This story begins with me a normal human being who has died due to the mistake of the angel of death, because he wrote my name in the death note where all the names of the people who are meant to die go and since I wasn meant to die god offered me to send me in any reality of my choosing with three wishes, which when we find ourselves at the moment, I was thinking about what I wanted and after a while I figured it out.

”First I want the abilities, knowledge and experience of hashirama senju, second I want all the knowledge of the Uzumaki clan and last but not least I want speed thinking which will help to progress and become stronger quickly ” after I said that god nodded and asked me. ” Very well mortal your wishes shall be granted now where would you like to go and who do you want to be ” hearing his question I answered. ” I want to be born as the son of Daemon Targaryen and Rhea Royce in the year 100AC ” as I said that god nodded and send me on my way to my knew life where I would become a powerhouse.

Westeros/ Rune stone

In a bed chamber screams could be heard and the person screaming was none other than lady Rhoyce as she was giving birth.

A few years ago when she married Daemon Targaryen they made a pact she would not interfere with his life only if he gave her a son which after four years he did and since she was with child Daemon hadn visited her again and she was happy about that, but the pain of giving birth was intense and after a few hours she had finally given birth to a healthy baby boy, he had all the Targaryen features and strength of the first men and Valyria.


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