou found his elevated stage.
Before he went up, there was already someone striking up a conversation with Fang Chaozhou.

“You are Fang Shixiong of the Tianshui Sect, right?” A man whose figure was slightly petite took the initiative and moved closed in front of Fang Chaozhou.
Seeing the confusion in Fang Chaozhou’s eyes, he quickly introduced his identity.
“I am the one competing with Fang Shixiong today, Li Ming.”

Fang Chaozhou showed an expression of sudden realization.
“It’s an honor to meet you at last, an honor.
I also hope Li Xiong will not judge me too harshly in a moment.”

[T/N: “Xiong” means elder brother.
Not blood-related in this case.]

Li Ming shook his head at once, “Fang Shixiong is joking, my sect is a sect from the mountain and fields and can not compete with the Tianshui Sect.
What’s more, I have only learned some superficial knowledge.
This time my master let me participate, but it’s only to let me come and see the world.
Saying this, I’m also not afraid of Fang Shixiong ridiculing me.
I… I never thought that I could pass the preliminary contest.”

His eyes swept over Fang Chaozhou’s hands and added, “I heard that Fang Shixiong bought a lot of magic weapons.
I’m afraid I won’t be able to take on even one of them later.”  

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Fang Chaozhou smiled gently, “It’s okay, just consider this a friendly exchange of pointers.”  

When they get on the elevated stage in a moment, it would automatically generate a barrier formation.
People outside wouldn’t see what happened on the elevated stage, and someone must fall on the floor without getting up before the barrier formation could open. 

When the time came, Fang Chaozhou and Li Ming got onto the elevated stage together.

Before Li Ming made a move, Fang Chaozhou showed an understanding expression.
“Li Shidi, I can really understand your words just now.
Li Shidi and I also are brought together by fate in this way, so I thought, how about this, we don’t fight.
I will give Li Shidi a magic weapon as a present, and Li Shidi will forfeit.” He paused.
“After all, I certainly think taking this many magic weapons to swap pointers with Li Shidi, I certainly think I have a somewhat unfair advantage.”  

As Fang Chaozhou spoke, he rubbed the storage ring on his hand.  

A quarter of an hour later, the barrier formation broke.

Fang Chaozhou’s hair wasn’t even messed up.
He leisurely walked down from the elevated stage, and the forfeited Li Ming was still dutifully fallen on the elevated stage.  

Human beings would die for riches, just as birds would for food.
This saying would work applied anywhere.  

Fang Chaozhou didn’t hold the desire to get first place, but the original owner got a good ranking in the Top Ten last time.
If he couldn’t even get into the Top Ten this time, he might get beaten up by his master when he got back.
Forget getting beat up, what if he wouldn’t let him be a salted fish anymore and had him wake up early and return late, assiduously cultivating?  

Buying magic weapons was to force his way into the top ten, and flaunting his wealth was also to force his way into the top ten.

A few days ago, Fang Chaozhou went to the city’s largest magic weapons store with a high profile and bought a lot of magic weapons.
That magic weapons store was located in the town where the Cultivation Convention was held and it could be said that all the world’s famous and valuable magic treasures were there.
All the cultivators who came to this store participated in the Cultivation Convention.
Fang Chaozhou borrowed their mouths to spread the word that he bought a lot of magic treasures.

He bought so many magic weapons that the people who knew they have to go against him would naturally would births ideas of cowardice in their hearts.
The idea of forfeiting would arise.

Like today’s Li Ming.
Fang Chaozhou then mentioned giving him a magic weapon.
Li Ming felt that he would lose for sure.
If not fighting could win him a magic weapon, wouldn’t it be a profit? After all, only the Top Ten in the Cultivation Convention could have precious and exotic treasures to take.

So Li Ming decisively agreed with Fang Chaozhou’s offer and was even willing to help Fang Chaozhou keep it a secret.  

Fang Chaozhou only dared to put so many magic weapons on his body because his sect was the Tianshui Sect, the world’s number one sect.
Li Ming thought that he might not be able to save the magic weapon he got from Fang Chaozhou if the word got out.  

Of course, Fang Chaozhou was also prepared for the scenario of when the other party disagreed.
It would require him to waste some strength.
Use the magic weapon to smash the other party, making them faint.

When Fang Chaozhou was ready to leave the Convention site, he unintentionally saw an elevated stage where most people were crowded around.
He glanced at it and turned his head away uninterestedly.  

But he had only taken a few steps when someone stopped him.

“Good, I finally found you!”

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