Suddenly, Fang Chaozhou felt the hand on his waist restraining his waist even more tightly.

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“Gongzi, that person is so fierce.” Miss Yiyi looked as if she was afraid, increasingly withdrawing into Fang Chaozhou’s embrace.
Fang Chaoshou felt the place she touched raising a layer of goosebumps, and as for the places she didn’t touch——

He felt a cold air encircling those places. 

Especially his back.

What was there at his back?

Fang Chaozhou cannot help but turn his head, and there was no one there other than Youngest Shidi.

Forget about it, the matter of vital importance wasn’t to find where this cold air was emitting from.
First, he had to resolve this one in his bosom.
Fang Chaozhou gave his Shimei beside him a frantic, meaningful look.
The Shimei finally understood, then forcibly and firmly pulled Miss Yiyi out.
She was still afraid that Miss Yiyi would pounce one more time and simply stood in front of Fang Chaozhou, blocking her.

“This young lady, my Second Shixiong already said that he didn’t want a maid that does physical work.
It’s better if you go back please.”

Miss Yiyi held the arm that the Shimei just pulled.
She looked as if she wanted to cry, “This servant already has nowhere to return to, and still hopes that Gongzi takes pity on this servant’s lowly life.
Otherwise, this servant can only go and throw herself into the river and hope the next life will be one as the daughter of a wealthy noble family, and won’t allow Gongzi to be contemptuous.”

Fang Chaozhou: “Oh.”

Miss Yiyi: “…”

The tears in Miss Yiyi’s eyes fell, and the emotion in her eyes while looking at Fang Chaozhou was simply like looking at a heartless rat.
However, she didn’t expect that Fang Chaozhou not only was indifferent but also covered his lips and yawned a little.

“Second Shixiong.” On top of the stairs, Xue Danrong abruptly opened his mouth.
“I have a magic skill I somewhat still cannot comprehend.
I don’t know if Shixiong can help me clear up some confusions?”

Fang Chaozhou wanted to leave this place just then.
Xue Danrong handed him a ladder, and he had no unfavorable reason to not climb it.
Therefore, he agreed and turned around to walk towards where Xue Danrong was.

Xue Danrong waited for Fang Chaozhou to approach, shot a glance at Miss Yiyi, who was still standing where she originally was, shedding tears.
He turned around and went upstairs.

Fang Chaozhou followed Xue Danrong up to the second floor in a straight line.
Once he walked to the corner and guaranteed the people on the first floor couldn’t see this place, he immediately stopped his footsteps.
“Youngest Shidi, thank you for helping me out of the trouble.”

Xue Danrong, who was walking in front, did not stop his footsteps.
His voice was indifferent, “I merely thought Shixiong consorting with a woman in a public place with numerous people was indeed losing Tianshui Sect’s face a little.
Next time, I also hope that Shixiong handles it privately.”

Finished speaking, he even sped up his footsteps, walking forwards, not at all giving Fang Chaozhou a chance to explain.

As for Fang Chaozhou, what he heard comes in the left ear and exits through the right.
He happily returned to his room to make up for lost sleep.

Youngest Shidi’s misunderstanding and whatnot, he simply did not pay attention to.

Fang Chaozhou continuously nested in the inn as a salted fish.
He waited until Eldest Shixiong came to call for him, saying that today was the Cultivation Convention Top Ten’s competition.
Then he reacted and came over, only finding out after everyone else.

During the Top Ten’s competition, the Dark Soul Sect’s big devil acted as a judge.
He took fancy on Xue Danrong, even kidnapping Xue Danrong with everybody watching. 

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Wow, so upsetting!

Salted Fish Fang flipped over on the bed saying to the Eldest Shixiong outside of the door: “Eldest Shixiong, my body is somewhat unwell today, I’ll just not go.”

Eldest Shixiong asked: “Where are you unwell? Do you want FIfth Shdi to help you take a look?”

Fang Chaozhou heard the sound of the door being pushed and immediately said: “No need, Eldest Shixiong, you still have a match today.
You’d better set off quickly, you mustn’t be late.
Fifth Shidi needs to attend to Youngest Shidi.
I’ll be fine after I rest for a bit.”

