Chapter 1 : Transmigrated

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Woken up by the sound of roosters crowing outside, Chen Xing slowly opened his eyes, silently sighed in his heart as he saw the earthy yellow roof above his head and smelled the dampness of the blankets on his body.


Chen Xing felt that no matter how long he had been here, he was still a bit uncomfortable and couldn’t adapt with the life here, not to mention the fact that he had only been ‘Chen Xing’ here for three days.


There is no doubt, Chen Xing was originally not from here at all.
He was originally from Z country in the 21st century.
At such a young age, he became one of the eight heirs of the Z national cuisine chef.
Unfortunately, when he was on a plane for the exchange program with chefs from other countries, the plane met with an unforeseen situation and crashed.
He changed from the formerly Chen Xing to the ancient time ‘Chen Xing’.


Although Chen Xing was born as the son of Chen Family’s patriarch, Master Chen and a concubine, his status in the Chen family’s residence was no different from that of a servant.


The most depressing thing for Chen Xing was that not only, he transmigrate into an ancient person, but he also arrived at a dynasty he had never heard of.
Moreover, the people here were divided into three types of gender; men, women and ger.
The first two were the same as in his previous life, except for the last one, who definitely had the appearance of a man but against reason, could bear children.


The good thing was that the character of the people here were quite tough as nails therefore both women and gers had a high degree of freedom to be whatever they wanted to be, except that they couldn’t be officials.
If it was not for this, Chen Xing felt that he would have died of boredom and depression.


“Chen Xing, are you up yet? These two days, Madam is not in a good mood, so we have to go to work quickly, or else it would be bad if Madam’s leg’s dogs 1 caught us!”


Just as Chen Xing was sighing and lamenting over his unfavourable situation, he slowly tidied up and got up.
He heard someone calling out to him outside the door, so he hurriedly answered and cleaned himself up before he walked out of the woodshed.
When he opened the door, he saw the person waiting for him, Chen Xing smiled at him and said, “Let’s go! ”


The Ger who came to call Chen Xing was called Zhou Guo, the third child of the housekeeper.
Because of the housekeeper, he usually picked up some light work.
When Chen Xing first arrived, he helped him chase away a hooligan and after that Zhou Guo became enthusiastic toward him and liked to take Chen Xing with him in everything he did.


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Their task today was to clean up the front courtyard.


Zhou Guo was very fastidious and in no time he had cleaned up the area he was in charge of.
Then he picked up a broom and came to Chen Xing’s side, pulled his sleeve and lowered his voice as he said, “Chen Xing, quick take a look, that is the scholar from the Gu family.
He really came to our residence.”


Hearing from the tone of his voice where Zhou Guo was unable to conceal his excitement, Chen Xing looked up at the direction he pointed, only in time to see a thin and weak back figure dressed in a cyan scholar’s uniform.


“It’s a pity.” Zhou Guo’s voice rang out in Chen Xing’s ears, his tone full of regret and sympathy.


Hearing this, Chen Xing was a bit confused since he did not understand what he was regretting about so he asked him directly.


Zhou Guo looked around and saw that there was no one else here beside them so he leaned in close to Chen Xing’s ear and gossiped, “Do you know what the relationship between that scholar surnamed Gu and the Chen family is?”


Chen Xing shook his head.


Zhou Guo’s eyes were full of gossip as he said excitedly to Chen Xing, “The Gu family was originally a wealthy merchant.
Previously, the young master from the Gu family was a famous child prodigy.
The Chen family relied on the fact that the Gu family was a prominent and aristocratic family, so they simply tied to Gu Family through the marriage contract or betrothal.
Later on, the Gu family was punished by the county magistrate for committing a serious crime so most of their family property was confiscated.
The whole family was killed by bandits who had fled down from the mountains, only this young master Gu escaped from the calamity, he then left here and went to seek a living (drift aimlessly). Several years later, the county magistrate was beheaded by the new emperor for some unknown crime, thus this Gu young master came back here again.
However the former child prodigy who was previously praised by everyone was now a jar medicine.
Without the support and the great wealth of his family, I don’t know how long he will live.”


Zhou Guo shook his head regretfully, as if sighing at the Gu family’s young master’s tragic fate, “He came back this time, supposedly to honour his marriage contract with the Chen family.
However, the people in the county think that he is the bane of others’ existence.
He is bad luck to his father, mother and to his relatives.
Now, he himself is dying, I also don’t know what Madam will do.”


As Chen Xing listened to Zhou Guo’s words, he became curious about the man who had just walked past but his curiosity did not last long.
After all, he himself had his hands full managing his own affairs so naturally, he did not have the heart to look after others.


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In the main hall of the Chen family, Madam Chen sent Gu Lang off and with a gloomy face, she asked her servants to sprinkle pomelo leaf water on the road he had passed by to remove the bad luck.


The fourth young lady of the Chen family, who had been hiding behind the screen as she watched, came out and said coquettishly, “Mother, what’s wrong with you?”


Madam Chen stroked her daughter’s soft hair and said gloomily, “Mother is thinking about the request made by that ‘calamity star’ just now.”


The purpose of Gu Lang’s visit was very clear: he no longer insisted the Chen family to marry off his daughter to him, he only wanted the Chen family to return betrothal gifts (from the bridegroom’s family to the bride’s) to him, so that he could have money to buy medicine.


