Is this the end of the enemy?'”

Schneizel says with a wary glance toward his surroundings after Cassandra's disappearance.

'There are probably some enemies who tried to activate the curse.”

“Ah, well, then we probably don't have to worry about them.”


“I think one of the guys I asked for help took him down.”

 Is that true? The curse earlier seemed like a move that even used Cassandra's defeat.
I don't think an opponent who sets up the table that well can be defeated so easily, though.

But if Schneizel is such a good ally that he can give a drumbeat, then surely he might be okay.

Maybe it was Nicolas? Papa Kamikami would break through that situation with a smile on his face.

While I was alone in my thoughts, the conversation between the two strong men continued.

'Is that that guy who was with you ten years ago?”

“Oh, yeah, that's him.

“I see.
Then there is certainly no problem.”

If it is the person who was with Schneizel ten years ago, it is not likely to be Nicolas.
And when I asked him about apprenticeship, Fatheyand Schneizel said it was nice to meet you.

 Hian, who seemed to have decided that there were no enemies, first sheathed his sword.
Then Schneizel sheathed his greatsword and came toward me as I fell.
And then, said

“I am sorry.”

 For some reason, he bowed to me.

“Oh, um, Mr.

“It's my fault that the you was kidnapped this time.”

 Schneizel then explained to me, mixed with apologies, the chain of events that had led to the current situation.

 It was not so different from the guesses I had already formed.

'Well, I could have guessed most of it, so it's all right.
It's my fault that I was with Lucy and was carelessly kidnapped.”

'No, but…”

“Well, I'm still alive, and I've had a lot of good experiences this time, so I'm happy with the outcome.'

“Are you sure you want to go through with this? I don't know if it will pay for it, but I'll do something about it.”

 Oh, here's my chance.
I've been waiting for this.

Then please introduce me to someone who could fix my leg.

 If the basic setting of this world is the same as the game , then Schneizel must have a relationship with the current head of the magician's count , even though he is a dog and a monkey.

 Ask that person to refer him to a recovering magician.
And, if possible, I would like to have the head of the magician's count or someone close to the head of the magician's count to teach me magic.

 This incident has made it clear to me that I lack a decisive attack in combat.
Even the feints and small tricks that I desperately try to think of are no more than acrobatics in front of the pure firepower of an adult.

 So, before the next time I find myself in a situation like this again, I would like to prepare a means of attack with high magical power.

“If that's the sort of thing you want from , leave it to me.”

 I guess it was the aversion to face to face with the head of the magician's count that made her frown slightly, while she was puffing out her chest so as not to make me worry.

 She and Schneizel don't get along with each other very well.

I have to clean up the mess in the underworld.
I'm going home first.”

“Oh? Yeah, that's right.
We're leaving, too.”

I' ll see you later.'

“All right.
We'll send an errand for you.”

'Huh? What? When did you guys make some kind of agreement?”

It's none of your business.”

'You could've told me.”

“You two know each other?'

“Well, a little over a decade ago.”

After a few minutes of such conversation, we got out of the underworld.


Cassandra lost it.

 In the dark, in a space with no light at all.
The man chuckles.

“No trouble.
Everything is going according to plan.”

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