Chapter 35 .

I teamed up with Kaine to defeat the minions of the   Evil cult.

 With that goal in mind, I immediately moved on to a strategy meeting.

“I think we should go on the run for a while and gradually make more allies.”

 I was at a loss for words when Kaine said this at the beginning of the meeting.

 Well, I understand the reasoning.

 Our forces are too small against theirs, so we need a period of preparation first.

 However, this is no time to be too patient.

 The target of the Ulgor evil cult is almost certainly Crescencia.

 If they were to carry out a major operation, it would be until a month from now, when there is a chance to make contact with the princess.

 In other words, that is the time limit for me r

 However, this guess is only possible with knowledge of game .

 I could not tell it as it is to those who do not know it, so I had no choice but to lie about it.

“I don't think we'll make it in time with such a slow plan.”

“What do you think you're saying, young man?”

“I don't think such a bright boy would deny it without reason.
Let's listen to what he has to say.
We're on the same side now, aren't we?”


 He's wary of me, but he's not going to go against his master, Kaine, and he's going to shut up.

 He is a pain in the ass for me, but I think an organization needs one skeptical person like him.

 Especially if the top management is a benevolent type like Kaine.

 He is a reassuring figure.

Can you tell me why my plan is not good?”

“Well, I told you that they kidnapped me, didn't I?”


“I overheard a conversation they had at the time, and they're planning to do something major in a month.”

“You're sure you're not mishearing this?”

“Yes, I did hear that.
I could not understand the details of the plan, but I am sure it is not a good thing planned by YOU .
I think we should make sure to destroy them before we let them succeed”.

“—— I see.
I'm stumped.
Maybe they're thinking of something that will further scratch the surface of the underworld.”

 Kaine falls silent with a thoughtful look on his face.

“ 'Young master, you must not force yourself into a short-term battle.”

“I agree.
The first priority is the safety of everyone.
But depending on how they play out, even that safety could be at risk””.

 I'm sorry that you have to change the plan because of my lie.

 Well, it's true that depending on what happens in a month's time, we could be in danger, so I don't think it's a bad thing that I made the suggestion.

 The three of us discussed our opinions for a while, but no good ideas came to mind.

 According to Kaine, there are currently a total of six white-masked men known to us.

 And there are almost certainly more than that.

 We don't have the strength to fight that many men right now.

 There is also the option of waiting for Schneizel's help, but with me being targeted by the Ulgor evil cult, I can't put my trust in help that I don't know when it will come.

 We need a way to protect ourselves without the best of forces.

'If we can't win the fight on our own, how about asking for help?”

 Both of them looked at me negatively when I suggested this.

I've thought about that, but it's impossible.
The collapse of the biggest organization in the world has made many of those who remained lose their rebellious spirit.

“Many? Then there are those who still have the will to resist, aren't there?

“There are some, but they are organizations that have been hostile to us.
I have already sent them a request for a joint fight, but they said, 'How can you, who have perished, stand alongside me? If you want to talk, come to me when you have all the necessary pieces in order to negotiate.'

“So, let's go again.”

'Did you not hear what I said? I just now…”

“I'm ready now.

“What can one little boy do?”

Maybe I can do anything.

“Maybe this isn't good enough.
If we work together, maybe you can —-“

 I explained to them that I had all the cards in my hand.

“Maybe that'll work, then?”

“With that many advantages, I was sure they wouldn't be able to ignore it.”

They were satisfied with what I had said.

We were going to ask for help from the organization that had opposed Kaine's group.


 Unknown, an underworld organization that had been hostile to Kaine's organization.

Now that Kaine Dad's organization has been crushed, they are said to be the group closest to the hegemony of the underworld.

The three of of us were visiting the core of such an organization (during this time, the children were hiding with another comrade in arms).

Up to this point, all I had seen of the underworld was a scene of ruins, but as we approached the Unknown's headquarters, the roads were being cleared and the buildings were becoming more sturdy.

 It is a scene that makes me feel that there is plenty of manpower and money to spare.

 If they can maintain such a cityscape in the worst-security underworld, they must certainly be a powerful group.

“Grandpa,, !”

“Don't call me Grandpa.
I'll kill you.'

'Hey, Grandpa!'


While briefly fooling around with Grandpa to relieve the tension, I asked him the main question.

“Unknown wasn't at the top of the underworld, was it? Why haven't they destroyed it? I think all powerful organizations should be destroyed.'

“I suppose that's because of the difference in policy between us and Unknown.”

 The old man stared at me, but had to answer the question in front of Kaine.

 I honestly can't help but feel pity for this man.

“Policy, is it? “

This is what led to the prosperity of the organization, no doubt.

“And in the end, you invited in the masked men.”

We are not so incompetent as to have our heads taken off by those on the outside.
But until the assassination from the inside,—— Lord struck down as a result.”

With a look of regret for the past, the old man continued.

“I'm sorry, I digress.
Compared to Yorg, the leader of the Unknown, Haiyan is a skeptical man.
It is said that he shuns all but the most trustworthy and will never allow them to approach him.
Therefore, although his organization is small in size, he has a small number of elite members, and his individual abilities are probably superior to ours.”

 I see.
So that is how Kaine Dad's organization was destroyed, while the Unknown, which left no room for the enemy to penetrate, is still alive and well.


Am I going to tell such a skeptical person to join me in a joint fight?


 After that, I was allowed to meet with the head of the Unknown, at least for a time, because Kaine, the daughter of Yorg, came to see me.

 However, as we had a reputation for being skeptical, we were disarmed and surrounded by Unknown members with bayonets, so we were under full security.

 We were led to the largest building in the center of the headquarters and stepped into it.

 There they were…

“What do the Yog's daughter and her amulet want with me after all this time?”

 Sitting in a luxurious chair, a blue-haired man named Haiyan looked down at us, propping himself up on his elbows.
The words he utters and the atmosphere he gives off are similar to those of Nicolas and Schneizel, and I can sense the same kind of pressure.

 —I don't know whether it's his strength or his wisdom, but this guy is a real monster.

Such a monster was several dozen meters away form us.

 He was surrounded by robed magicians as if they were his bodyguards.

'I was hoping to ask for the help of Master Hian this time…”

'I thought I refused you before.
What advantage is there for me to work with you guys?”

 Hyann refuses with a cool-headed look.
The old man who opened his mouth turned pale at the sight of him.

 He must have been trying his best to endure the pressure of a monster with an atmosphere similar to that of Nicholas and Schneizel.

 Looking to the side, I saw that Kaine was also at a loss for words.

 I had no choice but to speak up, since I was used to this kind of pressure from Schneizel.

'I can bring profit to Master Haiyan.”

“Oh, yes.
The kid who was fighting with those masked guys just now, huh? Your name is Norwin.
I hear that you were born into the Endenberg family and have recently become an apprentice of the mighty Schneizel.
What's in it for you?”

In just a few hours, they've been able to find out everything about me!

 How? It's physically impossible in this amount of time, no matter what kind of information network you have!

 Or is it possible with magic?

 Oh, , it doesn't matter now.

 I've seen and felt that this guy is a monster.

I just have to come up with something to convince him!

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