Li Yiye naturally heard Xue Danrong’s words, but he only sneered.
Then, he pinched the already dumbstruck Fang Chaozhou’s face.

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Although the face before his eyes wasn’t as good as Xue Danrong’s, it still counted as having first-class good looks.
The most important thing was that the temper was pretty good, unlike Xue Danrong, who looked at him like he was looking at garbage. 

Fang Chaozhou’s face was pinched twice and regained his senses, but he was scared into stuttering.
no, what compensation?”

Li Yiye saw his foolish appearance and couldn’t help laughing lightly.
“Didn’t you just say, you wanted me to release you Youngest Shidi, if I wanted to touch, then touch you? I’ve now decided to release your Youngest Shidi.”

Fang Chaozhou avoided Li Yiye’s hand that was pinching his face.
His thoughts were so messy that he didn’t know what he should say.
The plot probably wasn’t developed like this? Li Yiye wasn’t supposed to go forward with his forced love toward Xue Danrong, could it be…

Could it be that the original work’s author wasn’t satisfied with him gifting the Golden Cicada Clothes to Youngest Shidi, leading to the plot being unable to go on, and was forcing him to make it go on?


A soldier accepts death rather than bottoming!

Fang Chaozhou’s eyes widened a bit, wanting to achieve the goal of deterrence, “Sect Master Li, I advise you to release us fellow apprentices as early as possible.
Otherwise, you’ll regret it.”

As he spoke, he knocked away Li Yiye’s hand that was still pinching his face. 

Li Yiye raised his eyebrows, not taking Fang Chaozhou’s words to heart at all.
He wasn’t allowed to pinch his face, so he switched to pulling Fang Chaozhou’s belt.
“Regret what? Regret I didn’t kidnap you here a bit earlier? Is this your first time? I’ll be gentler.” 

The more words he spoke, the more excessive they were.
On the bed, Xue Danrong’s voice was already so cold that it felt like being in a cold cave.

“Li Yiye! If you dare to touch him, I will definitely kill you!”

Li Yiye paused and raised his hand slightly, arranging a barrier formation where Xue Danrong was.
It sealed any movement from there. 

Fang Chaozhou, seeing this motion of the big devil’s, felt it was increasingly more dangerous.
He immediately performed sorcery, wanting to force undo the magic Li Yiye put on his body.
However, their cultivation was unequal, and it wouldn’t undo no matter how much he struggled.
Seeing Li Yiye was already about to untie his belt, he immediately yelled out one word.


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Li Yiye’s hand stopped, and his eyelids drooped, carrying a bit of carelessness, “What?”

“You… could it be that you want it to be here? This is just a chair, there’s not even a bed.” Fang Chaozhou wanted to drag out the time while he thought of a way to escape. 

When these words entered Li Yiye’s ears, their meaning seemed to change into another.
A clear smiling expression emerged in Li Yiye’s eyes.
Even resembling stroking a small puppy, he stroked Fang Chaozhou’s head.

When he finished speaking, Fang Chaozhou saw an ultra-big bed appear beside them. 

Fang Chaozhou: …

After the bed appeared, Li Yiye immediately held and lifted up Fang Chaozhou, who was sitting on the chair.
He put him on the bed beside them.
After Fang Chaozhou, who was put on the bed, was stupefied for a moment, he immediately turned to get down from the other side.
But before he got down, he was grabbed by the ankle and dragged back. 

Li Yiye dragged the person beside himself and wrinkled his eyebrows.
“What are you doing?”

From his point of view, Fang Chaozhou wasn’t supposed to be doing movements to escape. 

Shouldn’t this sugar cake be very happy?

Fang Chaozhou, seeing Li Yiye leaning so close, couldn’t help reaching out his hand and pressing it against the other party’s chest, not wanting to let Li Yiye lean closer.
“Sect Mast Li, this is not right!”

