Fang Chaozhou was talking, and then he noticed that the breathing of the person in front of him was getting heavier and heavier.
He was close enough to see the other person’s hand clearly, which was holding his arm in a death grip, and that piece of clothing had gradually turned red.

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Xue Danrong bled himself out with his hands.

Was it that hard to bear?

Then isn’t it dangerous for him to be here?

Thinking of this, Fang Chaozhou began to lie without blushing, “Junior Brother, why are you not talking? Is it because you don’t want to talk to me anymore? Or do you think that your Senior Brother is too much of an eyesore here? Well, I think I’m only going to make Junior Brother angry by being here, so I’ll leave now.”

The best plan is to run away.

Xue Danrong remained silent and didn’t say anything, only raising his eyes slightly to stare at Fang Chaozhou as he completely disappeared.
But it was not long before he heard a scream coming from outside the cave.

The voice seemed to belong to Fang Chaozhou.

After a moment, he saw Fang Chaozhou come in again.

Unlike when he went out, Fang Chaozhou was limping, just like how Xue Danrong had when he first entered the cave.
At that time, he was bitten by that venomous snake.
The leg that was bitten quickly went numb, so he had to find a cave first to hide in temporarily, in case that demon beast suddenly reappeared.

After Fang Chaozhou came in, he did not look at Xue Danrong.
He first rolled up his trouser legs, and then sighed.
He was really unlucky.
He had been prepared to stay far away from his Junior Brother, but before he had walked a few steps away, there was a sharp pain in his ankle.
When he reacted, he only saw a small crimson snake flashing through the grass.

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He shone his night lamp on his leg, and there were two obvious blood holes above the ankle, which one could tell at a glance was a snake bite.
In the original book, Xue Danrong started showing symptoms from the snake bite within a short interval of time.

When Fang Chaozhou was thinking about what to do, Xue Danrong who was sitting in the corner over there, opened his mouth and spoke hoarsely.

 “Second… Brother.”

Fang Chaozhou looked for the sound, “Hm?”

“Did you get bitten by a …… snake too?” It was as if Xue Danrong was too poisoned and spoke weakly, and he had to pause for a few words.

Fang Chaozhou looked a little embarrassed, “Yeah.”

“Come here.” Xue Danrong said softly.

Fang Chaozhou was a little hesitant but thinking how he was still Xue Danrong’s licking dog, he obediently went over.
He didn’t know that as soon as he went over, Xue Danrong reached out and clasped his calf.

“Second Senior…Brother, I have already been deeply poisoned, but the poison hasn’t spread yet in your body…Transfer, or just let me draw the snake venom in your body…all to me, so that someone can at least…take my body back to the sect.

Fang Chaozhou was stunned for a moment, “How will you draw out the snake venom?”

Xue Danrong raised his eyes to look at him.
His face now had a demonic beauty due to the snake poison, “Suck it out.”

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“No!” Fang Chaozhou immediately retorted, and when he saw Xue Danrong’s unfathomable eyes, he immediately corrected himself, “Junior Brother, I won’t allow you to sacrifice yourself for me like this.”

“Then are you going to… let both of us be poisoned? This poison…” Xue Danrong gritted his teeth, as if it was very hard to tell, “Is obscene and lustful.”

His meaning was very obvious.
If one person was poisoned, the other person can still control him, but if two people were poisoned, the outcome may become unmanageable.

When Fang Chaozhou heard this, he immediately wanted to say that he would force the toxin into his sea of consciousness, but the problem was that he couldn’t ……

In the past six months, he has successively had the memory of the original owner and inherited his cultivation base.
He knew all the spells that the original owner learned half a year ago, but the problem was that the spell which forces the poison into his sea of ​​consciousness, should have been learned by the original owner in these past six months.
But Fang Chaozhou didn’t learn these spells.
He was busy being a salted fish.
How could he have time to learn them?

As a result, Fang Chaozhou also struggled to decide.

Xue Danrong seemed to have run out of patience, as his voice became noticeably colder, “Second Brother!”

“Fine, fine, I agree.” Fang Chaozhou sat down, looked at Xue Danrong who had sacrificed himself and said heartily, “Junior Brother, you’re so kind.”

Xue Danrong didn’t say anything, but tugged Fang Chaozhou’s leg towards him, and then he lowered his head directly.

Fang Chaozhou felt something warm and soft touching his skin.
Although he knew that the other person was helping him detoxify, he still got goosebumps at that moment.
So throughout the whole process where Xue Danrong was helping him detoxify, he kept his body stiff, while waiting for him to free his leg.
After being released, he retracted his leg with a “swish” and lowered the rolled up trouser leg.

Xue Danrong had just finished sucking Fang Chaozhou’s blood and his lips were still stained with blood now.
He saw Fang Chaozhou’s actions and frowned slightly.

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Fang Chaozhou pulled down his trousers and suddenly felt like a scumbag.
So when he saw that there was still blood on Xue Danrong’s lips, he handed over the silk handkerchief he had in his sleeve, “Wipe it.”

Well, now he seemed even more like a scumbag.

Fang Chaozhou changed his sentence and said, “Wipe your mouth, there’s blood on it.”

Xue Danrong didn’t take Fang Chaozhou’s silk handkerchief, but instead took out his own silk handkerchief.
He then vigorously wiped his lips and threw the soiled handkerchief on the ground.
He closed his eyes again without saying a word.

Because Xue Danrong had helped him detoxify the snake poison by drawing out the toxin to himself, Fang Chaozhou felt too embarrassed to leave again.
So he said to Xue Danrong, “Junior Brother, do you want to try to force the toxin into your sea of consciousness? Although it will damage your cultivation, at least your life is safe.”

Without even opening his eyes for a second, Xue Danrong said, “No.”


Fang Chaozhou found a fairly clean place, sat down cross-legged, while staring at Xue Danrong in the corner.

What should he do now?

Xue Danrong won’t die, right?

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He’s the protagonist.
If he dies, will this world even exist after that?

While he was thinking all of this, Fang Chaozhou suddenly heard the rustling sound of clothes.
When he looked up, he saw Xue Danrong, who had been shrinking in the corner a few moments ago, now approaching him.

Xue Danrong’s face was white and his long hair hung loose while he wore snow colored robes.
He looked like a ghost in this dark cave.
At this moment, the young man was staring straight at Fang Chaozhou.

Fang Chaozhou had an ominous feeling in his heart when he met Xue Danrong’s eyes.

“Junior Brother?”

As soon as the voice fell, Fang Chaozhou was thrown down.

After being pounced upon, Fang Chaozhou immediately cast a spell to try to immobilize Xue Danrong; but he must have anticipated it, as Xue Danrong unraveled it immediately, almost as if he had seen through the trick.
Fang Chaozhou reached out and grabbed Xue Danrong’s hand on his belt, and said sincerely, “Junior Brother, calm down.
You are the flower of Gao Ling.
You shouldn’t belong to anyone.
I can’t tarnish you.”

Xue Danrong seemed to be controlled by the snake venom and turned a deaf ear to his words.
He forcefully broke away from Fang Chaozhou’s grasp and grabbed Fang Chaozhou’s belt again.

Fang Chaozhou clenched his belt tightly and refused to let go.
He tried to stun Xue Danrong, but since the toxin had already entered his heart, his attack power was much faster than usual.
He sensed Fang Chaozhou’s intentions, violently pulled off his belt and stunned Fang Chaozhou.
His hands were tied and pressed above his head.

He is so fierce!

Fang Chaozhou’s heart was in a mess.
Seeing that his belt was about to be ripped off, he shouted, “Junior Brother, I actually can’t lift it!”

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