Chapter 41 .
Ray of hope

When fighting Cassandra, there are 4 things to keep in mind.

The first is accurate foresight, almost futuristic.

Cassandra, who has cut open many human bodies in the course of her research and torture, is well versed in the movement of the human body.

 She knows where the flesh is in relation to where, and which muscles move which parts of the body.
She can see the body moving slightly from the top of the skin and predict its movements perfectly.

Therefore, any lax movement will be easily detected, and the counter will result in an instant death.

The second is overwhelming physical ability.

Cassandra's research is mainly focused on increasing the output of the human body, and the power and speed that her meat puppets boast are the result of that research.

Naturally, there is no reason why Cassandra has not given this to herself, and her body has physical abilities that far surpass those of normal people.

Although she has no knowledge of martial arts, her physical strength is as good as Schneizel's, and even the slightest touch of force could kill .

The third is a flesh puppet.

This is a reused weapon made by joining together corpses from human experimentation and recycling them as a fighting force.

Although it has the disadvantage of being able to carry out only simple instructions, it is a monstrous monster that has no obvious weakness, and that is the ultimate in the worst case scenario.

It is a troublesome enemy even at this point, but in the final stages of the game, it even uses magic.

 The fact that up to ten of them can be used at once, and that it is easy to replenish new ones each time they are destroyed, also adds to their nuisance.

The fourth is the fifty lives.

 This is also the result of human experimentation, but Cassandra possesses multiple pseudo-lives by taking the life force of others.

 When she herself is fatally wounded, she can instantly recover by consuming them.

That is the reason why Cassandra was unfazed when Kaine hit her with magic earlier.

—Again, I listed Cassandra's cautions, but isn't this an impossible game?

The eight flesh dolls were busy with the fighters below, and by the way, Cassandra was probably weaker than she would be in ten years.

 Even so, I still can't see a chance to win.
However, it is not impossible just to buy time.

If the setting of game is still valid, Cassandra has a habit of observing the enemy's movements first in battle.

This is because of the leeway of 50 lives, the nature of a researcher who looks for movements in the enemy that can be converted into movement programs to be embedded in meat puppets, and because she is not good at fighting, and she is not good at attacking.

If a bad fighter attacks, it only creates an opening.


Please take old man and leave.”


“It's for the best.
Take him to a safe place and come back.”

“And you expect me to just sit by and let you do that?'

“Yes, I am.
You can't move.”

Because if you chase after the escaping Kaine in front of me and Frankel, you'll be exposing yourself to that opening, won't you?

 I used earth magic to create a spear, and Cassandra became more wary of me.

 Tension builds.
Kaine looked at us and seemed to hesitate for a moment, but then he saw his grandfather sinking into a pool of blood and made up his mind.

“I'll be back!”

Kaine quickly took her in his arms and left the front line.

A new meat puppet was summoned to follow them, but Frankel stood between it and Kaine.

I can take care of this creature, can't I?”

'Yes, I'm counting on you!”

“I'll take care of it.
I rely on you, too.'

 Leaving these words, Frankel approached the meat puppet at high speed with afterimages.
Then, a storm of swords burst forth at point-blank range.
The damage a single blow can inflict on an enemy is small, but if you pile up ten or twenty of them, the wounds will be negligible.


 Frankel dodges the meat puppet, which roars and lashes out with its entire body, with a paper-thin dodge, and delivers a sword blow that does little damage to the opponent.

 He is not unreasonable like Schneizelel.

 But seeing him carry out his duties with firmness, I decided it was safe to trust him with my meat puppet.

'It makes me jealous to see someone else in front of me.”

A chill, like a snake crawling up my neck.

 Perhaps still wanting to preserve the last meat puppet, Cassandra deployed a myriad of wind, fire, and ice magic around herself.

Perhaps all of them are the fifth or sixth level of the ladder.
For me, still stuck on the third rung of the ladder, this was a powerful enemy on a far higher rung.

 Well, that's no reason to run away.

“Let's do it!”

I cast the magic of body enhancement without chanting and with all my might.
With that power, I charge forward, trying to catch Cassandra between the spears.

“I can see you.”

Naturally it was dealt with.
As I approached, countless magic spells were released, anticipating my actions.

 Without exception, they had the power to kill me.
But no matter how superior I was, there was nothing I couldn't do on the second or third rung.

“What the heck!”

The amount of magical power I have trained since coming to this world.
The amount of magic power that I have been training since I came to this world has now become so great that it cannot be consumed in the third level of training, and I will display it without regret.