Eldest Shixiong was somewhat hesitant, but seeing it was getting late, he still left.
Just before leaving, he specially said to Fang Chaozhou: “If you are feeling ill, just use the transmitting sound talisman to tell me.”

The Top Ten Competition could only be seen once every ten years.
Moreover, none of the Cultivation Convention’s top ten were to be trifled with.
All were among the very best outstanding, young cultivators on earth currently.
As for the older almighties, either they were in seclusion or at today’s Convention, acting as judges.

Therefore, the whole inn was empty, with only Fang Chaozhou, a salted fish, remaining.

After Eldest Shixiong left, Fang Chaozhou got up from the bed.
After washing his face and rinsing his mouth, he sat on the beauty couch, wearing only his unlined garments.
One hand flipped his script, eating samara fruits with the other. 

The samara fruit was a snack that cultivators could eat.
There weren’t many samara fruits in the village under Tianshui Sect.
However, Xianglian City had very many, so Fang Chaozhou bought a pile of them.
He even planned to buy a full small hill of them again before leaving and store them in his storage ring. 

The samara fruit was juicy and red.
After only eating for a moment, the red juice dyed Fang Chaozhou’s left hand’s fingernails red.
It was just like he applied nail-dyeing oil.
He was just about to use a cleaning technique, but someone took the book in his right hand first.

[T/N: “Nail-dyeing oil” is like today’s nail polish.]

Fang Chaozhou blanked.
When he raised his head, he met a face with an aura of wickedness, flowing all over the place.

The man before his eyes was dressed in a black and gold brocade-lined gown from head to toe.
Although his appearance was picturesque, what was included was an aura of wickedness that was too heavy.
Especially those two eyes.
This face seemed young, but those two eyes were not at all young.

But the most important thing wasn’t this.
The important thing was that one word that was engraved on the side of this man’s neck.


Reportedly, when the Dark Soul Sect’s big devil was still a mortal, he was previously a child born to slaves of a rich merchant family.
Later, because he offended his master, a word was engraved onto him.
That word wasn’t engraved on his face.
Rather, it was engraved on his neck.

Fang Chaozhou looked at the hostage seized—— ”Script”, and immediately wanted to take out his sound transmitting talisman.
However, just as his hand barely moved, a body fixation technique was placed onto him. 

“Relax, I won’t kill you.
I sniffed out my son’s smell on your body.
He had already been out for a very long time, and I’m really not at ease, so can you tell me where he is?”

You say you won’t kill, but big devil, why do you need to place your hand on my neck?

On one hand, Fang Chaozhou was thinking of ways to undo the body fixation technique.
On the other hand, he sincerely replied, “I only met him twice.
The last time I saw him was at the Gilded Cave.
I also don’t know where he is right now.” Seeing the big devil narrowing his eyes, he immediately added a sentence, “But he left a Thousand Miles Jade Tablet with me, I can help you ask him where he is.”

The big devil gave a slight smile, and the hand he put on Fang Chaozhou’s neck wasn’t at all removed: “Ok.”

Fang Chaozhou and the big devil faced each other, looking at each other.
Facing each other for a while, Fang Chaozhou very carefully said: “Could you first undo the body fixation technique? Otherwise, I can’t do anything about getting the Thousand Miles Jade Tablet.”

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“I’ll hold it for you.
How about you put it here?” The big devil’s line of sight dropped down, staring at Fang Chaozhou’s storage ring on his hand.
At the same time, he also saw Fang Chaozhou’s hand, dyed red by the samara fruit’s fruit juice.
His brows instantly twisted up as if he saw some kind of filthy thing. 

After a while, he watched the big devil withdraw the hand he placed on his neck.
He used a cleaning technique and washed his hand clean, not speaking.
He also saw the big devil take out a silk handkerchief and wipe his hand once.

Fang Chaozhou looked at his hand that was transformed clean and paused.

After the big devil wiped Fang Chaozhou’s hand, he threw the silk handkerchief on the ground right away.
As soon as the silk handkerchief fell to the ground, it automatically disappeared and was not to be seen.
Like it never existed.

