Transmigrated into Substitute Bride Fu Lang

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Chapter 7 :養動物

[Raising Animals]

As word of mouth spread, Chen Xing’s business got better and better every day, and more and more people came, sometimes there were already people waiting for him before he even arrived at the place.


Today Chen Xing had just found a place to put his wheelbarrow when the old lady who had been waiting there for a long time shouted, “You, this little boss, why do you always come so late? My grandson is still waiting to eat it.
Oh right, remember to give me some more today!”


After saying that, she handed Chen Xing a large bowl she had brought with her and let Chen Xing help her with today’s meal.


Chen Xing looked at the fact that she came to buy it every day and did not mind about the extra advantage she took.
He gave her the rice, smiling as he said, “Here, Aunt Shèng, here’s yours!”


Aunt Shèng took the meal and looked at Chen Xing’s smiling face.
She tried to hold back but in the end, she couldn’t hold back anymore and came up to Chen Xing as she asked, “Little boss, how do you make this tofu, it’s so delicious.
Can you teach me? My grandson loves to eat this.”


This was the first time Chen Xing had ever encountered such a question and for a moment, he was at a loss as to how to answer.


At this time, when Chen Xing was in a dilemma, the man behind Aunt Shèng in the queue already shouted, “Madam, are you old and muddle-headed? This is the little boss’s secret recipe, can he tell you? After buying, just quickly go! Don’t delay our meal’s time!”


Aunt Shèng was angry and about to turn her head, wanted to argue with him but when she turned her head, she saw some big, tall and sturdy men, she was also afraid, therefore after complaining a few times, she left.
If it wasn’t for her grandson eating this then he would eat more, she wouldn’t have come to buy this stuff.
What bad luck! 


Seeing that Aunt Shèng had left, Chen Xing smiled at the man who had spoken for him, took the money he gave him and gave him a bowl of rice.
He especially gave him a little more extra mapo tofu for him.


As business was booming on Chen Xing’s side, a restaurant located diagonally opposite to him, a woman was leaning against the wall, her eyes staring viciously in Chen Xing’s direction as she laughed contemptuously, “Fox charming~ just relying on seducing men to do business.”


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The young waiter next to the woman, looked at his own charming and flirtatious female boss, and then he looked at the plainly dressed, down-to-earth little Ger over there and did not dare to comment on this. 


The woman stared at Chen Xing for a while, before she saw a sloppy figure entering the shop, her face immediately became flattering as she smiled at the man and said, “Lai Jiu Ge, why do you have free time to come here today?”


Lai Jiu didn’t look at her, he went straight to find a seat and sat down as he nonchalantly said, “Naturally, I came here because I had something to do.
Hurry up, serve me some food! I have to go to work after eating.
By the way, put in some more meat! My mouth felt as if it had no taste for the past two days.”


The smile on the woman’s face froze for a moment, looking seriously at Lai Jiu who only cared asking for wine, but in the end, she still didn’t dare to say anything back.


Until that woman finished ordering the cook, she came out again.
Lai Jiu was looking at the restaurant and said suspiciously, “Boss Qiao, why is your shop so deserted?”


The shop that was originally able to provide seats for more than a dozen customers, only had seven or eight tables occupied at the moment.


Boss Qiao looked at Lai Jiu and complained, “You don’t know, recently we have another food vendor here.
He only sells one kind of dish, but he steals most of our business.”


Lai Jiu was a bit curious, “Selling just one dish and he can steal so much of your business?”


Dissatisfied, Boss Qiao continued, “Exactly, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I also would not believe it.”


Lai Jiu suddenly became interested, looked at Boss Qiao and asked, “That’s quite interesting.
Where is the person you are talking about?”


Seeing that Lai Jiu was interested, Boss Qiao’s eyes quickly flashed with a dim light.
She guided Lai Jiu to the front doror where he could see Chen Xing and pointed at Chen Xing as she said, “Look, it’s right there.”


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Lai Jiu looked in the direction she pointed.
At the first glance, he saw a beautiful Ger smiling while handing over the meal to people.
At second glance, he saw people lined up in front of him and seeing that the people lined up there were many times more people than the customers in other places, thus he also believed Boss Qiao’s statement.


While Lai Jiu was staring at that place, Boss Qiao whispered in his ear, “That Ger set up his stall alone every day, The raw materials he used are also cheap.
I don’t know how much money he has made now and I also don’t know how he can afford to take advantage of those men?”


Lai Jiu stared at Chen Xing’s face as his mind gradually moved to think that if he could get that Ger, wouldn’t it be that he could obtain the money and also the beauty?


Chen Xing was still busy at this moment.
He did not know that he was being watched,so after an hour of work, he finally finished selling all the food.
He told those who could not buy it that there was no more food left before then he closed his stall with the background sound of their complaints.


Since Chen Xing was very fast in selling it all, he came back quite early.
He went back to sleep and after he woke up, he went directly to the kitchen to prepare for dinner.


On the way to the kitchen, Chen Xing looked at the weeds growing freely in the yard and thought it was time to put the matter of buying animals on the agenda.


As soon as Chen Xing started to work in the kitchen, Qiu Jiu walked in slowly as if he had timed it, looked at the  vegetables on the chopping board and asked curiously, “What are we going to eat for dinner tonight?”