 I put in more magic power than I could allow, and I dare to launch the Fire Bullet, the third rung magic of the fire attribute.

 The fireball, which had lost its directionality, struck Cassandra's magic under the control of the wind attribute magic that was activated at the same time.
The difference in power was too much to overcome, but it slightly deflected the opponent's trajectory.

“You're very clever,” “

'Unfortunately, this is the only thing I'm good at!”

 I also advance forward while dealing with magic.
Two or three times, magic interceptors came at me, but I avoided direct hits with the same method.

If I close the distance in this way…

“Here we go…”

 I caught Cassandra in time with my spear.

 Still, the witch looked down at me closely, and behind her mask, she was smiling with a smile.

“How's that?”

A brilliant spear attack at close range.
A full-bodied strike flashes out to shred Cassandra's life stock…

“Oh, no, !”

 As if to obliterate the whole thing, a huge explosion rolled out, engulfing me and Cassandra.

 An overwhelming destruction similar to the earlier steam explosion.
I quickly built a wall with earth magic, and then used wards to protect myself, but even so, the hot wind still burned my cheeks.

“This is bullshit”!

Consuming the stock of life, she self-destructs, along with her enemies.
You can't even go near them if they do that!

“The woman is shy, you know? I hope you won't be too eager.”

 The black smoke and sandstorm generated by the explosion is blown away by wind magic, and Cassandra, who appears from within, is completely unharmed.
In fact, she might have lost one of her remaining planes, but victory was still a long way off.

'You're not old enough as a girl, and I'm not old enough to be aware of the opposite gender,”.

'I can't help but think of you as something of a child when I hear you talk in that intelligent way. I wonder if I could duplicate your brain and mass produce geniuses?'

 I wouldn't recommend that.
Since she is a hikinito at heart, she'll just become a loud-mouthed kleptomaniac with a lot more friends.


 Another rush.
I'm going to try to see how far Cassandra can get with my true talent by mixing in some feints this time, while being careful not to self-destruct with magic.

“Ummm…you're good at fights, But too bad, the one you really want to hit looks bigger than the other.”

After all, feints are meaningless to this person who predicts the outcome based on muscle movements.

 The first is to strike with the spear as a check, and the second is to strike with the leg strike, but both are dealt with at the same time.

And as an added bonus, the Cassandra's fist was swung at me.

It was a poor punch, but the speed was greater than that of a knight with a long history of fighting.
I wonder if I can convey the horror if I say that even I, who know the realm of Schneizel's ultra-high speed, could not catch her fist completely.

 There is no time to evade.
That is why I used wind magic to blow my own body away backwards.

I understand that too.”

 But more chasing.
Cassandra stepped in faster than my wind, and before I knew it, she was behind me.

“Oh no!”

can't reach her in time!

 Damn, then use the spear!

The spear connected with the amateur's fist again…

 The spear popped off with a sickening sound.
Cassandra was about to go on the offensive, but…


 The shattered spear, its fragments still flying in the air.
In the split second I had gained with the spear, I sent a storm of wind between myself and Cassandra.

 I myself was blown away by the wind.
The shards of my spear were blown away by the wind, and they hit Cassandra.

 A large shard must have accidentally pierced through Cassandra's eye and into her brain.

As she pulled it out and regenerated the wound, she looked at me in surprise.

I never thought she would be killed,” she said.

I'f you''re dead, why don't you just stay there and be quiet?

She looked at me surprisingly as she pulled it out and replayed the wound.
She was a damsel.

“The maiden doesn't have a hole in her eye!'

I put my hands out in front of me, being careful not to be seen by the evil eye.

“What is it?”

 Ignoring Cassandra's amused inquiry, I spun my words.

“From the depths of the abyss, the fires of purgatory, the crimson fury…”

The 5th level, Hell Flare.
There was also such a secret spell.

Cassandra, having seen my chanting and the flow of magic power, correctly guessed it.
And she reproduced the same kind of spell I was about to invoke, completely without chanting.

“It' s a little slow, though.
You can't beat me with that.””

She must have been looking at my magic.
Cassandra, who had completely decided that she was a better magician than I was, was saying that with amusement in her voice.

 You idiot.
I can't use the fifth level of the magic yet.
If I try to activate it, I'll cause an outburst and end up in the middle of the ladder.

That's why I switched the magic to be activated on halfway.

This is also one of the skills I've been refining for a year now.
The feint of activating magic different from the chanting fooled even Cassandra, who could make predictions based on muscle movements that were close to future vision.

