Only, crawling back was even harder than crawling out.
Fang Chaozhou hung onto the wine cup, not going up or down.
He became a living, suspended component for the wine cup. 

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To the side, Sect Master Lin laughed.
“It actually could observe people’s eye signals.
It opened its spirit’s wisdom, but what a pity, the wisdom isn’t much.

Fang Chaozhou, whose wisdom was questioned, also didn’t continue crawling.
Forget it, let him just hang here.
If he crawled back, it also meant being a wine-soaking snake. 

Seeing Fang Chaozhou sincerely hanging on the wine cup, Li Yiye wasn’t concerned with him.
He stared at the tree peony arena underneath with a fixating gaze.
Even Sect Master Lin next to him found this scorching gaze peculiar, but he didn’t say anything.
Instead, he grabbed some chopsticks and went to tease Fang Chaozhou hanging on the wine glass.

Sect Master Lin grabbed some chopsticks and went to poke Fang Chazhou’s head.
Seeing Fang Chaozhou unable to bear it and opening his mouth to bite the chopsticks, he immediately lifted the chopsticks up.
After the chopsticks went back down a few times, Fang Chaozhou pretended to be completely dead.
No matter how he poked, there wasn’t a reaction.

Sect Master Lin’s interest didn’t fade and put away the chopsticks.
He grabbed a Yacon fruit by his side and went to tease him again.
Yacon fruits were very rare spiritual fruits in the cultivation world.
It had a high price in the market, but very low demand.
Fang Chaozhou had been seeking this fruit for a long time already but had never tasted it before.
Once he smelled the Yacon fruit, he was somewhat unable to bear it.
The snake head couldn’t help but follow after Sect Master Lin’s fingers, circling.

Wherever fingers holding the Yacon fruit turned, his head turned and followed.

Sect Master Lin, halfway through the teasing, suddenly felt a line of sight staring at him.
He turned his head to look.
When he discovered that it was Li Yiye, he smiled awkwardly.
At this moment,  Fang Chaozhou seized the opportunity, lifted his head vigorously, and bit the Yacon fruit in his hand.

After biting it, Fang Chaozhou wanted to swallow it.
Unfortunately, as soon as it was in his mouth, his head was heavily swatted.

The Yacon fruit in the mouth was gone.

Fang Chaozhou watched the Yacon fruit in his mouth fall into the wine cup and sighed in his heart.
He really wanted to eat it, but it was better to forget it.
The strength just now, he knew that it was the big devil, Li Yiye, who swatted him even without needing to think about it.

If the other party didn’t let him eat it, then he wouldn’t eat it.
Anyway, he had just had it in his mouth, it also counts as tasting it.

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Fortunately, after Li Yiye prevented Fang Chaozhou from eating the Yacon fruit, he placed his attention below again.
Fang Chaozhou didn’t know how long he had been hanging on the wine glass.
He originally wanted to try to undo the spell on his body as much as possible, but he thought about it and started to have second thoughts.
If this was undone, wouldn’t everyone know that the one hanging here is Fang Chaozhou of the Tianshui Sect?

That won’t do, he also wants face.

After hanging for a long time, the drunkenness from the wine increasingly approached.
Fang Chaozhou was dizzy and really couldn’t hang on anymore, so he tried to see if he could coil himself around the edge of the wine glass.

When he was halfway through coiling around it, he suddenly heard footsteps.
Moreover, it was more than one person.
He turned his head to look and saw people properly walking along the jade white stairs step by step to where he was, and among them was Xue Danrong.
Today, Xue Danrong was wearing light cyan Tianshui Sect disciple clothes, holding the Water Breaking sword.
A child with splendid future prospects, and an immortal beauty’s appearance.
Obviously, the group of people came up together, but almost everybody’s attention was placed on him alone.

The top ten had already been decided, and Xue Danrong took fifth place.
Although he didn’t get first place, this was only his first time participating in the Cultivation Convention.
According to the rules, the almighties among the judges would take turns to comment on the top ten cultivators in the Cultivation Convention, which could be regarded as guidance.
If there was a younger generation who was particularly admired, it was also a common matter to especially give a magic weapon personally. 

When it was time for Li Yiye’s turn, he skipped the first four names, directly choosing Xue Danrong’s name. 

“Xue Danrong.
Sure enough, an intoxicating red flower, appearing soft.
Your name is the same as your person.“ These words are considered to be unhidden dallies.
At once, many people’s complexions changed slightly. 

And Xue Danrong’s complexion turned completely cold.

[T/N: “Sure enough, an intoxicating red flower, appearing soft.” I think this is supposed to be poem-like and I’m sure I messed up the translation.
The raw: “果然是丹花醉人柳似绵啊”.
If anyone can help me, please do:(]

But Li Yiye didn’t seem to notice the change in the scene’s atmosphere, or he didn’t mind other people’s reactions at all.
He hooked his lips into a smile, “I think everyone present thinks the same as me.
Little Tree Peony, you shouldn’t appear here.” He paused, and the smile at the corner of his mouth deepened, “You should appear on bed.”

As soon as he said those words, Xue Danrong’s Breaking Water sword came out, but before he stabbed Li Yiye, the Eldest Shixiong next to him stopped him first.

“Youngest Shidi!”

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Xue Danrong was really angry, so angry that his hand gripped the sword so hard that it turned white.

The melon-eating Fang Chaozhou watched Li Yiye being occupied with dallying his family’s Youngest Shidi.
With great difficulty, he resisted the tipsy feeling and looked for an opportunity, preparing to escape again.
This time, he familiarly crawled down from the wine cup.
He didn’t breathe, sorrowfully shifting away.
But when he was halfway through shifting, Sect Master Lin suddenly opened his mouth.

