strange as Xue Danrong always only pounced on Fang Chaozhou.
Just now, Fang Chaozhou was the one who had been the farthest away from Xue Danrong, and yet clearly none of his fellow disciples had seen Xue Danrong move.

Fang Chaozhou also found it strange.
When it was only the two of them in the cave, he could say that Xue Danrong had no choice.
But now Xue Danrong still looked for him, even when there were a bunch of people with them.
So, he told him everything that had happened after he saw Xue Danrong.

When Du Yunxi heard that Fang Chaozhou was also bitten by a snake, his expression changed slightly, “Yesterday I guessed that the snake which Second Brother was telling us about, is the Cloud Crimson snake.
In this particular type of snake, the male and female usually stay together and people who are bitten by the male and female snakes will be attracted to each other.
Although the poison in your body was sucked out by Junior Brother, I’m afraid that there is still a little residue in Senior Brother’s body.
That’s why Junior Brother has been staring at you.”

Fang Chaozhou froze for a moment, “What should I do then?”

Du Yunxi’s expression was also not very good, “I can only wrong Second Brother.”  

At this time, Fang Chaozhou was still too innocent to understand the meaning of Du Yunxi words.

He only understood what he meant, when he was once again pounced upon by Xue Danrong on the second day, and Du Yunxi was blocking the others instead of stopping Xue Danrong.

“Second Brother, I have a way to remove the toxin, but I can only try it when Junior Brother’s poison is at its strongest.
So, I have to wrong Second Brother.”

Fang Chaozhou blocked Xue Danrong’s face with one hand, while he firmly grasped his belt with his other hand.
He was completely dumbfounded by Du Yunxi’s words, “What?”

Du Yunxi’s expression now looked ugly, as if someone had passed away in his family.
After all, anyone who sees the person he admires, pressing down another man and being handsy with him, will not be happy.

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“Second Brother, you have to try to stall for time.
I’ll try to cleanse the poison now.”

Fang Chaozhou felt like cursing him.

The person who had pounced on him was now acting like a wolf cub, extremely ferocious, and had already bit his face twice.
It was so painful that he had to inhale while clenching his teeth, and Du Yunxi actually wanted him to stall for time.

“How am I going to stall him, ah? You guys pull him away from me first!”

Du Yunxi immediately said, “No, it’s not the time yet.
Only when Junior Brother is next to Second Brother, will the poison be at its strongest.”

Someone beside him said weakly, “But….but Second Brother’s clothes are going to be stripped.”

But then someone else said, “We just have to trust Second and Fifth Brothers, they will be able to heal our Junior Brother.”

In the end, it was still a failure.
Well, not exactly a failure, but it can only be said to be half successful.
Seeing that Fang Chaozhou’s shirt was torn to pieces, only then did Du Yunxi ask someone to tear Xue Danrong off.

“I’ve already cleansed half of the poison, but there’s still some left.
I would still have to wrong Second Brother.”

Fang Chaozhou sat up holding his waist.
He felt that he was no longer a happy salted fish.

It turned out that he indeed couldn’t be a happy salted fish anymore.
Du Yunxi didn’t knock Xue Danrong unconscious anymore.
Although Xue Danrong no longer pounced on Fang Chaozhou from time to time, the rest of the toxin remaining in his body made him super attached to Fang Chaozhou.

Wherever Fang Chaozhou was, Xue Danrong would be there.
It was almost as if Xue Danrong was attached to Fang Chaozhou’s hip.

Fang Chaozhou, “……”

He let out a long sigh, looked down at the young man clinging to him, and whispered, “Junior Brother, your character is collapsing.
You know that?”

The young man whose brain was controlled by the toxin, made a grunt in his throat and hugged Fang Chaozhou even tighter.


Finally, after seven days, the Secret Realm reopened.
Fang Chaozhou quickly hurried back to his sect with his Junior Brothers and Sisters.
After seeing his master, he immediately thrusted the human pendant that he was wearing on his body towards him.
For these past seven days, Du Yunxi wasn’t able to cleanse the other half of the toxin from Xue Danrong’s body.

“Master, Junior Brother seems to have been poisoned by the Cloud Crimson snake.
I hope that Master will be able to heal Junior Brother quickly.”

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After saying that, Fang Chaozhou ran away.

It’s now or never.
If he didn’t run away now, then he would have to forget his life of being a happy salted fish.

After this incident, Fang Chaozhou not only ran away, but also declared that he would go into seclusion and remained secluded for half a year.
Only when he received the summons from his master, did he know that the Tenth-Year Cultivation Conference was about to begin.

“Chaozhou, your ranking in the last conference was pretty good.
Are you going to participate this year?” His Master asked.

Fang Chaozhou shook his head decisively.

Master nodded, “Just participate.
This time I am going to let twenty disciples from the sect participate.”


Fang Chaozhou, “??”

“No, Master, I…..” Fang Chaozhou wanted to retort, but found that after he had said only a few words, he was placed under a silencing spell.

Master continued, “There are quite a few sects participating this time, and your Junior Brother is participating for the first time.
So, you should take care of him on the way.”

Three days later, Fang Chaozhou looked at the group of people not far away.
Among them, the most obvious was a young man wearing a snow colored robe with a red border on it.
He could already attract everyone’s attention without speaking or making any movements.
Even the first thing that Fang Chaozhou saw was that person.

But Fang Chaozhou was sighing in his heart.

Why is it so hard to be a salted fish?

Forget it, let’s just go down the mountain and buy a new storybook.

The good thing was that he didn’t have much contact with his Junior Brother, Xue Danrong, along the way.
And even if their eyes met occasionally, Xue Danrong was quick to avert his gaze.

When Fang Chaozhou discovered this fact, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
He was originally afraid that Xue Danrong would change his attitude towards him because of the things that happened during those seven days.
But now it seems that nothing has changed.
Maybe Xue Danrong didn’t even remember those seven days.

They traveled by air for about five days and finally arrived at Xianglian City, where the Cultivation Conference was held.

After Fang Chaozhou changed his clothes at the inn where he was staying, he set off to the local bookstore to buy a new storybook.
The books here were really different from those in the small town under the Tianshui Zong Mountain.
His eyes lit up and he quickly plunged into the sea of ​​books.
He took one copy from the left and another from the right.
After a while, he took a small pile of books and was about to go to the counter to check out, when he heard a dull voice rang out.

“Are there any fan scripts of Xue Danrong from Tianshui Zong? It’s best if the CP is Xue Danrong and Moxiu.”

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