But the betrothal gifts were given by the Gu family when they were rich and powerful, the meaning behind it was to show their sincerity.
In the past few years, the people from Gu Family couldn’t be seen, therefore Chen family has long since considered the people from Gu family all dead.
That betrothal gifts had long since been used by the Chen family as their own property.


Now, Gu Lang had come to ask for it but how could she possibly give it to him? Even if she could, the thought of spending such a large sum of money would be particularly painful for Madam Chen.


The fourth young lady of the Chen family remembered the handsome face of Gu Lang she had just seen and her heart rippled for a moment as she whispered softly in Madame Chen’s ear, “What Mother is going to do?”


Madam Chen squeezed her handkerchief tightly, her face unusually unsightly, “If I were to return that much money, I am a little unwilling and can’t bear to do so.
However that calamity star still has that ‘betrothal card2‘ from that time, If he makes a scene and stir up a trouble, we, the Chen family will not be able to shake him off either, not to mention that your older brother is about to participate in the imperial examination and his reputation must not be tarnished.”



The fourth young lady raised her head and looked up at Madam Chen and asked in some doubt, “Then is mother planning for us to become related by marriage (with him)?”


Madam Chen’s frown deepened and she said sarcastically, “How is that possible? You are the only daughter of the Chen family at the right age, how could I let you marry that short-lived ghost? He should also keep this dream of him as a dream! I must think of a way to keep the money and also not let you suffer.”

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“Chen Xing, take this plate of pastries to the front hall later and be careful not to drop it!”


Chen Xing responded to the cook lady, picked up the tray and walked towards the front yard.
He had been here for so many days that he knew the layout of the house really well in his heart.
In a short time, he arrived at the front hall.


He placed the tray of refined cakes carefully on the table and was about to retreat, but who knew at that very moment Madam Chen called out to him, “Who is this? Wait, raise your head!”


Chen Xing usually avoided the master of the house as much as he could, avoiding them whenever possible, for fearing that he would get into unnecessary trouble.
When he heard Madam Chen’s request, his heart thudded for a moment and he had a bad premonition, but he dared not go against her wishes and raised his head to look at Madam Chen’s direction.


After seeing Chen Xing’s face clearly, Madam Chen narrowed her eyes slightly, as if she had thought of something, and her face suddenly turned cold again.
She waved her hand and dismissed him impatiently.


Upon seeing this, Chen Xing silently breathed a sigh of relief and carefully retreated.


Madam Chen looked at his back figure as a deep thought gradually rose in her eyes.
She muttered in a low voice, “I didn’t think that in the blink of an eye, that wild seed3 from that time would have grown so big.”


Until Chen Xing’s back was completely out of sight, Madam Chen was still staring in his direction and pondered over something, as if she was having some bad ideas.


Chen Xing had been working with Zhou Guo all day and only when it was dark and dinner time, did he have a moment to rest.


“Chen Xing, quickly sit down and eat, there’s meat today!”

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As soon as Chen Xing entered the kitchen, he heard the little maid washing the dishes shout at him, telling him to sit down and eat.


Chen Xing smiled at her and sat down to look at the randomly stir-fried dishes on the table, sighing once again in his heart.
As a person who liked strongly-flavored food, he really did not appreciate the light food here.
However, he knew that he had no room to be choosy since he was here, so he ate under the warm greeting of other people there.


Just as Chen Xing and everyone else were eating, a maid of about 16 or 17 years old suddenly entered the doorway and stood in front of them.
She said in a lofty manner, “Is Chen Xing here? Madam wants to see him.
Come with me!”


The messenger maid was the lead maid of Madam Chen, who usually worked beside her and was naturally superior compared to the other servants.
Therefore, when she said it like this, no one felt that there was something wrong with her, but they all turned their heads to look at Chen Xing, who was sitting and silently eating his meal.


Following their gaze, the maid also looked at Chen Xing and the moment she saw Chen Xing’s face, a hint of surprise and envy flashed in her eyes.
Her beautiful eyebrows frown as she said in a dry voice, “Since you are here, why don’t you quickly come with me? Don’t tell me that you want to make Madam wait for you?”


Hearing this, Chen Xing did not dare to delay, so he swallowed his last mouthful of rice, hurriedly stood up and followed behind her to Madam Chen’s place.


On the way, thinking about the way Madam Chen looked at him today, Chen Xing always had a bad premonition about it and this feeling finally came true after he stepped into Madam Chen’s place and was stared at by her for a quarter of an hour.


Madam Chen leisurely put down the tea in her hand.
The tea tray made a sharp and clear sound on the table.
She stared fixedly at Chen Xing, as if she was bestowing a favour on him and said, “I haven’t paid any attention to you for a long time but I didn’t expect you to grow this big now, since it’s also time for you to get married.
It just so happens that I have found a good marriage for you, so pick an auspicious day and get married ba!”


Chen Xing was startled, looked up, stared fixedly at her and hastily said, “I don’t want to get married yet.” Damn it, he didn’t want an arranged marriage!


Madam Chen laughed coldly, looked at him sharply and sarcastically said, “Do you think I’m negotiating with you? You don’t even think about who and what you are!”


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