“What part is not right?” Li Yiye lowered his head and looked down at the hand on his chest, holding the hand without a pause.
He didn’t stop at holding it, he even put it in his hand and massaged and molded it.
It had a somewhat touching meaning.
It made goosebumps rise all over Fang Chaozhou’s body. 

“Didn’t you like my Youngest Shidi?” Fang Chaozhou rambled, losing his head out of fear.

Li Yiye didn’t respond to this question and only said: “Don’t mention him.” Then, he hooked Fang Chaozhou’s belt using his other hand.
His voice was deep, low, and ambiguous, “Is this your first time?”

In that instant, Fang Chaozhou’s hair stood up.
He went out of control and instinctively performed sorcery, attacking Li Yiye. 

His sudden attack was entirely out of Li Yiye’s expectations, so Li Yiye dodged too late.
Fang Chaozhou’s magic cut out a gash on the side of his face. 

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Soon after, his whole body’s atmosphere seemed to freeze up.

Li Yiye slowly turned his head, and the smiling expression no longer was showing in that pair of eyes.
Black energy scattered in his expression.
“You don’t want to either? Ok, then I’ll kill you.”

When he finished speaking, a ball of black mist congealed in his hand.
That ball of black mist made threatening gestures like it already wanted to pounce toward Fang Chaozhou.

Fang Chaozhou had seen this thing in the original work.
The original work’s Li Yiye had used this black mist in his hand to kill many people, and how everybody died was especially sinister.
The black mist ate them alive.
When they were being eaten, the people were even clear-headed.
Although it was painful, they couldn’t break away from this ball of black mist.

So Fang Chaozhou was terrified and his hair instantly went back down submissively. 

“No, I want to.” He changed his tune and even gently wiped off the bloodstain on the big devil’s face.
“It’s wiped off, it won’t hurt anymore.”

Integrity was sincerely valuable, and the value of life was even more valuable. 

But he was also too lowly.
Xue Danrong was unwilling, so Li Yiye took him as a substitute.
He was unwilling, so Li Yiye wanted to kill him.

Li Yiye glanced at Fang Chaozhou’s hand that wiped the blood for him.
He didn’t speak at all and only sat beside the bed.
His finger moved, and Fang Chaozhou’s belt automatically loosened and came undone.

Although he had made his mentality better, when a man actually got closer and closer to him, Fang Chaozhou was completely unable to adapt.
When he was pressed down on the bed and felt a hand stroking his face, he was already involuntary trembling because of disgust.

He couldn’t, absolutely couldn’t!

Fang Chaozhou performed sorcery again, wanting to resist Li Yiye, but Li Yiye clearly had a  guard up this time.
Not to mention obstructing the magic attack, he also grabbed Fang Chaozhou’s hands and pressed them down directly above Fang Chaozhou’s head. 

“It’s enough to be naughty once.” The wicked aura in Li Yiye’s eyes was flowing everywhere.
A gloomy and cold smile appeared on his slightly pallid face.
He no longer joked with Fang Chaozhou, and even the strength in the hand detaining Fang Chaozhou’s wrists was so strong he could nearly crush them.

Fang Chaozhou was shivering in pain all over.
His soul belonged to a modern man and his family’s financial situation was considered to be wealthy.
He had never received this type of pain.
It was completely different from the feeling of Xue Danrong pressing down on his body from before; he felt a completely invasive feeling from Li Yiye.

He loathed this type of feeling.
How could he free himself from this type of predicament?

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Fang Chaozhou couldn’t help looking everywhere.
With this look, he unexpectedly met Xue Danrong’s eyes.

That pair of phoenix eyes was ridgely looking over here as of now.
The sinister shadows in those eyes were actually even more terrifying than Li Yiye. 

Xue Danrong saw Fang Chaozhou looking over, immediately parted his lips, and said a few words.
But there was a barrier formation, and Fang Chaozhou couldn’t hear what he was saying at all.
Xue Danrong also discovered this problem, so he struggled to sit up with extreme effort.
His head was repeatedly turning toward one direction.
Fang Chaozhou followed his motions, looked, then saw a sword placed on the table. 