When the big devil completed all this, he immediately cut open Fang Chaozhou’s storage ring seal and began to search for something in it.
It could be said that Fang Chaozhou’s storage ring was like large chain supermarkets of modern times, it had everything, so there was a lot of stuff in there.
The big devil searched for the Thousand Miles Jade Tablet for half a day and didn’t find it.
It seemed like a bit of angry fire appeared in his eyes. 

Fang Chaozhou saw the situation wasn’t right and immediately put out the fire: “I’ll do it, I’ll do it, don’t be angry.”

The big devil withdrew his hand and at the same time, Fang Chaozhou found out his body fixation technique was removed.
But he searched around once and also didn’t find it.
Seeing the atmospheric pressure on the big devil’s body getting lower and lower, Fang Chaozhou finally recalled that he resented Li Zhu for being too bothersome last time and tossed the Thousand Miles Jade Tablet into the room’s flower vase.

He promptly poured the Thousand Miles Jade Tablet out from the flower vase and handed it over to the big devil.
However, the big devil didn’t receive it, coldly shooting him a glance.

Fang Chaozhou immediately rushed to make use of the Thousand Miles Jade Tablet.
He shouted at the other end: “Li Wang? Li Wang? Are you there?”

Practically awfully quick, Li Zhu’s voice passed through from over there.
However, it was a very angry voice.

“Beast! You still have the face to contact me! Are you not afraid that my dad will become aware of you taking advantage of me and kill you?”

Fang Chaozhou: …

Salted Fish Fang’s hand holding the jade tablet trembled slightly.

Little brat, your dad already knows.

However, he really didn’t do anything.
He definitely didn’t take unfair advantage of him.

…Fine, he admits, he perhaps did a little bit verbally. 

“Li Wang, can you tell me where you are first?” Fang Chaozhou intentionally turned his normal voice even more gentle and soft.
It was entirely a voice to coax children.

But Li Zhu was still angry and only humped, not at all saying where he was at. 

Besides him, the big devil seemingly ran out of patience.
He straightforwardly started to talk, “Li Zhu, where are you?”

As soon as those words came out, Li Zhu was as silent as death over there.
Fang Chaozhou secretly glanced at the big devil and saw the black energy substance disorderly circling about in the big devil’s expression.
It seemed like he was genuinely very angry. 

Fang Chaozhou reflected on his own scenes and degree of significance in the original work, and his heart calmed down a little bit.
He probably wouldn’t die that early. 

Wait a minute, but right now, he hadn’t at all left the original plot.
Even the big devil could appear in front of him.
It probably wasn’t the author assigning the other party to come and erase him, right?

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It was ok to be killed, but the question was, would his soul return to modern times after dying?

Mentioning modern times, Fang Chaozhou could not help but miss his mobile phone, games, fanjus, and all kinds of tasty take-out. 

[T/N: “Fanju” means Japanese serialized or already completed animation TV series and special photos.]

“What are you thinking about?” The big devil’s voice pulled Fang Chaozhou’s train of thought back into reality. 

Fang Chaozhou promptly shook his head, turned to face Thousand Miles Jade Tablet, and said: “Your dad even came here to find you, you’d better return home quickly.
Don’t make trouble.”

At that moment, Li Zhu finally started to talk again, “I’m not going back.
Li Yiye, don’t think that you can capture me back this time.
I’ve already said, I came here to see my darling Danrong.
As soon as Danrong falls in love with me, I will naturally go back.”

Ze, the little devil, unexpectedly dares to call out the big devil’s name directly.

The big devil listened to the words and responded with a laugh without anger.
“You want to let Xue Danrong fall in love with you? Why would he fall in love with you? This time, you didn’t even get into the top 100.
Fortunately, you concealed your identity.
Otherwise, if other people knew that I, Li Yiye, had a son like you, I would even think I’ll lose face. 

“You think I want to be your son? If it weren’t for me not having a choice, I definitely would not want to be your son!” Li Zhu was over there, shouting.

Salted Fish Fang, indescribably visiting the event of father and son quarreling: …

Quarreling is fine, but just don’t harm the innocent.

