The small boat was about to be worn out.

Xue Danrong wanted to pull Fang Chaozhou out, but Li Zhu’s long whip was still wrapped around Fang Chaozhou’s waist.
He wanted to use magic to undo the long whip, but Li Yiye’s magic smashed over here again. 

The three people fought with magic more and more fiercely.
The small boat sounded a “bang” and immediately burst open.
When they were each floating in midair, Fang Chaozhou disappeared.
In addition to this, Song Lianyi, who was watching the fight silently from the start, also disappeared. 


Fang Chaozhou looked at the pibo wrapped around his waist, the big pervert who was very close to him, and then down at the ground, which he practically couldn’t see.
His cultivation was still limited right now.
If he wanted to struggle now, and Song Lianyi lets go, he might fall and become a meat patty. 

[T/N: “Pibo” is a clothing item.]

In the presence of life, being kidnapped was whatever. 

Hence, Fang Chaozhou acted as a captive, knowing his place. 

Song Lianyi appeared to be somewhat surprised at Fang Chaozhou’s quietness.
He inclined his head to look at him several times but didn’t say anything.
When they finally reached the ground, Fang Chaozhou looked at his surroundings and discovered that this place was a little familiar-looking.
It seemed like he had already been here before. 

“Does it look familiar?” Someone asked him.

Fang Chaozhou couldn’t help but nod. 

“It’s correct if it’s familiar.
This is the Gilded Cave.
You’ve been here before?” That person asked him again. 

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Fang Chaozhou nodded again. 

That person’s voice carried a smile, “It’s really you, Fang Chaozhou.”

Fang Chaozhou suddenly froze.
He looked at the person that was speaking, eyes showing he was completely unable to comprehend. 

How did Song Lianyi recognize him?

Wait, Song Lianyi said this was the Gilded Cave?

The Gilded Cave, Song Lianyi…

Fang Chaozhou’s eyes instantly widened some.
Miss Yiyi from before shouldn’t be this Song Lianyi, right? Was he done for now?

“Have you figured it out? You’re not that stupid, but also not that smart.” Song Lianyi used some strength to pull the pibo on Fang Chaozhou’s waist and then walked forward.
Fang Chaozhou was forced to go forward, and they went to what seemed to be the back of the Gilded Cave’s building.
Compared to the front of the building, it was actually very quiet here. 

Along the way, Fang Chaozhou almost could only hear his and Song Lianyi’s footsteps. 

Song Lianyi stopped his footsteps in front of a room.
He turned his head to look at Fang Chaozhou and hooked his lips.
“Push open the door and then go in.”

Fang Chaozhou, who could get lenient treatment with obedience, stepped forward, opened the door, and stepped in.
However, as soon as he stepped into it, he withdrew his foot again. 

“Why are you not going in?” Song Lianyi ‘s voice was very close to him as if he was sticking to his ear and talking.
But in reality, Song Lianyi was two people away from him.

There were many odd things in this room.
Fang Chaozhou only took a hurried glance and saw manacles, leg-irons, whips, candles… This somewhat seemed like that nice surprise room Song Lianyi prepared for Xue Danrong in the original work. 

Only, Xue Danron never got the opportunity to see this nice surprise gift because Song Lianyi never tied the person up every time he drugged him. 

But what did this nice surprise room have to do with him? 

The salted fish panicked.

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It was probably the obvious alarm on Fang Chaozhou’s face that pleased Song Lianyi.
The big pervert laughed in a low voice and then continued to use a girl’s voice to say: “Last time, you had me read aloud a huaben in the middle of the night.
This time, I also want to hear your voice, a voice produced because of suffering.”

Right at this moment, Fang Chaozhou finally undid the speech forbiddance technique.
He hurriedly said: “Sounds of suffering? How much suffering do you want? I will shout for you right now.”

When he said that, he pinched himself again and again.
Then, Song Lianyi heard a sound like a pig dying. 

Song Lianyi: …

The space between Song Lianyi’s eyebrows twitched.
His tone had a little angry teeth grinding.
“Don’t do these kinds of weird things with Xue Danrong’s face.”

Fang Chaozhou suddenly held his tongue and thought.
He leaned against the door next to him and made the emotion in his eyes blurred.

“Ah…hurts…so painful…wu wu wu…don’t…stop…”

He was also artificially yelling and even lifted both his hands, sticking them on the door, making a facade of someone binding his hands. 

“…Ah…ah ah…ah ah ah…ah ah ah ah…Lianyi, too…painful…ah…”


A loud noise interrupted Fang Chaozhou’s performance. 

Song Lianyi’s magic immediately crumbled a piece of the door next to Fang Chaozhou.
His complexion was completely blackened.
“If you dare ah one more time, I will kill you.”

Fang Chaozhou showed an innocent smile.
He blinked and very carefully said: “You don’t like ah? Then how about I change it to ya?”

After he finished speaking, he prepared a “ya”.
But when he opened his mouth, Fang Chaozhou discovered that once again, a speech forbiddance technique was cast on him.
Song Lianyi’s face, which belonged to the lucid and elegant face of a young lady, was full of malice right now.
His tone was ice-cold and even showed a murderous spirit.
“You aren’t allowed to say even one word, if you dare to produce a sound, I will kill you tonight!”

Fang Chaozhou immediately pursed his lips and nodded silently, indicating he understood. 

Song Lianyi narrowed his eyes, suddenly turned around, and walked away.
But when he only walked a few steps, he couldn’t bear it and covered his ears.
He cursed angrily: “Fuck! There are even echoes in my head!”

Song Lianyi, who had pretended to be a girl for many years, said a profanity for the first time in his life.

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