Song Lianyi cursed that sentence in a low voice.
He stood in place for a very long time before he turned back again to look at Fang Chaozhou. 

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It could only be said that Li Yiye’s appearance-changing technique was really amazing.
At the very least, Fang Chaozhou’s appearance looked almost identical to Xue Danrong, but the emotion in their eyes was different.

They had the same pair of phoenix eyes.
Xue Danrong’s eyes were cold like ice and snow and repelled people from a thousand miles away.
But Fang Chaozhou’s eyes were very gentle.
They were gentle to the point it seemed like he had no temper at all. 

Song Linayi liked beauties with a temper, and he disliked people like Fang Chaozhou the most, boring to torture.

But the person was already kidnapped and brought here.
Song Lianyi also offended Li Yiye for this.
Although he wasn’t scared of Li Yiye, he must receive something back since he had paid the price. 

Song Lianyi thought of this and walked back in front of Fang Chaozhou.
He forcefully pulled the pibo.
“This night is long.
We will take our time.”

He pulled the person into the room directly.
Fang Chaozhou couldn’t open his mouth because of the speech forbiddance technique cast on him.
It allowed Song Lianyi to be a little more comfortable as long as he didn’t recall what the other party said.

Song Lianyi dragged the person to the beauty couch in the middle of the room and pushed him onto it.
Just when Fang Chaozhou was forced to lie on it, he heard the sound of a mechanism.
In the next instant, he discovered that his hands and feet were bound. 

“This is shark silk discipline.
It will loosen and tighten according to the person being bound.
The more you struggle, the more it will tighten.” Song Lianyi’s eyes softly swept over the dark green silk ribbon tied around Fang Chaozhou’s wrist. 

Fang Chaozhou’s skin was white, and the green contrasted it.
It made his skin seem more and more white.
It looked like snow that peaked out in branches and leaves.
The white was so smooth it was a bit excessive. 

Song Lianyi changed his line of sight and looked at Fang Chaozhou’s ankle.
He used his fingertip to poke the shark ribbon and continued to speak: “Once tied, the person tied up cannot be untied, unless there is someone willing to help you.”

When he finished speaking, he showed an innocent smile with a young lady’s appearance. 

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He seemed to be hinting something at Fang Chaozhou.

Fang Chaozhou tried to move his hand.
Sure enough, as soon as he moved, he felt the discipline ribbon on his hand suddenly tighten up all by a lot.
He was immediately motionless as a result. 

Song Lianyi saw Fang Chaozhou’s movement, and the smiling expression on the corners of his lips increasingly deepened.
“This is only the start.”

He set forth and walked to the side of the window ledge, where there was a long narrow table.
There was a red lacquer wooden plate with seven or eight candles on the table.
Song Lianyi picked from the several candles with different thicknesses.
In the end, he chose a red candle about the size of an adult’s forearm. 

Fang Chaozhou, tied on the beauty couch, saw Song Lianyi walk back while holding a candle.
His eyes couldn’t help but widen some.
When Song Lianyi sat down beside him, Fang Chaozhou blinked twice, then shook his head very quickly. 

Song Lianyi watched the movement of Fang Chaozhou shaking his head and only felt that his heart was finally easing up a bit.
Just now, he was angered to the point that his breath was stuck.
Hence, he was determined that he must have Fang Chaozhou suffer enough today. 

When he thought of this, his fingertips moved slightly, and the candle in his hand was set aflame. 

“This is the Desire Candle.
After it’s ignited, the person who smells its fragrance will have the greatest desire in their heart evoked.
If the candle oil drips on the body, it will be even more interesting.” Song Lianyi’s slender, fair, and clear-skinned fingers firmly grasped the xidai on Fang Chaozhou’s clothes.
With only a light pull, these clothes would be undone.
“If it drips on the body, the body would carry the Desire Candle’s smell.
The person who smells it will be unable to help but rip apart the clothes of the person that the oil drips on, licking those things away.”

[T/N: “Xidai” is a clothing item.]

As the words stopped, Song Lianyi released his grip on the xidai on Fang Chaozhou’s clothes.
He put the candle above Fang Chaozhou’s face. 

Fang Chaozhou saw the candle suddenly move above his head and instantly realized what Song Lianyi wanted to do.
He immediately closed his eyes.
Nearly at the same time he closed his eyes, he felt a drop of hot oil drip between his eyebrows. 

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Damned pervert!

Fang Chaozhou couldn’t help it and cursed Song Lianyi for one sentence. 

“It’s best if you don’t dodge it.
If you dodge, I’ll drip it in the wrong place, and I may have to start over.” Song Lianyi talked while he admired the drop of hot oil that became a delicate red four-petaled flower on the skin instantly after it touched the skin. 

Pleased, he hooked his lower lip and moved the position of the red candle in his hand.

The second drop fell on Fang Chaozhou’s earlobe.

Flower petals appeared.
Paired with the white earlobe, it was several points more beautiful. 