As soon as this thought came up, the innocent were harmed. 

The big devil grabbed Fang Chaozhou’s arm.

“You’re not coming back, fine, then this good friend of yours will just take a trip with me.”

After what was said, Fang Chaozhou saw the Thousand Miles Jade Tablet turn into fine powder in the big devil’s hand. 

“Hold on!” Before Fang Chaozhou could say the rest of his words, he was already made dizzy.

You grabbed the wrong person!

Wasn’t you supposed to grab you and your son’s beloved person?

Your beloved person is fighting a match right now! Weren’t you supposed to go and watch the match?

Not knowing how long had passed, Fang Chaozhou unhurriedly regained consciousness.
However, he found himself lying in a very strange place.
It was soft beneath his body like he was lying on a cloth.
Now, he was also bewildered, seeing a light ahead, and couldn’t help but want to stand up and walk forwards.
He already discovered an issue at this step. 

He couldn’t stand up.

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It was impossible for him to even look at himself.

Incorrect, he eventually turned around with difficulty.
Going near to the transparent glimmer coming in, he saw a snake tail. 

Salted Fish Fang: …

Right at that moment, he heard people’s voices.

“Sect Master Li, do you have a winning candidate you have your eye on this time?

“Not yet, how about Sect Master Lin?” It was the big devil’s voice.

The man who spoke before spoke again: “That Xue Danrong of Tianshui Sect is not bad, but after all, he is a little inexperienced.
The brightest and the best of the next Convention will definitely be him, but this time will probably be his Eldest Shixiong.”

Hearing this, Fang Chaozhou was dumbfounded.
Was he at the Cultivation Convention site right now?

Li Yiye, this big devil, came to act as a judge.
What was he doing by bringing him here?

Although it seemed like he was turned into a snake, Fang Chaozhou still shifted forward with great effort.
Finally, he moved to where the light was at.
When he just stretched out his head, he heard the voice of the person just now, Sect Master Li.

“Sect Master Li, when did you raise a little pet?”

With this sound, Fang Chaozhou sensed the place he was staying at suddenly moved a few times.
Soon after, he was falling.
He fell into the water with a “boom”…wrong, it seemed like it was wine.

Fang Chaozhou struggled to get his head out, and only then did he discover he was thrown into a wine cup.
Plus, two enormous faces were in front of him. 

At that moment, in Fang Chaozhou’s eyes, they were indeed enormous faces, and big things were a little scary. 

“It really isn’t a little pet, just a dish that goes well with the wine.” Li Yiye laughed softly and flicked his fingers at Fang Chaozhou.
Fang Chaozhou fell into the wine cup once again.
When he came out again, he didn’t know how much wine was loaded inside his stomach.
Turned into a snake, he wanted to use his mouth to breathe when anxious because he didn’t know where his nose or mouth was.
The drink was poured in, the pouring even making him somewhat dizzy at this moment. 

Finally, Fang Chaozhou put his head up on the edge of the wine cup.
He spat out the tongue the wine burned.

When he saw Li Yiye wanted to flick his fingers again, he shook his snakehead at once.

He couldn’t drink anymore.
If he drinks again, he would really drown in that wine cup and truly become a dish that goes well with the wine.

Right at that moment, he heard a clamoring sound appearing in the surroundings.
Simultaneously, Sect Master Lin started to talk.

“The outcome of the battle is decided.
Sure enough, Xue Danrong lost.
In the end, he is too young.”

“Being young is also very good, youths have energy.” The arena over there also attracted Li Yiye’s gaze, and his hand stopped.
At that moment, Fang Chaozhou promptly crawled towards the outside of the wine cup.
Only, he was really somewhat unfamiliar with this snake body.
With great difficulty, the greater half of his body crawled out.
Finally, he fell onto the long narrow table with a “patter.”

By his side, the two almighties’ hearing abilities were keen.
This sound quickly attracted their gazes. 

Fang Chaozhou saw the black energy start to scatter about again in the big devil’s expression.
Without hesitation, he began to crawl back, following the wine cup.

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