It was Xue Donrong’s Breaking Water sword. 

In the original work, Xue Danrong only escaped after he grabbed this Breaking Water sword and hit Li Yiye’s heart with a piercing blow. 

But this time, both the barrier formation and the binding immortal rope was locking Xue Danrong in place.
He had no way to use the Breaking Water sword. 

However, Fang Chaozhou’s impression of that chapter in the original work was partially deep.
He even remembered the sentence Xue Danrong said silently in his heart to activate the Breaking Water sword.

That sentence was——

“Heaven and earth, yin and yang, ten thousand gods lost form——break!”

The sound of the sword puncturing skin rang out.
Li Yiye’s whole body stopped moving.
He looked down at the sword tip that punctured his chest.
Blood dripped down, following the sharp sword tip. 



They fell onto the body of who he thought was a sugar cake. 

He clenched his jaw slightly and slowly raised his eyes to look at Fang Chaozhou beneath him.
His eyes were filled with disbelief, but Fang Chaozhou’s eyes right now were almost the same as Li Yiye’s.

Fang Chaozhou didn’t expect that he could surprisingly activate the Breaking Water Sword.
He was shocked and terrified.
In modern times, he had never even killed a chicken, but this time he stabbed a man in the heart with his sword.
Even though he knew the other party wouldn’t die, Fang Chaozhou was still frightened.

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So when Xue Danrong pulled the Breaking Water Sword out of Li Yiye’s body, kicked the man away, and helped him sit up, he was still in a daze.

Li Yiye was stabbed in the heart, and his cultivation had a great loss.
The magic arranged on Xue Danrong naturally lost effectiveness, and even the binding immortal rope was useless.

Xue Danrong originally wanted to talk to Fang Chaozhou, but seeing Fang Chaozhou’s lapel full of Li Yiye’s blood and eyes obviously more dazed than usual, his phoenix eyes flashed with complex emotions.
He then gritted his teeth, took out outer clothing from his storage ring, draped it over Fang Chaozhou’s body, put away the Broken Water Sword, and walked outside while carrying him.

“Fang Chaozhou!”

Before he reached the door, Li Yiye’s dark, chilly voice rang out behind them.

Covering the chest wound, the big devil, black energy surrounding his entire body at this time, had a handsome and evil face that looked like a ghost in the underworld.

“You’ll regret it! One day I’ll have you begging me to fuck you!”

Xue Danrong’s footsteps stopped.
He turned his head to look at Li Yiye, collapsed on the bed.
The luxuriant, beautiful, and pretty face was expressionless.
He used a Cang Hai Jue.
This move made Li Yiye immediately spit out a mouthful of blood, and he soon after fainted.

[T/N: “Cang Hai Jue” is a novel.
I’m assuming this move is in the novel?]


Xue Danrong didn’t kill Li Yiye directly, because if he did, all the Dark Soul Sect disciples would know.
All the demonic cultivators above the Dark Soul Sect elders had a life lamp, hanging on above their temple’s main hall.
Once Li Yiye died, his life lamp would be extinguished and when that time came, all the disciples would know about it.

When the Dark Soul Sect people would have a killing chase, it would be very difficult for them to escape, so Xue Danrong just knocked out Li Yiye and then quickly took Fang Chaozhou to leave.

He didn’t dare to use sword flight, afraid of attracting attention.
He only dared to use sword flight when he reached the foot of the Dark Soul Sect’s hill.
But after flying for a while, he vaguely felt demonic energy approaching.
He then hastily turned toward a direction, saw a temple under his feet, bluntly stopped, and took Fang Chaozhou into the temporary shelter.

The temple was probably already on the decline.
The door plaque was crawling with cobwebs, and upon entering, the dust inside was so much that it made Xue Danrong frown.
But they could only accept it for now. 

Xue Danrong first laid a barrier formation on the broken temple before preparing to put Fang Chaozhou down.
But before putting him down, he heard Fang Chaozhou say weakly, “The ground is too dirty.”

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