The Desire Candle’s fragrance was a lot like the smell of sugar.
It was sweet and unctuous to the bone.
Once a person smelled it, they would helplessly smell it again.
Fang Chaozhou knitted his eyebrows at first because of the pain, but he gradually discovered that he couldn’t feel the pain anymore.
There was only the Desire Candle’s fragrance in his mind. 

Just when Song Lianyi was about to rip away the xidai on Fang Chaozhou’s clothes, there was an unexpected movement outside.
He immediately stopped his hand and turned his head to look towards the door. 

The movement outside only sounded once, then stopped. 

Song Lianyi stared at the door.
After a long time, he stood up and extinguished the candle in passing.
He walked to the door and when he practically just arrived at the door, a sword pierced through the door, closing in straight at his face. 

Song Lianyi saw the sword, and his eyes actually lit up immediately.
He lightly retreated back, and there was a sweetness and unctuousness in his tone that couldn’t be ignored.
“Xue Danrong, you looked for me.”


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The door was broken.

As stated, the person outside the door was Xue Danrong.

His face was of a hibiscus beauty as cold as ice and frost like the Breaking Water sword in his hand.
Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Fang Chaozhou, who was tied on the beauty couch.
He instantly hastened to use magic.
One hand arranged two barrier formations, and the other hand held the Breaking Water sword, attacking Song Lianyi with thunder-like power.

Although Song Lianyi was a big pervert, he failed every time he wanted to be a pervert toward Xue Danrong.
It was because his cultivation was inferior to Xue Danrong.
Moreover, he would hate to make a fatal move towards Xue Danrong. 

It was also the same this time.
The two fought with magic, and the one who lost in the end was still Song Lianyi.
Song Lianyi held the pit of his stomach and sensed as if his spiritual consciousness was about to explode at this time.
He couldn’t help but grit his teeth.
During the daytime competition, Xue Danrong’s attack wasn’t this ruthless and violent.
However, it was like he wanted his life now. 

After he weighed the pros and cons, Song Lianyi didn’t continue to zealously fight.
After he used a smokescreen, he immediately cut open Xue Danrong’s barrier formation and quickly left this place. 

If Xue Danrong could find this place, Li Yiye probably could too.
Although he didn’t know why Xue Danrong arrived first, he was unlikely to go as far as to not even wanting his life because of one Fang Chaozhou.
He’ll just count this as letting the other party off lightly. 

As for him being at ease about leaving Fang Chaozhou there, leaving him for Xue Danrong, was because he was positive that Xue Danrong wouldn’t allow Fang Chaozhou to do things that crossed the line. 

The Desire Candle aroused the biggest desire in the heart at the moment.
Xue Danrong naturally didn’t like Fang Chaozhou, and Fang Chaozhou’s cultivation was limited right now.
It was impossible for him to bully Xue Danrong no matter what he did. 

Of course, he also deliberately played a dirty trick.
Before he left, he washed away the appearance-changing technique Li Yiye arranged on Fang Chaozhou’s body. 

He couldn’t continue the torture, but he also wanted to have the other party properly lose face. 

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Therefore, when Xue Danrong walked to the beauty couch’s side and clearly saw Fang Chaozhou’s face, the Breaking Water sword in his hand let out a buzz.

And Fang Chaozhou, he…

Was already affected by the Desire Candle’s poison.
The biggest desire in his heart was lured out at this time, so he——

Fell asleep.

In addition, Xue Danrong arranged a barrier formation for Fang Chaozhou alone just now.
Hence, he didn’t hear the sound of the two fighting with magic at all and was sound asleep.

Xue Danrong stared at the appearance of Fang Chaozhou fast asleep.
Only after a long time, he glanced down, and his eyes swept over the shark silk satin on Fang Chaozhou’s wrists and feet.
After, only a flash of sword light was seen.
The shark silk satin broke in response to the light.

Fang Choahzou was still lying down and didn’t know what happened at all. 

Xue Danrong bent down.
He originally planned to pick Fang Chaozhou up and bring him back to the inn.
However, the tip of his nose suddenly smelled a very sweet and unctuous fragrance.
It was like that fragrance could float into his bones.
Xue Danrong’s movements suddenly stopped.
The wings of his nose quivered.
The fragrance was dispersing out of Fang Chaozhou’s body. 

He saw the flower between Fang Chaozhou’s eyebrows.
There was more than one flower, there was a deep red flower on the white earlobe.
Because there was long hair covering it, it was faintly discernible. 

The long eyelashes on that pair of consistently indifferent phoenix eyes trembled at this moment.
His top and bottom eyelids formed heaven and earth, the color of the sea surface between heaven and earth’s crevice quietly turned deep.
It even began to billow, rolling over and over.
The giant creature of the deep sea hidden under the sea surface gradually became restless. 

The soft grip his hand had on Fang Chaozhou’s shoulder became a heavy hold.
Xue Danrong only lessened some of his strength when he saw Fang Chaozhou uncomfortably wrinkle his eyebrows.
However, he didn’t take his hand away.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, perhaps it was only a very short time, perhaps it was a quarter of an hour, Xue Danrong leaned down.

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