Schneizel carried me on his back as we made our way back to the Waldheim mansion.

We had already left the underworld and were now heading down the main street.

Although the upheaval that occurred earlier took place in the same city, many of the residents we passed walked by with a bland, blank look on their faces.

I was shocked to see how much difference there was between the front and the back of the city.

 Because a lot of people died.
It just so happened that Schneizel, Heian, and Schneizel's friends had acted, so the damage was limited to the underworld, but if it had gone badly, it could have led to a disaster that would have involved even the surface of the city.

 No, no.
It is because of the efforts of Schneizel and his friends that this peace has been maintained.

“What's wrong? Is something on your mind?”'

 Schneizel asks me as I look around.

I was just thinking how peaceful it is, as if what happened earlier was a dream.
I was just impressed by how amazing you are, Schneizel.”

“Of course I was.
It would be strange if he is not great.”


 The words are overflowing with an excessive amount of self-confidence.
But the results so far and the overwhelming power make it convincing.

'But, well, you're better than me this time.'

“Is that so?”

I will not move unless i has a practical advantage.
That's why the kid is worth it.
And, frankly, you know you're better than the others, don't you?”

“Well, I'm not so sure.”

 Where in the world can you find a six-year-old who can negotiate with Haiyan and make him an ally?

“Besides, you know what? I'm going to have  my ass wiped by a little boy this time.
I just turned the board over by force afterwards, I didn't really do anything.”

'Then you owe me one.”

'I got it.

'I'll think it over.”

 Schneizel sniffled at my response and the conversation was cut short.

 I moved slowly down the main street, carried on my back by his big back.

 A few minutes later.
The crowd around me had faded away, and Schneizel began to speak in whispers.

“Hey, kid.”


“I'm sorry for being a bad master.
I can't be a role model for you in anything but strength.”

“I don't think so.”

“No, if I had been a little more firm, you wouldn't have been in danger.
I'll be careful from now on.
So this time, I am really sorry.”

 His voice was flat.

  Schneizel spends his time running wild on the battlefield, even sacrificing his family in order to embody the image of a hero that the country demands.

 I don't dislike this man's awkwardness.

 Well, I don't want it to be the reason for my death, so I hope he'll be careful in the future, as he proclaimed.


 So we kept moving and we finally arrived at the mansion of the Waldheim family.

 The crowd in front of the main gate was buzzing, perhaps noticing our return.

 Then three figures jumped out from the crowd.

“Nor! Thank God you're all right!”

 The first to run up to us was Misha, my personal maid.
Misha came toward me, smiling with relief at seeing me for the first time in about half a day.
However, her face twisted into despair the moment she saw my leg.

Nor, that leg, eh? Why ——?

'Hey, Misha, calm down!”

“Nor! It's okay, it's okay! I'll fix it!”

Misha forgets even the surrounding eyes, and in a half frenzy, she performs a series of recovery spells on my right leg, which is missing.

 The enormous amount of magic power that was drawn out forcibly by the shaking emotions that exceeded Misha's original capacity.

 It was so great that Schneizel, who was carrying me on his back, opened his eyes.

 But even with that much effort, Misha was still unable to heal the injuries, so she shed tears and cried out,

“What can I do? Nor's leg won't heal! “

“Misha! Misha! There is a way to fix my leg!”


'Isn't that right, Schneizel?”

 Misha stares at me, stunned, as Schneizel carries me on his back.

“I will cross over to the saint and make sure he is cured.”


“It's true, Misha.
If you refuse, Mr.
Schneizel will send you to exile in another country.”

“Hey, kid, that's not true.”

“Oh, thank God —— it's really, really okay, right?”

Tears and repeated confirmations are proof of her love for me.
I know it's a fool's errand to use something like this as proof, but the fact that someone loves me almost made me cry a little.

“You're telling the truth now, aren't you?”

It was Saraswati, one of the two who had come toward us after Misha, who continued to talk to us.

She looked up at me with her eyes filled with mixed emotions, but kept silent without asking any more questions.

I knew from my knowledge of the game that Saraswati was not the type to talk much at a time like this.

 So, in Misha's arms, who held me as if snatching me from Schneizel, I smiled as usual.

'I'm sorry for worrying you, Saraswati.”

'It's true.
I was waiting for you with all my heart.
I couldn't do anything, I was so helpless , I wanted to help you, but I had to hold back because I was in the way, and then…” 

 ”Wait, wait.
I'll tell you a lot more than you think…
or perhaps don't cry! What?”

Even her personality has changed a little after interacting with me!

“Say, Saraswati?”

'Don't worry about me no more.”

“I understand.”

“I was really worried.”

I was unable to say anything to the vulnerable side of this normally strong girl.
An awkward yet warm hush filled the air.

Misha and Saraswati both like me, which is why I'm in this situation.

In Japan, I was not wanted by anyone, but here they care about me so much.
I am loved and needed.

 I wonder how long it has been since I have felt this way.
I have a place where I can say clearly that this is where I belong.

'—— norwin”

The last one, Lucy, came running in after Saraswati, and for some reason, she looked like she was all sweaty.

She looked as if she had been working out to death just a while ago.

'—— next time, I won't let them kidnap you right in front of me.”

 I couldn't help but laugh at Lucy's clumsiness as she told me this with her gaze.

 Because she's just like Schneizel, who said that power is the only way to be an example.

 I'm sure she's been pushing herself ever since I was kidnapped.

“That's promising.”

“—- And, I'm sorry about that time.”

“I'm sorry about that.
It's my fault if I say that.”

-“—– but…”

    'Nor l is an injured ! You must be tired, and that sort of thing can wait!”

And so I was carried to the infirmary, and as soon as I lay down on the bed there, I fell into a deep sleep, remembering how tired I was.

 —This is where I belong.

I'm home,


 How much time has passed since then?

When I woke up, I saw…


Long hair like shining golden threads, beautiful blue eyes with a clear blue sky, and a face full of charm…

” Cress?”

 There was my favorite  character is right there.

What? why?

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