Chen Xing didn’t even look up, bowing his head down while continuing to work on the things in his hands, he replied, “I’m going to make a cold eggplant dressed with sauce, a sliced cabbage, a scrambled egg with tomatoes, and a soup of three delicacies.”


Qiu Jiu noticed something, “Why are there so many cold dishes today?”


Chen Xing put the eggplants into the pot to boiled and answered his question in a soft voice, “The weather has been getting hotter lately and the food is a bit slow to cool down naturally, so I might as well just make it cold so that Gu Gongzi doesn’t have to wait.
In fact, I would like to make a shredded chicken which is even more delicious, but the chicken is too expensive, so I can’t buy it until I earn the money for another two days.”


Hearing the first half of Chen Xing’s words, Qiu Jiu was a little moved by the fact that Chen Xing was unexpectedly so kind to his family’s young master.
When he heard the latter half of Chen Xing’s words and remembered Chen Xing’s past skills, Qiu Jiu swallowed his saliva and began to think about how he could get a chicken home reasonably for this ‘in name only’ poor family. 


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Chen Xing was very quick, in less than a minute, he had already prepared three dishes and a soup.


Waiting until Chen Xing and Qiu Jiu arrived at the dining room with the dishes, they saw that Gu Lang was already sitting upright in his seat, ready to start the meal. 


Chen Xing saw Gu Lang’s upright posture, he inexplicably felt that Gu Lang was like a little boy waiting for the adults to start the meal, therefore he burst out laughing, causing the other two people to look at him.


Chen Xing hastily averted his expression and explained to Gu Lang who was staring at him, “Just now, I only thought of something funny.”


Hearing Chen Xing say it like this, the two of them didn’t look further into the matter and prepared to eat the meal. 


In the past, because Gu Lang could not eat anything too hot, he would always put the dish he wanted to eat on a plate and wait for it to get cold before eating it.
Usually, by the time he could eat, Chen Xing and Qiu Jiu would have already eaten half a bowl of rice.


Although Gu Lang did not say anything every time, Chen Xing however could feel that he must not feel really happy about it.
Today was different though because most of the dishes on the table were cold dishes,so Gu Lang did not need to wait for too long.
He could feel that Gu Lang was in a much happier mood.


Until the three of them had finished eating, Chen Xing hesitated for a moment, before he then told Gu Lang what he wanted to do, “Gu Gongzi, can I raise something in the courtyard?”


Hearing his words, Gu Lang was a bit stunned and looked at him in confusion, a bit unsure why, “Raising what kind of animals?”


Chen Xing touched his own nose and said with some embarrassment, “I haven’t thought about it yet, but I think we can’t waste all the grass in the courtyard! We can raise chickens, goats,etc and when we have enough money, we can raise a cow.
This way we will not only save the money from buying meat, but if we even sell the animals, we will have an income to supplement the family expenses.”


Seeing Chen Xing getting more and more excited as he talked, Qiu Jiu who had already tidied up the bowls, quietly glanced at his family’s young master who did not like dirty and messy (place).
As expected, his handsome face had become colder and colder.


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Chen Xing finished talking about his plans with great enthusiasm.
However, he found out that the person opposite him did not say anything.
He looked at his direction strangely, a puzzled look appeared on his face, “What’s wrong? Can’t I?”


Qiu Jiu dared to swear that the moment Chen Xing looked at his young master, his young master’s face, which no one would dare to say any nonsense if they had seen him, immediately softened.


Gu Lang looked at Chen Xing who was full of expectation as he stared at him and that decisive, ‘No!’ was stuck in his throat.
He changed it to a more euphemistic way, “I’m not well.
I don’t like noise.”


Chen Xing heard him talk like that, although he was a little disappointed, he did not fail to understand that Gu Lang’s health was not good, so that was why he needed to rest quietly and recuperate properly.
He could only nod in a depressed mood and sighed, “Okay then, I thought that I had found another way to earn money.”


Chen Xing said goodbye to them and went to the kitchen to prepare the ingredients for tomorrow’s breakfast.
On the way, he was still calculating in his heart that since he could not raise chickens now, therefore he could only wait for a few days to pass, when he earned more money and bought a chicken for Gu Lang to supplement his health.


Looking at Chen Xing’s disappointed back as he went away, Gu Lang pursed his lips and asked Qiu Jiu who was standing silly next to him, “Why would he think that way?”


Qiu Jiu pondered for a moment, thinking of Chen Xing’s recent words and he gave a less certain kind of answer, “Maybe Chen Xing thinks we are too poor and wants to help to increase our income a bit.
However since we usually say something like that, it’s no wonder that he will think that way, I think…”


Qiu Jiu hadn’t finished talking yet he silently closed his mouth after a stern knife gaze from Gu Lang. 


Gu Lang looked at the direction where Chen Xing left and was silent for a moment, then he said, “Later, you get someone to take care of all the grass in the courtyard, especially the one in front of Chen Xing’s room.”


Gu Lang knew that Chen Xing felt that the grass in the courtyard was too much like a ghost house, but he had never cared about it, so he did not think of clearing it.
But since Chen Xing cared, it was better to get rid of it, so that he wouldn’t have to think too much about it.


Gu Lang defined his behaviour as not wanting Chen Xing to have any more strange thoughts and that was all, but he didn’t know that something had already gone off the rails.


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