“Sect Master Li, your dish that goes well with the wine is going to escape.”

[T/N: “Melon eating” means watching from the sidelines with interest.]

Fang Chaozhou: …

Didn’t I only secretly bite your Yacon fruit? Did I go too far?

This sentence not only turned Li Yiye’s attention to Fang Chaozhou, but even other people present couldn’t help but look at the “dish that goes well with the wine” on the table.

They only saw that the “dish that goes well with the wine” had a completely snow-white body, and the length was less than the length of an adult’s hand.

Li Yiye looked at Fang Chaozhou, who was staying in place and also pretending to be dead.
He suddenly remembered that Fang Chaozhou was still Xue Danrong’s Shixiong.
Thinking of this, malice flashed in his eyes.

“Truly naughty.
As soon as I’m not paying attention, you want to flee outward.
Where can you escape to? Even if you really aren’t willing, and get angry again, won’t I catch you in the end?”

Although this was said to Fang Chaozhou, Li Yiye’s eyes actually kept staring at Xue Danrong.
He conveniently grabbed Fang Chaozhou and put it on his leg.
As soon as he let go, the snake on his leg turned into a human. 

Salted Fish Fang, who was caught off guard, changed into a human, and even sitting on the big devil’s leg: !!!

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Li Yiye drew Fang Chaozhou’s waist towards him very naturally and even stroked Fang Chaozhou’s long hair on his back in passing.
“Next time you are this disobedient, you will pay dearly.”

Salted Fish Fang, who the big devil drew in and stroked without warning: ???

Fang Chaozhou, for the greater part, sobered from being tipsy.
He wanted to struggle on the spot.
Under this public place with numerous people, a man drew him into his embrace! But at this moment, his cultivation was still restricted, and his struggle was like an ant trying to shake a tree.

Naturally, Li Yiye noticed Fang Chaozhou’s struggle.
Without altering his expression, he cast magic on Fang Chaozhou again, making the person have no other choice but to be soft in his embrace.
He truly became a boneless snake.   

Fang Chaozhou, who struggled and was defeated, hesitated for a moment.
He chose to lift his hand and cover his face.

Forget it, he wants face.

With his face covered up, everyone would be unaware that the one sitting in Li Yiye’s embrace was him.

Only, him covering his face provoked Li Yiye’s sneer.
Li Yiye even snatched Fang Chaozhou’s hand down, forcibly turning his face to let Fang Chaozhou directly face everyone’s vision.

However, the scene that Fang Chaozho imagined, the scene of Eldest Sixiong yelling his name in alarm and anger, didn’t happen at all.
He was forced to face those people, and unexpectedly, there were people stupefied at his face.
He even heard the sound of someone inhaling. 

Fang Chaozhou: En?

Everyone looked at Fang Chaozhou with bewitched eyes, all except Xue Danrong.
His complexion was already unsightly to the point it couldn’t be more unsightly, and so clouded that it could almost drip water.

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Fang Chaozhou was still blanking out, and he still couldn’t make sense of the situation.
At this time, Li Yiye obscenely and playfully pinched Fang Chaozhou’s face.
Simultaneously, he said to Xue Danrong, “Why is Little Friend Xue’s complexion so unsightly? Could it be that Little Friend Xue can’t accept that my little pet developed the same face as you?

Hearing this sentence, Fang Chaozhou finally made sense of the situation.
This big devil was actually so perverted that he turned him into the appearance of Xue Danrong, and then restrained him in his arms to tease him.
He even said “little pet” to humiliate Xue Danrong.

This behavior of his, its intention was already extremely obvious.
It was just to clearly tell Xue Danrong that he, Li Yiye, had already taken a fancy towards him.

That Xue Danrong already couldn’t escape. 

Fang Chaozhou suddenly realized that in the next instant, he was embraced even more tightly.
Li Yiye’s eyes were fixated on Xue Danrong, but his hand was stroking the salted fish in his embrace.

Li Yiye liked to drink strong alcoholic drinks, and just now Fang Chaozhou fell into his wine cup and drank a lot of the strong wine.
At this moment, he was carrying Xue Danrong’s face and truly became an intoxicated peony.
His beauty compelled people.
Everyone looked at him softly as if they were boneless.
The epitome of appearances, the most beautiful.  Even the look in their eyes was somewhat uncontrollable. 

After all, Xue Danrong was a disciple of the Tianshui Sect.
The Sect Master of Tianshui Sect was famous for defending a friend, relative, or themself despite knowing that they were in the wrong.
They couldn’t be like Li Yiye, so bluntly staring at Xue Danrong like that.
But this kind of little plaything didn’t need to be paid particular attention to.

 Li Yiye could treat him like this in front of everyone, it looked as if he wasn’t very favored.

Fang Chaozhou didn’t know everyone’s thoughts.
Li Yiye bullied him a few times, and the corner of his mouth twitched involuntarily.
After a few more times, he really couldn’t bear it and laughed.
He laughed while dodging Li Yiye.
He was even shouting.

“Ha ha ha! Don’t touch my ticklish flesh! I can’t take it anymore! Ha ha ha!

It was really too itchy.
He sincerely wanted to be a tool person, but he really couldn’t help it.

[T/N: “Tool person” is a person who invests without reservation, wouldn’t receive any affectionate response, and be secretly delighted when the other party used them.]

Li Yiye’s face blackened instantly.

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