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Xue Danrong’s voice was usually as clear and pleasant as the sound of gold and jade touching, but now it sounded hoarse from the toxins in his body.

When Fang Chaozhou heard his Junior Brother’s voice, he nonchalantly closed the book and put it back into the storage ring.
He turned back, looked at him innocently and said, “Junior Brother, you’re awake.”

Xue Danrong was born with a very beautiful face.
How beautiful is he?

Probably all of the men in the entire book would go crazy just to see him.
Especially the cinnabar mole in the center of his eyebrows, which burned the hearts of all men like fire.

At this time Xue Danrong’s face was scarlet.
His eyes were wet, and his black hair was scattered, making his face look like a hibiscus flower, delicate to the extreme.
Anyone who saw him will have ripples in his heart and couldn’t wait to immediately embrace the beauty in his arms, but Xue Danrong happened to encounter the salty fish Fang Chaozhou tonight.

The Junior Brother had just been lying on the ground and his clothes were a bit dirty.
His hair was also on the ground, so it should be mixed with a lot of soil.

Mmm, I would like to cast a cleansing spell on my Junior Brother, but I don’t know if that would be too offensive.

Fang Chaozhou seemed to have not seen Xue Danrong’s beauty at this time and went on about thinking of other questions.

“Second Brother… why are you here?”

When Xue Danrong spoke, his words were practically squeezed out of his teeth, and his forehead was already covered in cold sweat.

At that moment, Fang Chaozhou was torn between telling the truth and a lie, but in the end he chose to tell a lie.

“I came specifically to find you.
The team got separated and I was afraid that something bad had happened to you.”

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After all, he’s still Junior Brother’s licking dog, and he can’t change that image at will.

Fang Chaozhou tried to hide his salted fish tail.

Xue Danrong’s long eyelashes trembled when he heard those words.
He didn’t know whether he believed it or not.
He slowly retracted the hand that was clasping Fang Chaozhou’s shoulder, “Second Brother, I… was bitten by a poisonous snake.
I took …… detoxification pills, but it didn’t work.”

Fang Chaozhou blinked and waited, until he saw Xue Danrong’s slightly surprised look before he realized that it was time for him to answer the question.

“Junior Brother, are you okay? How could there be such a poisonous and unsightly viper?”

Xue Danrong quirked his eyebrows and was about to say something, when he saw Fang Chaozhou stand up with a righteous expression.

“Junior Brother, don’t worry.
Leave this matter to Senior Brother, and you wait here with peace of ease.”

When he finished speaking, he turned around and left.


As Fang Chaozhou came out this time, it didn’t rain.
While walking forward with the Night lamp, he thought of the original plot in his heart.

The original plot required him to give an antidote to his Junior Brother, which would transfer the toxin to himself.
Then after the toxin was transferred, he felt tortured.
Facing the Junior Brother who was beautiful like a jade flower, his heart started racing and his mind wondered; but on the surface, he still had to be a gentle Senior Brother.
Finally, he forcibly controlled the toxin in his sea of ​​consciousness.
Returning to his master, even though his master helped him heal, he regressed twenty years of his cultivation.

“This snake venom is really strange though,” Fang Chaozhou couldn’t resist dissing, “If you don’t bang, then you’ll lose twenty years of cultivation? Then if you bang, will your cultivation increase? Besides, how does it know if the person who was poisoned used their hand or their waist? Moreover, if his Junior Brother got poisoned, he would want to be banged by others? And if he himself was poisoned, he would want to bang others?”

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One toxin, two effects?

Smelly snake, come out and get beaten!

As he said it, it really came out.
In the next instant, Fang Chaozhou almost ran into a snake hanging from a tree.
After he saw that it was not a branch, he quickly cast a spell to hit it.


The snake fell to the ground.

Fang Chaozhou shone the light on the dead snake lying on the ground with the night pearl lamp.
The snake’s waist was as thick as two fingers, and the whole body was covered with crimson patterns.
It seemed a bit like the snake that was described in the book, which bit Xue Danrong.

Since the suspected snake was caught, he wanted to take it back to Junior Brother to vent his anger.

Fang Chaozhou took out the long fork used to roast chicken from the storage ring, pierced the snake on it, and returned to the cave with it.

When he went back, Xue Danrong was still sitting in the same place where Fang Chaozhou had left him just now, but he was biting his lip, as if he was extremely uncomfortable.

Fang Chaozhou thoughtfully stepped forward and handed over the snake, “Junior Brother, hurry up and eat it while it’s warm, it just died.”

Xue Danrong: “…”

He glanced at the dead snake that was in front of him, and said slowly, “What is this…?”

“Junior Brother, does this look like the snake that bit you?” Fang Chaozhou asked.

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Xue Danrong glanced at the snake again and said, “I don’t know, the snake …… swam away too fast, I didn’t …… see it clearly, but the pattern seems …… somewhat similar.

  “This should be it.
Just now I went out to look for it and saw it resting on a tree.
I immediately killed it to avenge my Junior Brother.”

Fang Chaozhou paused and said, “Also, Junior Brother has been poisoned by it.
I’ve heard that people use poison to fight poison.”

Xue Danrong’s eyebrows were lightly knitted and there was slight anger in his eyes, “Second Brother wants me to eat this dead snake?”

Probably because he was angry, Xue Danrong said this sentence without pausing.

Fang Chaozhou was slow to realize that his Junior Brother was angry and embarrassedly took the snake back, but he quickly said, “Junior Brother, are you not used to eating it raw? That’s okay, I will cook it for you.”

With that, he went to roast the snake over the fire.

Fang Chaozhou used to be a good barbecuer while he was in his original world.
But now that he had transmigrated to this book, he would always bring barbecue supplies with him, including the ingredients he had specially prepared.

When it was time to sprinkle chili peppers, Fang Chaozhou asked, “Junior Brother, do you eat spicy food?”

There was no reply to this.

When Fang Chao Zhou turned his head, he found that Xue Danrong had shrunk himself to the corner of the cave, far away from him.
That spot was almost shrouded in darkness and he could only make out that there was someone there and could not see his Junior Brother’s appearance.

“Junior Brother, do you eat spicy food?” Fang Chaozhou asked again.

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This time, Xue Danrong finally spoke, “Don’t eat!”

When Fang Chaozhou heard the answer, turned his head and continued to roast the snake.
When the snake meat was roasted brown and tender,  with a smokey, fragrant smell, Fang Chaozhou was a little bit tempted and started to drool, but still he held back.
While holding the roasted snake, he walked in front of Xue Danrong.

  “Little brother, it’s cooked.
Hurry up and eat it.
The temperature is cold nowadays and it might cool down all of a sudden ……”

Before he could finish his sentence, the roasted snake was knocked to the ground by a spell.

Xue Danrong’s voice sounded at the same time.

“I said, I won’t eat it!”

His voice was cold and could refuse a person who was even a thousand miles away.

Fang Chaozhou looked at the roasted snake on the ground for a while before reaching out and picking it up, “Don’t be angry, it’s all my fault.”

Smelly child, when the great demon cultivator comes out, I will definitely hand you over, and will definitely not save you.

“I know Junior Brother is having a hard time right now.
Even though I’m your Senior Brother, I’m so useless and can’t even protect you.”

It’s a shame to waste food, you know? It’s shameful to litter, you know?

“Junior Brother is feeling uncomfortable and angry.
You can lash out at me, I’ll take it all.”

With a temper that bad, it’s no wonder you’re suffering.

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