The first level of light magic, “Flash.”

 A dazzling, harmless light pierced Cassandra's magical eye.

“Ugh, ah!”

 Cassandra covered both eyes with her hands and moaned like Colonel Mujca.
I moved out of the way to buy some time.

 And I would make the most of the few seconds I could get with the current light.

My plan was simple: I was going to use those few seconds to get to Frankel and the rest of the group.
In those few seconds, I was going to defeat the flesh puppet together with Frankel.
Then we would attack Cassandra together.

That is the way to go.

 So, I took my eyes off Cassandra and looked back at Frankel behind m


Both eyes, bleeding heavily like tears, staring at me at such a close distance that they were almost touching.

“That was a real treat!”

 I turned around to see Cassandra smiling maniacally.

“What the hell?”

My brain is racing to comprehend what's going on, while my mouth is unconsciously spewing out questions.

 Both eyes bleeding.
But there is no sign of damage.

Then it must have regenerated just before.
Probably, right after being hit in the eye by my light, she pretended to cover both eyes with her hands and committed suicide by piercing her eyes with her fingers up to her brain.

While cutting down the stock of life by doing so, she instantly recovered all of her life, and yet she predicted my next action from the movement of my muscles and anticipated it.

I got you!”

I tried to look away as quickly as possible, but the effect of the magic eye had already been demonstrated.

 Immediately after I felt a strong discomfort in my right leg.


I suddenly lost my balance and collapsed on the spot.

 What happened? Did I lose my balance? Whatever it was, I had to stand up first.

 I tried to stand on my feet, but then I felt a strange sensation again.

 The thing that should have been there was not there.

What? What? Oh, that?

My right leg had vanished.

 The moment I realized this fact, my whole body was flooded with intense pain that I had never felt before.


It's hurts !

'I'm going to spare you your strength, and I'm going make a real effort.'”

 I thought I heard Cassandra say something in front of me, but I couldn't feel anything but pain now.

 Stalling for time, calculating to win.
The picture I was picturing in my mind was filled with pain.

However, when I saw the magic circle shining near Frankel and a new flesh puppet was summoned into it, I knew with what little reason I had left that it was over.

Frankel, who had been standing superior in a one-on-one fight, was instantly driven away, as if he couldn't even fight in a two-on-one fight, and even more so with Cassandra distracted by me, who had lost.

Aha, I wonder if this will end like this.

 I've worked so hard for so long.

I've made Misha, Saraswati, and Lucy my allies, and I'm just starting now.

 Oh, damn, there were things I wanted to do more.

 I've been working harder, getting stronger, and I haven't even seen Crescencia yet.

 Oh, I might not make it.

Such a resignation filled my heart—and then… 

Suddenly, with an amazing roar, the flesh puppet that had been fighting Frankel burst apart.
A shockwave shook the surroundings to the point that one would have thought it was an earthquake, and at the same time, a cloud of dust rose up.

“What the hell?:


Frankel and Cassandra, two strong people, were wondering what had happened, unable to fully grasp the situation.

In the middle of this, with a roar, the rising dust is blown away by a single swing of the great sword, and the one who appears is…

“Norwin! Are you alive?'

Ah, ah.”

His voice almost brings tears to my eyes.

Thank God, he made it in time

 My most powerful man, the man of my imagination, made it just in time!

I'm alive, I”

Yes!  I'll take care of it! I'

 Schneizel, the strongest man in the game , shouts this and holds up his greatsword.

 With that alone, he blew away Cassandra's foreign presence and showed his instant domination of this battlefield.

 Ah, this will be fine.
Schneizel will not be defeated.

 Hope, even intense pain, fades.
The man who said, “I'll take care of it,” looks bigger than anything, and then, even more…

 A thud.

With a hard thud, two orbs rolled toward me.

 They were human heads, rolling around and stopping near me as I fell to the ground.

 The white masks they wore were familiar.
They were worn by a swordsman and a sorcerer who were sent after me when I escaped from the Ulgor evil cult.

They were quite strong, but why is it only on their heads?

 While using recovery magic to cover up the pain, I looked in the direction where the head had flown in.
There was a man who quietly emitted a rage, and who also had a presence that was close to being the strongest.

Answer my question.
Was it you who killed my men?”

 Hyann, his blue hair standing on end, stares at Cassandra with inorganic eyes.

The situation was instantly turned upside down by the appearance of the two strong men.

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